// Meet the parents
26 May 2019

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The next hurdle Evan and Ian faced was the parent game. This would have been completely fine and nice if Ian didn’t leave his mate alone and pregnant for six months, and could have continued that way if Evan’s mother didn’t tell him to find that daddy and make him take responsibility for his fat knot and his bite, but sooner or later he would have to confront the dragon parents. Of course his own parents would be over the moon that their son had found such an elite omega, and the fact that the omega was already with pups was going to be a bonus for them, so no one would care and there would be no conflicts between mates and parents like in the drama his beta used to watch with him in her little house in the country. However the Ma family were going to be more difficult for him to please, as they already had an opinion, and it was going to be tough to convince mother Ma and father Ma to give him their bundle of joy.

They organised a weekend in which they would try their very best to visit all the family members in one place add soon as possible to get the stress over with, as both men agreed that really it was getting late in the pregnancy for traveling to other people’s houses, and Ian needed to prepare to leave the family business in state fit enough for him to stay at home for a few weeks. Evan was seven and a half months by now with their four children, and he preferred to stay at home drinking Ian’s mother’s iced tea and eating the same noodle snacks as he did when he got into the house, not dressing up in smart clothes to impress parents. “Ian, you do realise that actually it is not recommended for people like me to go gallivanting around the country? Your Yi estate is in Guangzhou and my estate is in Taipei, that’s a plane journey my uncle won’t permit even if you beg him or give him gym equipment as bribery, so Mr alpha, please find a very fancy restaurant for me, ask your mother and father to meet us there. I’ll talk to mother and she will arrange father to be there if he thought he needed to be or not, he’s her secretary you see.”, he mumbled in-between munching, and avidly watching “beta Bing’s journey to great parenting”.

Ian decided to video call his own parents, after he booked the family restaurant, run by his sister, an accomplished Michelin star chef. To merely voice call would not be enough for his nosy mother, who wanted to see her precious son too, so he could only hope that the present day was one where his parents did not throw a business party or family reunion, otherwise everyone would know he knocked up the Ma family’s favourite omega child. “Good evening mother, is father there with you?, he asked tentatively, “Hello dear, Papa is just finishing his after dinner coffee in the dining room, I will take the phone in so you can speak to both of us.”, his mother replied sweetly.

The young alpha felt his body become increasingly sweaty all of a sudden, at the though of announcing his new mate at short notice. His father appeared in view, and the screen shook while presumably his mother sat down and adjusted the camera, and the great Yi patriarch looked at house son with warm great eyes, asking what the matter was. “Well. Mother, father, I have a mate. A male omega that’s seven and a half months pregnant with my pups, and an elite one.”, he announced.

The shock in their eyes was more than the young master Yi had ever seen, his mother’s beautiful violet monlid eyes had not widened so much in many years, so he continued, “My mate is Evan Ma, the young omega master of the Ma family, we are very happy together. Could you please come to Hua Lin for dinner in three days so he can meet you in person together?”

His father spoke for the both of them this time, “We are very surprised Ah-Chen, but we are also proud that you have settled down finally with such a fine young man. I hope he has not strained his body to fulfill this arrangement, a father has the duty to care for the mother and the cubs as I did for your mother. We’ll see you at Hua Lin on Saturday son, remember to treat him good.” Midget Yi managed to splutter a goodbye, and they cut the call on both ends. Ian felt better now it wasn’t a secret he had mated Evan, but the rest would come if they asked how, which mother Ma would make sure to tell them in full detail. How he was drunk and so was Evan, then they slept together just when the omega started his heat, and on his part he marked him without recollection the following days. What a wonderful mating story to tell your elite parents and parents in law!

Evan simply rang his mother and informed her about the time and placed they could meet the arrogant alpha’s parents, then had a bigger problem, what to wear. He knew that Hua Lin was a Michelin star restaurant, so what dress code was it? As the son and heir of a major financial firm, the usual dress code for him was black tie or traditional dress visiting distant family, but not of those codes for with his current body, slim as usual, and very lumpy, well more like bumpy, at his middle. With much thinking he went with black tie, except this wasn’t a suit, it was one of the women’s maternity tunics in black, one of many from Cubs n pups, and a pair of the stretchy leggings he wore outside. Inside the house, he actually skipped wearing bottoms when appropriate because no waistband was totally comfortable at his current size, so it was a lot more comfy to walk around in boxers and Ian’s shirts, but out in public was not that time to put comfort first to that extent.

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