// Are you my Jian Bin?
04 May 2019

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Summary: Instead of dying in season one, the goddess of fate decides that Jian Bin and Qi Zi Kan deserve a different fate. She separates them temporarily, and keeps a watch on them in their new lives, waiting till they naturally meet again. Jian Bin, true to her promise, endures at the hands of the Nansu King Yu Qing until his general-charming Qi comes to take him back to his mansion in the kingdom of Tianquan.

Āyí- auntie, our Xiao Bin is very respectful even in the enemy’s palace so he calls the nice cook auntie
Huángjiā chūshēng- royal born, BCS don’t this beautiful man look royal
xīn ài de- my beloved, what Kan the devoted husband calls wifey Bin [A/N: I spend like a lot of time on Google translate to find this mushy shit, I have no life to speak of.]
Airén- lover, what Bin calls Kan.

The Goddess of fate, despite controlling every life in the metal realm of Juntian, found humanity extremely boring, because they only ever worked or led themselves to death and made her the job of calling the soul reaper to collect their miserable, regretting souls. Two humans caught her eye however, Jian Bin, the self declared King of the nation of Tianji, and the close associate high general Qi Zi Kan, who were caught in a complex web of deception that could only lead to tragedy. She had watched them fall into their current positions, the Tianji King at the mercy of You Qing and General Qi at the mercy of the misguided genius prince Murong Li. She didn’t usually feel like intervening when it was hard to justify to the boss, but their love story melted her icy heart and convinced her that maybe these unfortunate souls deserved some fateful intervention to lead them to a happy future.

Jian Bin thought his life was over. He has float Tianji and his soulmate General Qi to the corrupt court and Nansu King, now the only way to end his story was his tragic death. Instead Yu Qing surprised him, claiming him as the ultimate prisoner of war, but definitely, but demanding the Tianji royal act as his personal servant, the worse punishment for the former ruler of a nation. It would have been kinder to kill him, so he and Qi Zi Kan could at least meet in heaven when they died. [A/N: Awwwww poor Bin misses his Xiao Qi 💖💖💖 Don’t worry sweetheart your prince charming will come save you ^_^] General Qi was also shocked as Murong took him to Tianquan with himself, to work for silly King. Zhiming who immediately gave him the title of military commander upon the suggestion of the Yaoguang prince. His new lifestyle, while peaceful in the stable kingdom, was albeit lonely, and he missed his Xiao Bin badly at night.

Both men quickly took up their new positions in fates plan, General Qi became a feared military genius once mor win Tianquan, Murong Li accepted the King’s job as palace secretary, and Jian Bin begrudgingly took his place as one of the Nansu King’s servants. As expected the downgrade to much abused servant took a toll on the ex- royal that was used to commanding the servants, emotionally when he greatly missed General Qi and the jeering of the other servants did little to raise his will to live, all making him live in loneliness. Fate thought again, keeping an ex-king in the service of the nation that destroyed his life without any motivation to live was as cruel as his original fate, and surely it would be justified if she helped make his life more enjoyable. She had seen how happy children made humans, so maybe the child of the General and himself woukd bring joy into his life.

Yu Qing was an unforgiving master and he worked the ex-king to the bone, the only thing saving Jian Bin being the nice middle aged lady in the kitchen that saved him some food from the palaces evening meal. He already missed his Xiao Qi and the unexpected effect on his body was that he wanted to eat more frequently but threw it up each morning in the time before he had to start preparing for the King’s daily needs, he automatically assumed it was stress and ignored it stupidly. “Āyí, thank you for the food. It is good to know someone cares about my wellbeing, though it used to be my high general chasing me with food before I crashed for the day, he is the one I truly love.”, he told the older lady the night that marked his first month at the Nansu palace. The lady smiled fondly at him, “My sweet Xiao Bin, that General and you would have made amazing parents together, but your kindness is more than enough to raise the child you unknowingly carry.”, she replied.

“Āyí, I am a man, now? Me and my Qi did bed before going to war so if we died we could always remember being together, but we are both males.”, Jian Bin asked, bewildered. The person he called aunty grinned at him still stuffing leftovers in his mouth, “Fate works in mysterious ways child, and you never realise until you experience the immense change fate makes happen in your life. No decision is ever a mistake, the Goddess always has a reason. Take care of yourself and your miracle, it will bring you more luck that you can imagine right now.” He didn’t believe what she said was even possible, until months later when the old robes from his reign as King just didn’t fit anymore, the side tie that went across his middle was strained and eventually snapped off getting dressed. There was definitely a miracle inside him, one that needed protecting, luckily Yu Qing only overworked him and never lay a hand on him for punishment. He sighed as he had to put on the thin, ragged uniform provided for the Nansu servants over mini Bin-Kan.

As the general neared half a year without his Bin Bin in the service of the irresponsible King Zhiming and the bewitching musician, word that genuinely piqued his interest reached Tianquan. Mo Lan excitedly told them of a special servant with the aura of royalty, the ‘Huángjiā chūshēng’ of the Nansu servant house, who in addition to his royal demeanor, was allegedly carrying a miracle child. A royal born in the palace of a king as a mere servant would only happen to the disgraced ruler of an opposing kingdom, sounding just like what might have happened to his beloved King if destiny was kinder. He requested to visit Nansu anyway to check this story out, and Zhiming didn’t care, no war would affect Tianquan under the care of the famous General Qi and it was one less peeping tom to disturb his attempts to get into the cute musicians pants.

When general Qi arrived at the Nansu palace to present a victory gift to Yu Qing on behalf of the terribly busy King Zhiming, he immediately saw the rumoured servant as they were served tea. The servant did seem to be with child as the struggled to kneel down with the tray of tea and confectionery, but their face was obscured by their messy hair and bent down head, until Yu Qing ordered him to leave and help pick the seasoning for the final meal of the day. Then General Qi saw his Xiao Bin, as beautiful as ever despite looking messy and exhausted, deserving the reputation of the huángjiā chūshēng of Nansu servant house, alas as he left the room to go to the other chore set by his master. Later he promised himself that he would smuggle his Huángjiā chūshēng out of the cruel Nansu palace and take him to the tranquil setting of Tianquan to safety, knowing Zhiming was unlikely to complain as long as he could get into a certain musicians pants in peace, the guy was easily distracted.

Under the moonlight, Jian Bin made his way back to the servants quarters, putting a weary hand on his large belly where little Bim-Kan kicked in protest. “Hey miracle, Appa is too tired to go to Āyí for dinner tonight. However a man that looked an awful lot like my Qi, your Baba, came today, maybe he is my Qi and he will rescue me by sweeping me off my feet like many years ago.”, he whispered to his mini Bin-Kan. Just as he made the final step towards the heavy door of the servants quarters, a remarkably familiar hand wrapped round his middle and he sighed, “Wow, took you long enough to find me Xiao Qi. Take me away from this hell, anywhere is better than this life, I don’t even wish to be treated like a King wherever I go, a common man has more than a servant.”, he remarked bluntly. “Yes, xīn ài de, your wish is my command.

Zhiming didn’t bat an eyelid when his General and a sleepy beauty appeared at lunch the day they returned, although General Qi did notice the musician limping slightly and he knew the King must have satisfied his urge to mate the flute player. The bored Goddess of fate was extremely satisfied herself, as she watched her favourite pair of humans await the arrival of their little mingyún, giggling like a teenage girl at their choice to name their child fate, after what had saved and reunited them in happiness. By this time she had also rewarded the young, and incredibly jealous Zhiming’s wish to have his own miracle child, and the prince of Yaoguang had started preparing for his own little monkey. “That Nansu Āyí was correct, I did have a miracle child and fate indeed works in mysterious ways, like how my life changed from that of a Nansu servant to starting a new one with my airén. The heavens have answered my prayers, the one I love is now permanently by my side forever.”, Jian Bin lamented in satisfaction.

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