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27 May 2019

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1. What is this a fanfiction of?
This is a fanfiction of the first season of the 2016 Chinese webdrama Men With Swords (刺客列传), a.k.a Assassins’ Stories.

2. Do I need to watch the show to understand the story?
You do not need to have watched the show to understand this story. You can completely treat it as a standalone story or fix-it fanfic. If you have already seen the show, then some parts might be very familiar.

3. How is it different from the webdrama?
This fanfiction will somewhat follow the main plot of the show with added scenes and more character development. I will try to fix some plot holes. This will include actual romantic relationships and sexual content as opposed to the show that only has hints but never explicitly portrays BL.However it will not exactly follow the show’s storyline. Many things will be unexpected!

4. Is this actual BL?

5. Will this be a happy or sad ending?
Let’s say the characters’ horrible endings in the show might not be the same here…

6. Will there be female characters?
Nope! This is an all-male universe.

7. How the heck do they reproduce?
That’s based on your imagination ^^ I’m just using what the show gave me. [innocent face]

8. Is there smut?
There will be multiple sex scenes but pure smut isn’t the focus of the story. Though I guarantee the smut scenes won’t disappoint 😉

9. Are the characters OOC?
Because there are varying plot-points, some characters might be a bit OOC although I will try to keep them as close to the original source as possible.

10. Who’s the protagonist?
Multiple protagonists! Although some argue it’s our pretty prince.

11. Who are the CPs/couples/ships featured? (skip to #12 if you don’t want *spoilers*)
Basically any CP who is canon from the show will be featured.
(Seme x uke); seme’s name is first, uke’s name is after.
Main CPs:
– Zhi Ming x Murong Li
– Gongsun Qian x Ling Guang
– Qi Zhikan x Jian Bin
– Zhong Kunyi x Meng Zhang
Other CPs (to a small extent):
– Gongsun Qian x Murong Li, Gongsun Qian x Zhong Kunyi, Qiu Zhen x Ling Guang, A-Xu x Murong Li, Qi Kun x Qiu Zhen, and more.

12. Will this feature characters from the second season?
This fanfic covers events of the first season only. The second season was rage-inducing so I have yet to finish it. I might incorporate it in the next book if the first one garners much support.

13. How often do you update?
Every 6-12 days

14. How many chapters are there total?
No idea!

**Warning: The show has many characters, which naturally means there will be fans of different ships. I have listed the ships that will be featured above. If there are characters/ships not written the way you expected, then I apologize. Please don’t KY or flame me. I am writing based on the hints I see in the show. Thank you.

Other stuff:
This is a political drama inclusive of wars, power struggles, betrayals, misunderstandings, sacrifices.Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions!I will constantly update this FAQ and previous chapters so do not be surprised if you see minor changes!I’m not fluent in Chinese so if anything sounds off, please forgive and let me know.Your comments are highly welcome!!! Please vote if you enjoyed! This is my first published story on Wattpad. Your support is greatly appreciated.

⚔️ Enjoy reading! 🙂 ⚔️

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