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04 May 2019

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As Zha Jie and Zhu Jian settle into being not just boyfriends but finaces, and bean sprout is growing healthily, and isn’t alone. Zha Jie wants to get married to his lover before bean sprout and chocolate chip are too big for him to move around with, and he keeps saying about meeting Zhu Jian’s parents to get blessings and marry quickly, but his finance keeps avoiding talking to Mama Zhu. This can’t go on, Zha Jie thinks as he forced his lover to organise dinner and get the formalities done in time. K.O and Hao Mei from Love 020 make an appearance as the Zhu parents.

Like any other man, Zhu Jian hated talking to his mother, even when it was important. That important matter for Zhu Jian was his finance meeting his family before their upcoming wedding, and every time they snuggled on the sofa he was reminded of why their wedding was so soon. Bean sprout was not alone in his momma’s tummy, chocolate chip was sprouts twin that the nurse discovered at their last hospital check up with Dr Wang Qing, their poker faced doctor. It was surprising that they ended up having twins when the loving bunny rabbits Ma and Yi only had one, confirmed by grandpa Ma, when their sexy time averaged twice that of Zhu Jian and Zha Jie’s.

Zha Jie would have physical put Mama Zhu on the phone and locked his boyfriend/fiance in a room until he arranged the family dinner if he found it easier to walk around the apartment carrying chocolate chip and bean sprout. The only way left was a threat he didn’t want to make, but hard times called for drastic measures. “Jian-ah, I’d like to be able to walk to your parents house and down the aisle rather than rolling like a ball. if you don’t speak to your parents the kids will be named solely by me, whatever I decide to pick.”, Zha Jie announced calmly. He was in a state of utter harmony, the bowl of spring onion lays resting perfectly on his bump as he continually dipped his hand into it watching some super gay anime Spirit pact on the their smart TV bought by Zhu Jian in a sale. “Let me text them now if you wanna see them that badly, but don’t blame me if it’s more stress than anything else in the end.”, Zhu Jian sighed.

Somehow a meeting at Zhu Jian’s parents was arranged, with Ian and Evan invited because Mama Zhu thought they should be closer to their sons best friends, who were glad to accept the invitation to free dinner. Zha Jie agreed to let his other half name one child and had ever so awkward smexy time, then cooked a huge dinner together to eat it all themselves. This was all going well, meeting the parents, naming the children, but what about the finer details of what would they wear to the great Mama Zhu? It had to be smart, and matching as most of their clothes did, but how was smart going to go with a huge baby bump. Zhu Jian didn’t say anything along those lines, in reasonable fear of being hit by large objects from their lounge or kitchen, however he did volunteer to go shopping for the both of them.

Ian rudely hijacked Zhu Jian’s shopping trip for an all round shopping excursion. Apparently Mrs Ma wanted to get her son married as soon as possible, but he didn’t have any appropriate clothes, because Evan only wore teasingly tight shirts and skinny fit jeans that of course did not fit. So he wanted help picking a smart casual outfit for the wedding and some normal baggy T-shirts and jogging pants, that he knew Zhu Jian had bought his wifey because Evan said Zha Jie hated oversized clothing normally. As a result of the hijacker Mr Yi, their so called amazing couple outfit ended up being a new purple and red hoodie, elasticated skinny jeans and slip ons, as that was the majority of purchases made for young master Ma. He never exposed that to Zha Jie though.

Although he didn’t completely agree that the outfit was particularly smart, Zha Jie confessed it was extremely comfortable, with a large hoodie as the central piece of the outfit, that lightly skimmed over sprout and choccy. It was only a few days till they met now, so the nerves were killing the pregnant guy, “What if your parents hate me?”, he asked Zhu Jian anxiously. The latter sighed, “Oh cutie, Hao Hao is a lovely mother, and K.O is the best father, better than any of the people who adopted me previously. Him and K.O don’t mind my sexuality at all, they support me completely and they love kids, grandkids are definitely a welcome idea to them.”

[A/N: Here we meet the beloved HoK couple as Zhu Jian’s adoptive parents, ain’t they just great?]

The four piled into Ian’s car, at 9am when Zha Jie and Evan were still half asleep, Zha Jie had sat up eating lays because sprout and chocolate chip wouldn’t stop kicking him if he laid on his side where it was most comfortable and it had been the rabbits first night as husbands. They soon dozed off on the back seat, covered by warm blankets on the journey to the medium sized house Zhu Jian’s parents lived in. Ian thought his mother and father sounded ordinary, as they were described as having stable jobs, taking good care of their now adult son and owning a white cat called Yu Yu, but Zhu Jian knew they were so not normal. His ‘mother’ Hao Mei was very sweet, although he could be extremely hyperactive to the point of tiring everyone out, and his ‘father’ Vin, known better as K.O, was silent when Hao Mei was loud. They ultimately balanced each other out, one calm and quiet, and one hyper and loud, making them perfect parents to young Zhu Jian.

Somehow they managed to drag the two sleeping beauties, significantly more awake. A loud, short man opened the door in a slim fit dark blue shirt, grinning excitedly, “Xiao Jian? You’ve got so big, who is this honey pie with the baby bump? Don’t tell me you knocked up a woman for kids, we always said that grandkids didn’t matter so what happened? Got tired of living the dick life huh.”, Hao Mei suggested bluntly. “Ma, please be less embarrassing! This is my love and finance Zha Jie, my best friend Ian Yi and his husband Evan Ma. Zha Jie is a man, why would I be with a woman when it’s clear that I am very gay?”, Zhu Jian replied quickly.

Things, in other words Hao Mei, calmed down when his father came to the table with the huge dinner from the kitchen. Ian foolishly asked how they adopted Zhu Jian and led his mother into the love story so cringy that even Zhu Jian was feeling like the pudding he sneaked earlier would come up. Zha Jie seemed to like his parents though, so did the Ma-Yi pair, and that was good enough for him. “I’m glad our son found a partner, and Zha Jie seems like a lovely child, perfect for Xiao Jian. Thank you for putting up with him dear, do tell me or Vin if there is anything we can help you with, including babysitting.”, Hao Mei said gratefully, making Zha Jie nod politely and blush pink.

Hao Mei offered for K.O to drive Zhu Jian and Zha Jie home so Ian and Evan could go strwight back to their apartment, but Ian refused when he saw Zhu Jian shake his head, replying that he only dropped them off on his way home. Really it was because he didn’t want to bother his poor father anymore, who cooked dinner, prepared desert and calming Mei down. They all piled into the car, Zhu Jian driving this time while Ian made out with Evan on the back seat, but hey, it wasn’t like they had put their rabbit ways behind them completely, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise. Zha Jie was tired but happy, his in laws were lovely people, who had raised an equally pleasant son, that loved him to the moon and back.

“I like your parents, they are really nice, treating me like their son even though they hadn’t met me before. Bean sprout and chocolate chip are lucky to have such great grandparents.”, Zha Jie remarked in the bath later that evening. Zhu Jian stopped rubbing his partners back in an attempt to copy the massage therapist at the parent and baby clinic they went to every week, with minimal success. “Well, Mei Mei does have a heart of gold, K.O always told me that when he and Mei first adopted me and I was nervous. I’m glad you like them that much at the first meeting, because usually they manage to intimidate everyone, with Mei being hyper and K.O being cold and silent.”, he said after a sigh of relief. What else could go wrong, now that everyone supported them and wanted to help them on their journey to parenthood.

[Of course something happens, what way could I continue this plot if there wasn’t drama?]

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