// Everlasting love: For you I’d wait three lifetimes
04 May 2019

SpeXial Evan x Ian ff

Written by SpeXialHoe

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The first time Evan meets Ian, he isn’t the same idol Evan, but a self proclaimed king in a long forgotten nation of ancient China that dates back to before official records were written. Their lifetime as Jian Bin, the King of Tianji nation, and high general Qi Zi Kan, was too short and not very sweet due to corruption in the courts, but full of blooming romance.
The second lifetime he achieves little more than before, but the third is the ending they deserve, one of everlasting love from all three lifetimes.

A hearts desires and a souls sweet nothings do not change, not even over so many years, certainly not Evan and Ian’s.

The first lifetime I began to love you

When we loved too sweet and too short

When we finally loved for the rest of time

Everlasting Love: Saying I love you under heaven and earth

Extra 1:The Times We Said Goodbye

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