// Meeting and naming the Yi-Ma pups
09 Jul 2019

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The two alpha’s breathed a sigh of immense relief upon seeing a nurse roll out a very large hospital cot out of the operating theatre, with three blue bundles of blankets and a small pink bundle, to the nursery for their first doctors check up with doctor Wang while the omega mother was being stitched and cleaned up. Ian followed them to the room and helped his new friend take each baby out of the large cot and lay the dumpling in its individual cot, that had been ready and waiting for the babies to arrive. The three boys were definitely alpha or beta boys, whimpering to be fed for the first time as their little bellies were empty, with strong physical characteristics of both parents. It was hard to tell what newborns would look like at this point, mainly having chubby faces and soft skin as physical characteristics, but no matter what happened, the alpha father knew he loved them. Born out of his beloved mate, who had nurtured them the moment they were conceived, they couldn’t be anything less than perfect, and his baby girl, sleeping in her pink bundle, was the mirror image of her mother in every way. “When do we name them? I already know the names Evan picked are right, just looking at them like this.”,

“Why don’t we wait for your missus? Here he comes now, and then you won’t get beat up for giving the wrong names later on when he can get up and-“, a flying slipper hit the doctor, a cerulean blue one that looked very familiar.

“Ian, uncle, did you even think about naming my children without me? I’m the mother omega here, and I had to suffer for nine months with them in my poor stomach just to have the alpha bastard’s name them for the rest of their days. Mother Yi would be ashamed of you Ian, I wonder if returning to the house me and the children should pay a visit to her.”, the omega growled. All of a sudden Evan looked small and delicate in his oversized shirt and the navy blankets, and it broke his mates heart to see the bandages showing from around his middle, because if it wasn’t for him he would not be stuck in bed for days healing, the devil on his shoulder sneered. However the angel on his right banished the devil, reminding him of all the good times the future would hold for them and their children.

When his mate was back in bed, he put the special cushion on his lap and handed a baby pup one at time to Evan, so they could finally name each child. The registrar was ready with four birth certificates, they had four children laying between them in the bed between their parents, and his uncle in law had the camera to take a picture of each baby next to their birth certificate. The omega picked up his eldest, marked by a number 4 wrist band, “My eldest will be Ethan Yi-Ma in English, and Yi-Ma Jinhai in Chinese. Did you get that down sir?”, he checked politely. The registrar nodded and gave the father the birth certificate to put next to little pup Jinhai, and held it in place as doctor Wang took a series of photos.

He picked up number 3, putting this one on his lap. “English name Ivan Yi-Ma, because he looks like the perfect mixture of his parents, therefore his name should reflect that, Chinese name Yi-Ma Jinjing.”, he announced. The same that happened to his gege followed and he was put back in the right cot, ready for the next pup, they had checked the numbers to be sure, which was most surprisingly the only girl.

When the omega held his baby girl he saw what his mate saw, she was his female copy to the letter. Seeing that, he changed his mind quickly, “English name Evana Yi-Ma, Chinese name Yi-Ma Lihwa. My carbon copy, Nana will love you more than your brothers.”

After the beautiful girl was made Evana Yi-Ma, the worn out registrar and their volunteer photographer was getting too emotional, so the name of their third son was concluded quickly. “This manly pup needs a manly name, he will be Jason Yi-Ma in English and Yi-Ma Jingguo.”, the omega said with confidence. Jason was put with his siblings while his mother scolded his great uncle and father for crying so loudly, but they insisted they were weeping like men for a very good reason no matter how much mother told them off for being ‘blubbering alpha imbeciles with no control’. Jason once asked what that meant in the future, and why did mama say that to father, but his mother only went red and turned back to cooking dinner.

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