// Alpha Ian admits his feelings and learns to value what he has
26 May 2019

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The days in the hospital before the big day passed slowly, with the couple enjoying life with four needy children while they could, but it wasn’t the same as being home for Evan, he largely preferred the signature scent of his alpha all over the house over the antiseptic stench of hospital, so Ian had to think fast before he had a hormonal omega on his case. Of course, with a very heavily pregnant omega, there was never enough time to think carefully, meaning his only option was to narrow down what was so different from home, when he remembered how all the blankets and upholstery had been scented as he had always lived there, therefore making the executive decision to ask Doctor Wang for advice, especially when his mate refused dinner in order to cuddle the alpha as much as possible so he could be drowned in the scent of sandalwood to soothe the pain building in his middle. His omega had never refused food, it was the first thing he did upon entering the house to get comfy and find food that day he turned up on Ian’s doorstep!

“Wang, Doctor Wang? Help me!!!!”, the alpha wailed, as he burst into the thankfully enough room in just night shorts and slippers.

The doctor sighed, “Is this urgent alpha Yi? Or is it just a childish complaint like how your mate didn’t let you shower with him and then kicked you out the bed?”, he asked despairingly.

“A-Huan doesn’t want to eat dinner! He says all he wants is me to snuggle him in my scent and sleep for the night, sometimes we had to eat together in bed so he could do both, but never just one thing. I think he says his tummy hurts and his wolf is unhappy to be without my scent, but I’m not so sure about that bit, I just know that my poor mate is suffering and it’s all my fault.”, Ian sobbed. The other alpha sighed once more to see such a supposedly dignified man break down like a small child over something he didn’t even know about, ashamed of his race, because he had witnessed to many alpha males break down into children like tantrums over everything from the gender of their child to why he could not physically take the pain out of childbirth. Sometimes he wished he could have presented as a beta rather than be grouped in with people like his snivelling nephew in law, who claimed his innocent blood nephew and tried to run away like a bastard.

He found his beloved nephew nesting with everything he had in the hospital room, curled up in pain as the dreaded labour that all omega, beta and alpha giving birth feared, except he had quickly realised there was no point being a wimp, and gave in to his wolf taking him to nest instead of letting his body control him. A few checks of the foetal heart monitor attached to his stomach and his own vital signs confirmed that the young omega was indeed in labour, and soon it would be time for the discussed surgery when the pups were ready to come out as if having them the natural way. “Alpha, keep him calm, it is significantly better that being in labour stressed, like some people are and need to tone it down.”, he glared at Ian saying that bit admittedly.

Ian’s invisible tail feel between his legs with the stony glare of the doctor, but his precious mate and children were more important than attempting to show off his godly dominance and alpha presence. Evan was sleeping by now, surrounded by his new nest in which his husband guessed that he would want to put he pups in when they were done being examined by the wolf specialist midwife, and he hoped it remained that way until the operation so there was less trauma during an otherwise beautiful experience. Although the process was not proving to be as beautiful and serene, the alpha father thought of the results, a whole family of six consisting of a happy, wealthy mother omega, his equally rich alpha husband and four healthy children.

The time that Evan went into surgery was the most terrifying time, as Ian could only watch the doctor was his team rush his mate into surgery without him. The omega had started to not breathe enough oxygen in his deep sleep, and the doctor had run in hearing the alarms on the monitor, where there stood a frozen alpha not knowing what to do for the best and clutching one lump have in his own sweaty grip. Things had moved to quickly for Ian to notice after that, the surgical team fixed more medical stuff to his omega and swiftly went into the operating theatre, but unlike they had planned, the alpha was not there and his husband was not in good condition. Doctor Wang came up to Ian, holding out a cup of coffee from the vending machine in his office, “You’re worried right now if he and the pups will make it? Thinking that since all that just happened it isn’t going to be okay, I can understand that, but you know, it isn’t silly to think that.”, he said slowly.

The other alpha smiled sadly, feeling the hot cup warm his palms, “I love Evan, even though our relationship was originally an accident, and over the few months, I’ve fallen more each day. It’s the little things that worry me, like will be healthy again or will some problems linger? Seeing his smile in the morning as he wakes me up asking for chilli soy noodle snacks and iced tea used to irk me, now I don’t want a nothing without that sight.

“Wang sighed, “I miss that too, Dayu always wanted stuff and I stupidly refused to get it. If you don’t be careful you can lose everything you love in seconds. Dayu was my omega many years ago, and he left me because I was a jerk, then I found out that after we broke up, he had my pup and was never seen again. I wish now that I had indulged his whims, after all, our partners do so much for us. Cleaning, cooking and having children, plus carrying on their own lives isn’t easy.”

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