// Getting ready to meet the pups
26 May 2019

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It was near that time, and Ian wasn’t ready. He may have been a powerful alpha portrayed by many as impossible to scare, but that didn’t count when it come to his mate having their children! Ian might as well have been the one giving birth judging by his reaction to his mate only having two weeks to go until he was supposed to pop, but no, it was indeed a strange situation. Evan spent all his time nesting in his mates huge bed, bringing the TV into the room so he could still watch Beta Bing and his favourite dramas, demanding food, asking for massages and sleeping like the dead, which if you asked a maternity expert, that was what pregnant omegas did towards the end of gestation. However, alpha fathers did not have to panic and run around like headless chickens when the mother themselves tried to keep calm and not trigger anything like premature labour. In the end, Ian thought he had decided to ask his father, who had done this twice as he had two children, how to behave in this stressful time where he must have learned what to do from seeing two children born. Despite his superior alpha genes, he did not come on this planet knowing how to handle a heavily pregnant omega mate, he lamented sadly, but stopped that very quickly because as if Evan could hear his arrogant thoughts, he found himself called to bring more peach tea to the bedroom.

His answer came when he was snuggled up in bed with his omega mate, before he could talk to his father, watching Beta Bing talk about labour and delivery again, and everything made sense! Beta Bing had one rule for fathers, and that was to stay calm so that if the mother got agitated, their mate could soothe them so everyone had a less traumatic delivery. “When is your uncle doing the operation A-Huan? I’ll book a few weeks before and a few weeks after off work so I can stay to help you look after the kids, that way you can rest a little more than if you were home alone.”, Ian inquired as he felt the lazy pups kick.

Evan yawned, “Wow, you actually asked? Has the thought of my mother beating your as if you don’t do what you are supposed to do been planted in that thick skull firmly enough? Well, sarcasm aside, uncle wants me in the hospital in a few days so I’m there if I need urgent help, and the pups are estimated to come in a week’s time.”

The alpha froze, his smile gradually dropping and panic rising in his part of the room, before he leaped out of the blanket pile grabbing his phone like me might accidentally either break it in half or bend it. Evan laughed, and got out his own phone to call his mother, “I think I broke Ian mum, he jumped out of bed just as he was asking when he should take paternity leave because I told him that the pups are due in a week and I need to go to the hospital in the next three days. I don’t know if I should feel bad for scaring him or not.”

Mother Ma sighed, the fact that she was faking confliction was apparent to her son, who had heard his mother do this more than needed, “Maybe that was cruel, but you are the one who had to face morning sickness, stretch marks and will have to be sliced open to see the children you painstakingly carried. To be fair, he needs to be shocked too, as you and I were at your uncles clinic.”

The mother and son chatted for a little bit longer, about the family business, what to expect and when uncle Wang expected him to arrive at the hospital so he could tell Ian, who would be driving him there, since his humongous stomach now pressed up against the steering wheel of his sports car. Ian reappeared after an hour, an hour precisely as Beta Bing had now finished and it was time to watch that wuxia drama that was still on the TV despite most of all the old characters being dead, with three suitcases of who knew what. His mate shoved the pregnancy packing list left in the kitchen in his hands and pointed to all the red ticks besides each item, trying to make the point that he had just packed everything on the list ready to go when it was convenient. He also rambled that he now had no work for a month so they could go to the hospital as soon as the suite was available for them. Evan was impressed, maybe his arrogant alpha was changing into a henpecked husband like his mother said it was possible to so?

The mates bundled up in their warm clothes and Evan double checked the suitcases for enough large clothes, baby clothes and baby equipment, like diapers and wipes. Once he thought everything was packed, Ian opened the door and rolled the suitcases out to the… brand new car? There was a new car parked in their front yard, an Audi SUV in silver, that he did not remember seeing last time he went out for an appointment. “Ian, did you buy another car?”, he asked, side eyeing his stupid husband.

“Well, umm, err, yes? I thought our sports cars wouldn’t be enough to fit four children and two adults in, possibly more children will need a bigger car in the future, we might need a minivan by the time we’re done.”, Ian mumbled. He winced as his mate hit him round the head for getting ideas about enough children to fill a minivan, but pretended to take it like a man and started packing all the luggage into the car plus his annoyed hus-wife.

At the hospital, Evan’s scary uncle greeted them at the entrance, you know being very important clients and all, to lead them to their own hospital suite in the private wing owned by grandmother Ma. The room had a double bed, flat screen TV on the wall, four little hospital cots, a comfy sofa and en suite bathroom, suitable for the treasures of the accidental mates to be housed in for the first days of their lives. Ian packed some of the clothes in the first of the small chest of drawers, taking out the basics for his mate , which at the moment were things like boxers, oversized shirts and fabric headbands to keep his beautiful omega’s hair out of the way doing omega mommy yoga and sleeping. Uncle Wang did not find this strange, so he simply went on his business and told them a nurse would be in to do the admission papers shortly. In the alpha’s chest of drawers he unpacked pants and his usual shirts, plus night wear, as they agreed to sleeping in the same bed for his comfort, and some pup clothes.
The omega rubbed his stomach lovingly, and his alpha joined that loving hand. “Come on pups, we really want to meet you all very soon. Grow big and strong like mommy and daddy okay?”, Ian whispered to the round tummy softly.

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