// Everlasting Love: Saying I love you under heaven and earth
26 May 2019

[A/N: Hey folks, it’s SpeXialhoe after a bit of a break. I’m here to finish this baby off with a sweet little extra, then concentrate on Evan and Ians omega verse story.]

Extra with lots of 💕💕💕💕~

SpeXial fans all over the world rejoiced at the revelation of their beloved members Evan Ma and Ian Yi dating officially, but few believed in the apparently far fetched story that they had loved prior in two other lives. That didn’t matter though, as long as they were together and no one disrupted their union, their story may have been unbelievable but it was nevertheless their story. They thought if it was beautiful enough to write, flowing like fine silk among ages of both War and social conflict in an exquisite combination of an unlikely genre with such violent topics of war and conflict, love, then it should be written for the world to see. The same summer, a fiction was published in Taiwan under the pen name of blue rocking horse, called the everlasting love, and the story inspired all of China to believe the unbelievable, though Ian and Evan chose to stay low as they were content as cats with what they had.

Not too many years later, there was a celebrity marriage in a small church in Canada, that not a lot of people didn’t know was taking place. The community hall hosted the wedding of Ian and Evan, with the honoured SpeXial members in attendance. That was their last goal achieved, content in matrimony and home.

(Because this is a Spexialhoe marriage, there always has to be rings right? They are not that poor actually in this one, that’s how they afford two Bvlgari wedding rings 😉)

As the members gradually went their separate ways, and although everyone remained in touch, everyone also lived differently. Some married traditionally and enjoyed raising their own family, some did not, but more importantly, no one cared. Evan opened up an English tutoring Centre for unprivellaged children with his mother in Taipei, and his partner did what he always wanted to do, travel around playing beautiful music for the enjoyment of it.

From their gloomy past lives in the doomed kingdom of long forgotten Tianji, and social constrictions of Yoshiwara, they had come so far in life, living quietly and comfortably in Taiwan, where they worked modestly and grew old. Their story ended with growing old together and reincarnating at the will of heaven into a world that answered all their troubles, where they could be King and consort, a complete family and live peacefully, as they should have from the beginning. Yet absence in the two prior lives made that new life even more precious, and their hearts could rejoice in total harmony at last.

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