// Let me entertain, whoops, I mean seduce you
04 May 2019

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Evan was glad the filming for his and Ian’s parts in men with swords ended three episodes before Dylan, Zhiwei and Wayne’s, because it was goddamn tiring and getting back to the dorm from filming was like having the flu. His joints ached from being thrown around on the different sets, especially one leg, that he always ended up falling on every time the clumsy and fragile King fell off his horse, which was twice in the series, and the time he fell on his butt in the General’s manor from surprise. The manager told him to take it easy for a few days, taking him off the regular choreography practice they had to do in prep for their next planned concert and adding extra vocals practice in replacement. That was okay, and if anything, his vocals got more attention from the trainers who suggested that he get more ballad parts, but his leg still ached badly.

He was sent to the hospital after he collapsed twice during dance practice, with Ian as a companion for the trip because he was free of schedules for the rest of the day. “I feel sad that Kan and Bin died before they could properly talk their problems out, communication was weak, and thats why the King thought initially felt betrayed by the General till it was too late to go back. It was a bonding experience for me to say the least, but apparently you didn’t get as good of an experience as I did.”, Ian said pensively, waiting for the doctor to call. Evan nodded in agreement, “Kan was oblivious to Bin’s kindness, polishing the armour each day he wasn’t wearing it, going as far as to cover for him when grand master tried to execute him for failing to stop the mountain pass massacre. If I was Jian Bin, I would have cracked when the General just left for the Jieshui fortress battle without saying anything personal.”

In the midst of their thought provoking discussion concerning their latest fictional characters, the doctor called them. At first Evan did not recognize his sister in doctors scrubs, with her long black hair twisted into a bun, but she definitely recognised him despite his dyed blonde hair. “Zhen Huan, is that really you? Why is my precious little sibling in the hospital, I’m gonna kill the company for letting my sweet dî hurt himself, so will Mama and Baba when they come back from visiting Grandma in Canada.”, she exclaimed, surprised. Ian tried to pacify the strong aroma of murder drifting off the eldest Ma sister, while pushing the awkward and clunky hospital wheelchair. “Jie, don’t call Mama and Baba yet, I don’t even know if there’s something actually wrong but I can’t put weight on one leg, that’s why manager sent me here to be examined. Please don’t call me Evan, or my full name either, we don’t want fans rushing in like crazy and disturbing the patients.”, he pleaded with his angry sibling.

Ian had to admit his heartstrings were touched at the interactions between the two siblings, as Zhen Hua made playful banter to distract her brother from the mildly worrying hospital tests and Evan bantered back like they were children playing at home again. It was tiring waiting for the results after being prodded, x-rayed and poked by needles, so naturally he had no reservations when his sleepy band mate dropped off on his shoulder in the quiet office under a cotton blanket. His long dark eyelashes fluttered occasionally in his peaceful sleep, but his face remained truly angelic, with the most beautiful hint of a rose blush on his caramel cheekbones. Ian’s heart did the equivalent of a bungee jump, right into his crushes, and he wondered longingly when they would finally square up what they both actually felt about each other.

Zhen Hua came in soon after Ian’s deep thoughts, being extra quiet once she knew her little brother was sleeping. “Poor thing has a fracture, he’ll need it to be plastered and stay on crutches or in a wheelchair for a while. Mama didn’t want to send him into the idol life, this is exactly why, the strain affects fragile health like Zhen Huan’s.”, she whispered sadly. Taking his hand suddenly, “He loves you really Ian, but the stubborn mule won’t budge from the idea he can’t be publicly gay and tries to appear neutral. While he’s out of it, let me get the plaster team in to quickly set the broken bone so you can be going home before Wayne is sent out to look for you because the manager thinks you have magically disappeared.”

The consultant on call signed them out and gave Ian lots of advice on what his band mate should and should not do, assuming they were room mates, which could easily be arranged, since Riley was positively itching not to sleep with him in the same room. Apart from almost dying in the van home, when Evan did aeygo in his sleep and yawned cutely, the hour home was uneventful and the only problem came when they had to get into the narrow walled dorm. With a wheelchair, it was impossible, and equally unlikely was the knocked out guy managing to use crutches for the first time while being drowsy from the strong pain medication. “Why don’t you wait for me to tell Riley to move to Sam’s room, and slowly piggyback Zhen Huan to your big room? It wouldn’t take long to get that kid awake, if he isn’t playing video games still or reading manga under the sheets.”, the tired manager suggested helpfully, having an obvious alterior motive of wanting to get to bed himself.

Evan was certainly confused, as he couldn’t move because of the arm round his shoulders and the dull ache in his lower limbs. Ian was fast asleep, only identifiable really by his lime green hair that was splaying on the pillows and definitely not getting up anytime soon. It was fortunate that he didn’t need the bathroom, but he did feel a lot of pain and that was a problem as far as trying to go back to sleep was concerned. “Ian Yi, wake up. Iaaaan!”, he half whispered, poking his human furiously as he simoultaneously messaged manager Li’s mobile phone to say that he needed whatever they had given him at the hospital again to make the pain vanish. When he looked at the plaster cast, he realised why he had been in pain and how the injury had been achieved, falling off horses for hours on end, on to poorly padded safety mats.

Ian was in the middle of a happy dream, about an alternative storyline where Bin and Kan were married and somehow had kids, and they had a peaceful and relaxing life together, occasionally having a minor domestic arguement they made up for soon after, but someone poking him madly was not very pleasant. He flipped the poker over and whipped out his miniature foam sword the directors had given him to practice with for the General’s many sword shots, only surprise to have the very object of his dreams beneath him. “My my, you wouldn’t hurt an invalid would you, Yi Bo Chen? I only wanted some more of the painkillers they obviously gave me yesterday to sooth the pain in my leg, you don’t have to be so mean.”, Evan pouted cutely. In the latters mind though, that cute changed to sexy in the blink of an eye and instead of a cute pouting adult male, there was a caramel skinned vixen winking suggestively at him. He ended up taking a long trip to the bathroom, and coming out looking rather sheepish.

Eventually they got out of bed, after slapping Ian out of his mouth watering fantasies and throwing Riley some clothes to change into after his morning shower from the dresser that still had his stuff in. The rapper hopped around on the crutches his sister had given him quite happily, and chatted with the members normally, including the man who has been his human blanket. “What’s my schedule like today manager? Obviously no dance practice, but what about vocal lessons and my drama filming.”, he asked the sleepy manager, who yawned a bit while they took a mouthful of black coffee. “Well young master Ma, I don’t think you’ll like this, but your mother nearly terminated your contract because her darling sunshine child was injured. I had to promise her that you’d get complete relaxation to heal, or back home to Canada for you, permenantly probably knowing your protective mother. You can catch up on the assignments from your college for noe, and Ian is in charge of you as your temp roomie, Riley moved in with Win till you are recovered fully.”, he explained slowly.

Never in his life had Ma Zhen Huan, the precious sunshine child of the family, thought he would get bored of having nothing to do. Although he whined sometimes about having heavy schedules and not having time to himself, he knew being house bound was equally annoying. It wasn’t like a band member could slip out of the dorms to go down the road to the little noodle shop without being noticed, if said person was limping awkwardly down the road on hospital crutches. The prof in Canada had sent a load of work over that he could be getting ahead in classes with, and quickly the stack of work was finished, after all, no one ever said he was stupid, just in a time heavy contract job. If he did any more work, he’d more than likely finish the whole semesters assignment list and be way ahead of his class, so that wasn’t any good.

One thing led to another, and each member was assigned a duty slot in their free time, the duty, keep the invalid rapper entertained so he didn’t so anything dangerous. This came after Evan was caught sneaking out of the dorm room to go shopping, in full airport fashion complete with face mask and cap, but he stupidly fell over the lip of the door while changing shoes, and his mother flew over to see if her baby was alright. Mrs Ma never announced her arrival, but when Wayne said the manager had fainted at the door and a lady bearing remarkable to the main rapper strolled in. Ian finished putting his new roomie to bed comfortably, casted limb raised on pillows under the sheets, then went to investigate what the heck was causing chaos downstairs in the living room.

“Where is my poor baby? I want to see my sweet Evan, he needs someone to take care of him right now, what you incompetent boys can’t do!”, she shrieked. They all whimpered, and Sam pointed up the stairs to the door painted in light blue and orange in a desperate attempt to save them from the over protective mother monster form Canada. She flew up the stairs, heels barely tapping on the wood, and barelled into the indicated room, where Ian and Evan were quite conveniently talking about relationships. It sounded suspiciously like a confession or solving a domestic argument chat, but her sunshine being gay and he hadn’t informed her first? That was preposterous, all of it, except maybe her son being gay, he always had been more taken with boys in kindergarten than the cute little girls, and that had not changed as far as she was concerned.

Evan and Ian were actually talking about the side prequel the director wanted to film about the begining of the borderline romantic relationship between the King of Tianji and the General, discussing the character profiles they were asked to help complete before script writing. Since it was mainly about their pair, only Wes and Sam as Qi Zi Kan’s father and the King’s father respectively, then the normal servants and court officials from the full set of episodes. It was almost decided on each character and what their unofficial role was, and the unannounced guest burst in with such force that the door slammed right into the wall. “My baby! What have they done to my sweet baby, and you mister, I don’t know who you are, but stay away from my little boy. He doesn’t need to be tainted with perverse ideas, date him if that’s what he wants, but you lay one finger on him without my consent and you’ll know the meaning of pain.”, Mrs Ma ranted.

Evan sighed at his mother, over reacting as usual. “Mum, please listen for a minute. This is Ian, one of the SpeXial member and the guy specifically assigned as my temporary carer and room mate, we were discussing drama roles for an upcoming series not our romantic relationship. Second, I’m fine, a break in a bone won’t kill me, I’ve come this far as an idol. why were you going to interfere in my business when you don’t even know just how much I love making the fans happy by singing and dancing with people I get along with well?, he replied, becoming slightly mad as the explanation went on. Ian felt the atmosphere thicken, concluding that the Ma family were a force to reckoned with in general, especially Mrs Ma and her son. She stopped, and swiftly exited the room.

“What can I do Ian, she wants me to come back home to be a bird in a cage at our house in Canada? I might as well tell you everything now, otherwise I’ll only unsettle your mind more than she and I have by arguing even though we’re supposed to be loving mother and son. Just, don’t hate me after I say this, please.”, Evan pleaded weakly. Struck by the way the situation had suddenly turned, Ian nodded and held his pinky out for a pinky promise, that made his band mate laugh because who would use a pinky promise when they were both twenty something grown men? “My mother has good intentions, really, but they come out wrong often. I was born sickly, after she waited so long to have another child following Zhen Hua’s birth, so naturally she spoiled me in every way. I was tutored through primary education and constantly watched for injury, which I didn’t care about at the time, I thought it meant they loved me more than normal parents. When I went to high school though the kids made fun of me for not having experienced what they had as children, and that’s when I started to realise my mother had been too protective for me to have a normal social life. At 22 I slipped out to join a competition, the one that bought me here, and I had a fight with her to let me come to Taiwan and live the idol lifestyle. I found it scary, but got used to it and enjoyed the small freedoms I didn’t have at home, and as cringy and unreal as it may sound, I stayed for you Ian.”, he finished nervously.

The younger rapper was speechless, “You mean, you love me?”, he asked timidly. The latter smiled a little, “Yes Ian, I love you and couldn’t leave the boys for an academic life back home in a country that has slowly become my second home, not my first. Zhen Hua probably told you I liked you considering the huge grin you have on your face right now without realising, and now I don’t care about being a filial son, my life is more important than fitting into expectations. Tell me you feel the same, then let’s be a better couple than Kan and Bin?” There was a loud awwwwwwwww outside the door, and the ten other members piled up in the doorway, looking as sheepish as Ian had when he came out from his long shower. “Uhm congrats ge’s? We were all curious about why the scary lady stormed out and were going to ask you, but hey, you were already explaining.”, Sam explained.

Six weeks later, Ian and Evan took the van to Zhen Hua’s hospital, and came out cast free and officially out of the closet. They had sent the manager out to buy a set of promise rings, from whatever shop they could afford to buy from, with the guidance of Evan’s mother so they didn’t end up with cheap silver bands. Their love had waited long enough to be recognised, and although it wasn’t appropriate to get married immediately, Ian and Evan thought that they deserved something after overcoming the hurdle of coming out as boyfriends unlikely to split up. Zhen Hua had fangirled when she saw the identical Swarovski rings on their entwined fingers, wishing them the best of luck in their new relationship. Her brother had simply replied that it wasn’t a new relationship at all, it had been a relationship rising to the surface till it was too obvious to ignore anymore. Ian had kissed his boyfriend on the lips, silencing his over thinking lover.

It was no hesitation that Evan answered the question who was the lucky lady who he had pledged his love to “It’s not a lady, it’s Ian Yi. Love knows no gender or sexuality, as long as the two people sincerely love each other, nothing can tear them apart. Passion only grows in a true relationship, and that passion is non discriminate.” Ian had given an identical reply, in the form of the sweetest love song written.[A/N: If the plot sometimes doesn’t make sense, then it’s a time skip, but I feel like writing time skip distracts from the real meaty bits of a plot. Ian and Evan are like bae goals, they make great short romantic chapters. I apologize for grammar and spelling, this got typed up quite fast.]

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