// Friends with benefits and kids 1
04 May 2019

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Summary: Modern day rainbow lover Zhu Jian is just as bad as King Zhiming, and has been fucking with a tsundre gay guy called Zha Jie. They have an established fuck buddy relationship going on, and he thinks nothing can interrupt their routine of weekend sex and companionship as two single gay men. What about kids though?

In the Tianxuan internet cafe, Yu Feng was organising snacks on plates by the till, wondering what the hell could be taking Zha Jie so long in the bathroom. Zhu Jian, the tall lanky guy always hanging around Zha Jie smelling of sex, crawled in slowly, carrying a distinct scent of sweat and beer. “Hey Jian-ah, I’d say do you want a shower to get rid of some of that rotten smelling eau de night out at the club, but we only have toilets and wash basins in the bathroom. You want Xiao Jie to make hangover soup again?”, he asked. The latter nodded like he was being filmed in slow motion, swinging from side to side ever so slightly. “He is in the bathroom, don’t know why, but geez like four people have come in and out since he went in asking to use the bathroom. Get him out or I’ll start charging him to use my facilities.”, Yu replied simply, putting the last candy bar by the till.

Zhu Jian crawled into the bathroom and only one door was locked out of five, so she guessed that was the one the toilet hog was in. “Jie-ah, Yu says he is gonna start charging you if you don’t come out, if you need to stay in here at least tell me why so I can tell him not to put the timer on.”, he hollered through the crack in the door. Zha Jie peeped through the open door, pale as the dead and trying to hide something he didn’t want anyone to see apparently, and dropping on the tiled floor for Zhu Jian to see. A home pregnancy test? “Whut? Dude I thought you were only taking dick, how can you be holding a stick saying you are pregnant when I am pretty damn certain you are a guy who only plays neko in bed.”, he blurted out.

Yu Feng came in anyway, more worried than annoyed and cheap, to find Zhu Jian flat out on the floor and his friend close to tears. “I told him I was pregnant and he fainted! How is he going to father bean sprout if he isn’t alive or maybe leaves me?”, he whimpered, looking at the stick and his baby daddy both flat on the tiles. Carefully he held the stick and put it in the ladies bathroom bin next to the men’s to avoid any weird rumours flying around, and nearly crushed Zha Jie in a bear hug. “Awww buddy, look on the positive side. Maybe he was just shocked and too hungover now, but he will probably come round soon, then you can talk it all out and he’ll be a great father? Simon will carry him to your apartment, then have an actual conversation. It’s not healthy for sprout how tense you are right now.”, he suggested helpfully.

At the apartment Zha Jie got to work cooking the much needed soup, making fresh coffee and orange juice to go with it. The soup usually had fish sauce in, but since sprout apparently hated the taste or smell of fish sauce, only Zhu Jian had fish sauce added into his bowl of soup after serving. It was better than cooking actual fish and pouring tons of fish sauce out of a bottle, but it still made him feel sick. Coffee was a teasing idea, he loved drinking back coffee and when he read online that momma’s shouldn’t drink it while expecting, he wanted to cry. Orange juice would be just as good, no teasing scent, however the soup would be blessed if the fish sauce bowl was put on the table in the bedroom before he took a trip to the bathroom.

Zhu Jian woke up fully clothed and alone in the bed he usually slept in completely naked, confused when Zha Jie walked in with two bowls of hangover soup, and pitchers of fresh coffee and juice. “Yu told me you were asking for hangover soup, so I made some while you were out, one bowl had fish sauce in and that’s your one. Drink as much coffee as you want because I -“, he stopped as he sprinted to the en suite bathroom. The man was even more confused, and anxious when the retching from the toilet stopped suddenly. Well shit, talk about missing something big, rendering him clueless.

Zhu Jian made it to the bathroom where poor Zha Jie had fainted, and several conflicting ideas about what to do filled his head. He could call his friend Ian, which seemed a really good idea, until he recalled several phone calls that started with another voice in the background besides his friend Mr Yi. Who was none other than the loving boyfriend Ma Zhen Huan, who he really didn’t need at a time like this, because Ian and his boyfriend equalled pda. Pda his middle aged neighbors would not appreciate and that was most unhelpful. So what other choice did he have but to erase the number he was near dialling and carry Zha Jie to the bed himself? On the way to the bed he noticed a slight difference in the feather light weight of his patient and a small lump when the loose t-shirt tightened momentarily.

It wasn’t that unusual to wake up on the floor after a particularly tough episode of vomiting in the early morning, not usually tucked in bed comfortably. His complicated relationship partner in crime was actually sleeping next to him peacefully, in boxers and a baggy shirt for once instead of naked, looking utterly angelic. “I’m sorry Xiao Jian, this may be a big step in our relationship as sex partners, but bean sprout needs a mother and a father figure, because sprout is here to stay and grow healthily. Agree to be bean sprouts daddy for me when you wake up, please?”, he whimpered, stroking a bit of Zhu Jian’s soft hair. Bean sprout moved inside it’s momma, in response to his emotions.

To his surprise, Zhu Jian opened his eyes, with a beaming smile in his face. “Oh silly Jie, just tell me what you want honestly, even if that is being a baby daddy. Bean sprout is mine too, and that means I have responsibility as a parent, I have a sort of secret. I love you, not as a sex friend but as a person I want to spend the rest of my life with.”, he said honestly. Zha Jie gasped, but the other man put a finger over his lips, “You are kind, loving and intelligent, despite what anyone else says. Let me be bean sprouts daddy and your boyfriend.”, he finished sweetly. Zha Jie could only nod quietly and try not to cry a mini Niagara falls.

Outside the window, Cher’s came as if someone was watching a football game or soap opera. Upon closer examination, it was Ian Yi and his boyfriend Zhen Huan, the well known manager of advertising Evan Ma, cheering and whooping. “Congrats dudes, you finally managed to get it together! Guess what my mama said today, babycakes is preggo just like Zha Jie, so you don’t have to be alone in fatherhood buddy.”, Ian shouted from the tree branch they had somehow managed to climb up to the window. Zhu Jian fainted again, half from overwhelming embarrassment and half from shock.

Zhu Jian didn’t quite know what caused his life to change in the short period of less than 24 hours, but he didn’t really care to investigate. All he knew was what he saw in the future, and his present was becoming a good father to his and Zha Jie’s sprout, getting a proper boyfriend relationship, and having the title of uncle to the Ma-Yi kid from his best friend and his bf’s Canadian Chinese boyfriend. It was certainly unexpected, but fate moved in mysterious ways, even if it was surprising, it would be for the better. No longer two single single men Zhu Jian and Zha Jie drove the lovebirds snuggling in the back seat to the local clinic, with dreams of a future filled with laughter and smiles.

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