// A new song from Dylan
05 Dec 2019
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// Trailer Dr.Cutie with Zha Jie
12 Nov 2019

OMG OMG I want to see ~ Tati

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// Tears of happiness
10 Sep 2019
I have already a very emotional day today and when I saw this video I spontaneous started crying more but this time it was from happiness. We all know both of them suffered the last few months what makes it
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// Thnx to Panda for reminding me of this video
23 Jun 2019

so I’m gonna share it again cause I love that dance from Dylan so much, it’s so adorable and love it how he enjoys it ❤️ ~ Tati

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// Dylan that rap is so cool
04 Jun 2019

😎 ~ Tati

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// Dylan have such a lovely, warm, great and wonderful voice
04 Jun 2019

❤️ ~ Tati

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// Look how adorable Sun Yi is
26 May 2019

❤️ Source: Mr-孙毅 (weibo) ~ Tati…

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// Promotion Well intented boss love with Ian yi & Huang Qian Shuo
17 Apr 2019

~ Tati
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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// Happy birthday video for Zha Jie
12 Apr 2019

Source: 1CM领誉-梁博文Lucasok (weibo) ~ Tati…

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// What a sweet and adorable video of Evan & Ian
20 Mar 2019

Thank you so much Yi Wanyan for the translations ~ Tati

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