// Men with sword – The battle of the heart chapter 1
30 Apr 2019

Who would ever believe that two guys meant to be together, would end at the battlefield against each other. It is a very sad and rainy day. There they stand, the Tianquan and Yaoguang Kings at a rainy battlefield, staring very intensely to each other from a distance, both thinking of their past together. They were so close together, had fun together, always care and protect each other. How could it come so far that two lovers now standing against each other with drawn weapons. Luo Min the pawn who Zhong Kunyi had send to Zhi Ming smiles shortly, happy his master succeed in breaking the relationship between Murong Li and Zhi Ming. Fang Ye, the most loyal subordinate of Murong Li, looks at his king with a broken heart. How much did his master have to suffer? He already lost his whole family and now the man he loves too. Why can’t they just leave him alone?
Fang Ye: “Are you really going to kill him?” asks worried
Murong Li: “I don’t have a choice. He hates me, we will never been able to fix what we had, to fix what is broken.” Says it on a very sad tone.
Fang Ye: “Why did you not call back Xiao Ran?”
Murong Li: “Fang Ye I fear I will not come unharmed out, this time. Xiao Ran belongs to Zhi Ming now, all I know his loyalty lays to me. I forbid him to take actions against him. Fang Ye, if something happen to me, you should leave me.”
Fang Ye: “ Never! I will always follow you even through the fire of hell.” He was so sure of what he said. It was like it hurt him that his master told him to leave him behind. Murong Li looked a bit surprised to his loyal subordinate.
Fang Ye: “Master Li, don’t you trust me?”
Murong Li: “That is not what I meant.”
Fang Ye: “Would you ever believe that I would leave you behind, left you for death? Wasn’t I who saved you ba..….”
But before he could finish his sentence, Murong Li did something he never did before and it spooked Fang Ye a bit. He takes Fang Ye in his arms, hiding his face on his shoulders, Fang Ye feels him shaking. This was the first time his master showed weakness. For a moment Fang Ye doubt but then seconds later he lays his arms around him. They stay there for a few minutes. Zhi Ming who saw it happen from a distance, became even more angrier. Few minutes later Murong Li pulls back from Fang Ye.
Murong Li: “Sorry, don’t know what came to me.”
Fang Ye: “no need for apologies, your just human too, after everything what happened it’s normal.” Fang Ye smiles a bit what makes Murong Li smiles a bit too.
Fang Ye: “I will always protect you with my life.”
Murong Li: “Thank you.” Then he turns seriously again.
Murong Li: “Fang Ye, when Zhi Ming and I are fighting with each other, I want you to stay out.”
Fang Ye: “Master Li?!” Murong Li lays a hand on his shoulder and looks very seriously to him.
Murong Li: “Fang Ye, I don’t want to lose you too, don’t want you to get hurt because of me so please promise me.”
Fang Ye gets tears in his eyes cause he is so touched by what his master said to him but what about him? He didn’t want to see his master get hurt either.
Fang Ye: “ I promise.” Says it with a very sad expression.
Murong Li looks back at Zhi Ming, they both lift up their sword.
Murong Li & Zhi Ming: “Attack!!”
The soldiers of Tianquan and Yaoguang start to fight with each other. Murong Li stays behind with Fang Ye what annoys Zhi Ming the most cause he want him to come to him and dare to challenge him. A few moments Xiao Ran want to take out his sword to help Murong Li, killing Tianquan soldiers but before he can take out his sword, Zhi Ming hold his sword to his throat. Xiao Ran surprised by the fast actions of him.
Zhi Ming: “You make it me so easy. I knew you would betray me for him.”
Xiao Ran: “How did I make it you so easy?”
Zhi Ming smiles evilly. It was clear that Zhi Ming isn’t the same person anymore. He sits with so much hatred and pain inside him and right now he can only think of revenge.
Zhi Ming: “With you I will lure him to me. When he see that I’m threating you to kill you, he will come to save you for sure, falling inside my trap. I will definitely kill him! Do you hear me Murong Li, I will kill you for sure! Would you sacrifice yourself for saving this useless subordinate of yours?!”
Xiao Ran looks shocked hearing Zhi Ming’s words. Who was this person? This isn’t the Zhi Ming we know. He looks at Murong Li.
Xiao Ran: “Don’t come master! Don’t!”
Zhi Ming hits with the backside of his sword in Xiao Ran’s stomach and fall on his knees, coughing, come stand behind him and hold his sword on his throat again.
Murong Li: “Zhi Ming!!!!”
Xiao Ran: “What happened to you?” says it a bit weakly, recovering from the knock in his stomach.
Zhi Ming: “Murong Li happened to me.”
He makes eye contact with Murong Li.
Zhi Ming: “You should better hurry before I kill him or did you lie to him too that you care for his life, like you did with me.”
To defy him he pulls Xiao Ran his head behind, pulling on his hair and give a small cut in his neck. Murong Li eyes widened and gets furious.
Murong Li: “Zhi Ming, I’m going to kill you!!”
Zhi Ming: “Come get me then, I cannot wait for it!”
Murong Li: “Fang Ye, help me to save Xiao Ran, give me back cover.”
Fang Ye nods and then they run to Zhi Ming and Xiao Ran. They run middle in the heat of the battle. Everyone who dare to block them got killed by them so easily. Fang Ye and Murong Li are very strong together, they fight like one person, one after another get killed by them. Zhi Meng’s men fall like flees by the hands of Murong Li and Fang Ye. It don’t take long that they arrives in front of Zhi Ming and Xiao Ran. Zhi Ming still hold Xiao Ran’s head behind by pulling on his hair. Murong Li points his sword to Zhi Ming and Luo Min and few men want to come to protect Zhi Ming.
Zhi Ming: “Stay out, he is mine to fight with!”
Fang Ye make his move too.
Murong Li: “You know what you promised me Fang Ye. It’s between him and me.”
Fang Ye nods with protest.
Zhi Ming: “Are you angry now? Do you hate me now Murong Li? You never cared for me, the only one you cared for was your own people. Look how fast you came to save this useless person, not even been able to kill me for you.”
Murong Li: “He isn’t useless, he just could not predict what you were planning, you’re not the same and besides I forbid him to take actions against you so basic it’s my fault he is in danger now cause I would never thought you would go so far.”
Zhi Ming laughs.
Zhi Ming: “Didn’t you want me to change. I wasn’t good enough how I was right? You found me to weak well I’m not that weak anymore, I will not let me use by you ever again.”
Murong Li: “Yes I want you to change but I only want you to become stronger. Let him go. It’s between us. You want to kill me then go ahead, let us fight then.”
Zhi Ming hits Xiao Ran then with the backside of his sword against his head. Xiao Ran falls on the ground and at that moment he point his sword to Murong Li.
Murong Li: “ Fang Ye protect Xiao Ran”
He run to Xiao Ran, bind of his head with a part of his cloak to stop the bleeding, then hold him in his arms, watching together with a distressed look to their master. Zhi Ming and Murong Li start fighting. They dodge each other’s moves like it’s nothing. Their sword fighting are so equally to each other that it’s almost impossible to defeat each other. Their swords technic is so strong controlled, every move of them flew so elegant in the air like they are dancing with each other. Their fighting is so intense, the sphere around them is so dangerous, both looking with eyes full of fire. Everyone looking at their kings with retained breaths. At a sudden point Murong Li jumps in the air and with full strength he hold his sword pointed at Zhi Ming. When he get down, Zhi Ming hold his sword in front of him. Murong Li’s sword land on Zhi Ming’s sword but it make him lose his balance, what give Murong Li the chance to point his sword at Zhi Ming’s throat. Luo Min want to interrupt but Zhi Ming stops him.
Zhi Ming: “ Luo Min, stay out. It’s between us.”
Luo Min: “But he is going to kill you Sir.”
Zhi Ming: “Let him kill me!”
Luo Min wants to say something but Zhi Ming stops him. Zhi Ming looks back at Murong Li with a very dangerous look.
Zhi Ming: “What are you waiting for?! Kill me!!”
He even step forward to defy him. Zhi Ming looks with eyes so cold, what bring a cold shiver over Murong Li’s back. Don’t recognize this man, he is so cold and coldblooded person. And he knows he is the reason. But even he is like that now, he cannot kill him. How can he kill the man he love? He never loved someone so much as the person who is standing in front of him. Why did he have to fall for him? Why could he not fall in love with someone out his own clan? A tear escapes his eyes. Fang Ye sees the tear and feels that something isn’t right. His master never cried before since the death of his family. Then suddenly he remember Murong Li’s words again: “Fang Ye I fear I will not come unharmed out, this time.” His eyes widened. No he cannot mean that.
Fang Ye: “Master Li, don’t!”
Xiao Ran looks at Fang Ye confused why he would yell that but then he sees the eyes in Fang Ye’s eyes and then he is wondering what his master is planning that makes Fang Ye so sad and looks at his master. Murong Li looks to Fang Ye with also tears in his eyes.
Murong Li: “Sorry Fang Ye but I can’t, I can’t do it.”
Now Xiao Ran gets worried too and at that moment Murong Li drop his sword what gives Zhi Ming a perfect opportunity to kill him.
Fang Ye: “ Master Li!!”
Xiao Ran: “Master!!”
He close his eyes, ready to die. Fang Ye stands up and runs to Murong Li but he comes too late. Murong Li feels how the sword of Zhi Ming is pierced in him.
Zhi Ming: “Now you know how it feels that the man you love the most betray you. This is far from feeling my pain.”
Tears are falling down his cheeks after hearing those words. Murong Li cannot stop them. Fang Ye and Xiao Ran screaming his name what breaks his heart even more especially the screams from Fang Ye goes through marrow and bone.
Fang Ye: “Master Li!!!! Why?! Why?!”
Xiao Ran: “Master!! No!!”
Xiao Ran runs to the direction of Zhi Ming with his swords but Luo Min smash him on the ground and stand on the point to kill him.
Murong Li: “Please don’t kill him.” Says it that Zhi Ming only can hear it, tears were still falling down from his cheeks. Zhi Ming looks at Luo Min.
Zhi Ming: “Luo Min, no need for to kill him. Binds his hands to his feet and I will take him with me back to Tianquan. He will stay my High General. Xiao Ran don’t think of betraying me, know that if you betray me, you betray your master too.”
Xiao Ran: “I will never betray my master but will never serve you ever again!”
That makes Zhi Ming even angrier.
Zhi Ming: “You should get your men under control more, they are leading themselves to their deaths.” he says threateningly. Zhi Ming bring his mouth next to his ear and whispers.
Zhi Ming: “I hate you so much but still love you. I cannot kill you after all but know I will make your life a living hell. Killing your two most closet people would be destroying you right but on the other end, they are great warriors would be a shame don’t you think? So why not using them and their weakness is the person who I have under my control so I won’t kill them but you will give them to my command cause know one thing Murong Li from this day you belong to me, I will never let you go.”
He pull out his sword out Murong Li’s stomach. He spit out blood and fall on the ground.  He looks at Xiao Ran who lay on the ground with Luo Min’s sword pointed at him.
Murong Li: “Please, serve him Xiao Ran, if you don’t he will kill you.”
Xiao Ran: “But you’re my one and only master, how can I serve that bastard who hurt my master?”
Murong Li: “It’s an order Xiao Ran, you are going to defy me? From today you will accept Tianquan King’s orders.”
Xiao Qi: “Yes Sir.” Says it with tears in his eyes.
Murong Li looks at him with apologetic eyes. Xiao Ran knows well that his master doesn’t have any choice to give him that order.
Zhi Ming: “Luo Min, you know what to do. Take him away.
Luo Min nods and do what Zhi Ming says and after binding Xiao Ran’s hands to his feet and threw him in one of the carriages. Fang Ye waited for the right moment and stand up, pull out his sword and runs towards Zhi Ming, but before he can reach Zhi Ming, Murong Li hold his sword in front of Zhi Ming so Fang Ye’s sword lands on his king’s sword. He drop directly his sword cause he knows directly what his king want to tell him. Zhi Ming turns around, push Murong Li away. Things goes so fast that Fang Ye feels suddenly Zhi Ming’s feet in his stomach what makes him flew in the air and he land with his back against a trunk of a tree very hard and he spit out blood.
Murong Li: “Fang Ye!!!”
He wants to run to Fang Ye but can barely move. Zhi Ming goes to Fang Ye’s direction very pissed.
Murong Li: “You said you won’t kill him.”
Zhi Ming: “That was before he tried to kill me.”
Zhi Ming takes Fang Ye to his throat and smash him against the trunk of the tree again. Fang Ye cannot escape Zhi Ming’s grip.
Murong Li: “Don’t!”
Zhi Ming totally ignores Murong Li.
Zhi Ming: “What is your relationship to him anyway? Why does he care so much for you?”
Fang Ye: “I’m just his subordinate.”
Zhi Ming: “Your more than that. I will find out anyway.”
Fang Ye: “I’m just his most loyal subordinate, that’s all.”
Zhi Ming: “I’m not stupid but what I’m going to enjoy it to break you. I will let you at his side, let you watch how I will destroy him fully and you have to stand and watch, cannot do anything to protect him. Watching how he will die bit by bit inside till there will only be broken pieces that cannot fix him anymore. I will make sure he will never see his kingdom ever again.”
Fang Ye almost cannot breathe anymore and at that moment Zhi Ming let him go, he falls on the ground, coughing and gasping for breath. Few seconds later.
Fang Ye: “You are going to take away his home again?”
Zhi Ming looks angry at Fang Ye.
Zhi Ming: “Taking his home away again!!!! His home is with me!!”
Fang Ye: “Your selfish bastard. Your so clingy to him, you only think of yourself, you never thought what it would feel for him, what he had been through when he lost his whole family. He fought hard to get back his kingdom, his home and now of your selfishness you take his home away again.”
Zhi Ming becomes furious and hit Fang Ye with his fist in his face, blood drops from his mouth.
Zhi Ming: “I’m the selfish one?! He never cared how I feel, he only used me for his own gain. And he did not lost his kingdom, it’s just in my hands. It’s part of Tianquan and isn’t he part of my kingdom. I used to think of that he only belongs to me but now I only want to see him destroyed.”
Binds Fang Ye’s hands to his feet’s and bring him back to Murong Li. He take him directly in his arms. Zhi Ming turn around to Murong Li’s men.
Zhi Ming: “Yaoguang don’t longer belong to your king. From this day it belongs to Tianquan. Luo Min will be your new king.”
Murong Li and Fang Ye their eyes widened. Does he really going to give his kingdom to his enemy? He could not be serious about that? He calls Luo Min and he come stand next to Zhi Ming.
Zhi Ming: “Bow for your new king.”
But no one’s bow, what angers him. Murong Li knows his people are very loyal to him but how Zhi Ming is now he cannot predict how he will react. He lost already so much. He can’t bare that his people would be killed because of him. He tries to stand up but fails. Zhi Ming turns to him.
Zhi Ming: “What are you trying?”
Murong Li: “Let me speak to my people.”
Zhi Ming: “Why would I let you? They are no longer your people anymore, like your no longer the king of Yaoguang.”
Murong Li tries to stand up and succeed this time and steps to Zhi Ming.
Murong Li: “I will always be the king of Yaoguang! They will listen to me!” says it angrily and with pain. Then he fells but Zhi Ming catch him in his arms, helps him to return him to his people. He let him go.
Zhi Ming: “Don’t disappoint me again.” He whispers in his ear.
He don’t say anything but swallows a lump from his throat. Then start to speak to his people.
Murong Li: “Dear people. I’m very honored by your loyalty but like you could see I’m defeated and that Yaoguang is now part of Tianquan isn’t so bad, we were allies after all. That things ends up like this isn’t entirely Tianquan king’s fault, I have fault in it too and our enemies used it very well against us.”
About the part of Luo Min, he keeps his mouth. He was very sure Zhi Minh don’t know it’s the subordinate of Kunyi, all it broke his heart to lose his kingdom to that guy but when the time was right he would get his kingdom back, he swore that to himself.
Murong Li: “When the time is right I will claim my kingdom back but till that time listen what the Tianquan king says and listen to your new king till I come back.”
His people nods.
Murong Li: “Let’s bow for our new king.”
He turns to Luo Min and with pain in his heart. He bows for Luo Min.
Murong Li: “Long live the king.”
And then all Murong Li’s men follow his king’s example and all bow for Luo Min.
Zhi Ming: “Luo Min, lead your new men back to their home.”
Luo Min: “Yes Sir. Thank you for your trust.”
Then leaves with the Yaoguang men. Zhi Ming help Murong Li get up. Ah Li lays one hand on Zhi Ming’s cheek and Zhi Ming looks at him with so much hate but don’t push his hand away.
Murong Li: “I’m sorry how things goes between us. The last thing I ever wanted was to hurt you but I failed.”
After those words Ah Li’s hand fall from his cheek and then everything went black. The only thing he could hear was Zhi Ming’s worried voice from a distance. The last words he hear are: “I won’t let you die.” Hearing his beloved one’s soft voice, knowing that deep down Zhi Ming still cares for him was enough for him, then he close his eyes and he falls right in Zhi Ming’s arms. He hold him tight.
Zhi Ming: “Murong Li!” says it panicking.
Zhi Ming: “I won’t let you die! Guards, take Fang Ye to my carriage.”
Fang Ye: “Master Li! Please wake up. Hear my words Zhi Ming, if he die I will kill you no matter what. All is it the last thing I do. All would cost my life I don’t care!”
Zhi Ming says nothing, is more focused on Murong Li, who he still had in his arms. Guards take Fang Ye with them together with Zhi Ming, who carries Murong Li inside his carriages. They bring Fang ye inside too. Zhi Ming lays Murong Li very careful on his lap, stroking his hair.
Zhi Ming: “Hold on, we are going home together.” Then give the order to leave to Tianquan. A good thing the battlefield was only a half day driving. Zhi Ming bind off the wound so it stops bleeding. So the two kings are returning to Tianquan. Would this the beginning of forgiving each other or is this the beginning of Murong Li’s hell? Would Zhi Ming ever be able to forgive him? In the meanwhile Yu Xiao, the Nansu king, who’s kingdom felt cause of Murong Li. He hates him so much. He used and betrayed him but when he heard of the news that he is in battle with Zhi Ming, he was pretty shocked. After a few days he hears from his men that the Yaoguang king fell and that he is been stabbed by the Tianquan king himself. After hearing this news, he leaves his kingdom all alone cause since Murong Li and Gen Mochi betrayed him, he didn’t trust anyone at his side anymore. He drives to Tianquan for asking Zhi Ming sparing Murong Li’s life but on his way he get attacked by bandits. He fights with all his power and managed to kill a few of them but then he got attacked behind him. They slice in his back and another one kick him in his back. He fall on his knees, spitting blood. On the moment they want to slice his throat, a tall stranger with long black hair flew in the air and threw a few daggers and kill the guy who wants to kill Yu Xiao and stands with his back in front of Yu Xiao and fight off the other bandits. Yu Xiao looks at the stranger. Who is he? And why does he looks so much on Murong Li? The stranger goes to him. Yu Xiao stands up.
Yu Xiao: “Who are you?”
After saying it, he falls but the stranger catch him up so he fell right in the stranger’s arms. He caring him on his back and bring him in a little wooden house. He pulls of Yu Xiao’s dress and lay him on his back. He cleans his wounds. After that he makes an ointment and whipes the wounds in. Hold him in his arms while putting the bandage around his back, then lay him back at bed on his back very careful and then cover him with blankets. He go sit next to his bed, looking at him. Wondering why a king was all alone? Where were his guards? He looks so strong but at the same time also so broken. What happened to this king? Yu Xiao caught the stranger’s attention. The next day the stranger fell in sleep on his chair next to it bed. Yu Xiao wakes up but not know where he is. He looks around and sees he is in a wooden house, looks at his side and see the stranger sleeping in the chair. Then he notice the bandages. Who is this stranger and why did he saved his life? He looks at him and still find he looks a lot like Murong Li. He looks closer and see differences, his eyes are lighter brown then Murong Li’s. His hair was more shinning, was a bit lighter of color but still black, his hair was smoother. He strokes his hair and it feels even softer and smells very sweet like a garden full of roses. He strokes his cheek with his dumb and his skin feels much softer than that from Murong Li. Yep there were differences indeed. At that moment the stranger wakes up. Yu Xiao pulls his hand directly back.
Stranger: “What were you doing?” looks suspicious to him.
Yu Xiao: “Nothing.”
The stranger stands up and then bows over him.
Yu Xiao: “What the hell you think you’re doing?!” Says it on a strict voice.
The stranger smiles while ignoring the king and pull off the bandages, then sit back next to him on bed.
Stranger: “It looks better.”
Stands up and takes the ointment and returns to him. Without a warning he goes sit behind Yu Xiao’s back. Yu Xiao feels really uncomfortable and wants to turn around, to push away the stranger but the stranger hold him at his place.
Stranger: “Don’t move.”
Yu Xiao get a bit of shock when feeling the stranger his warm and soft hands on his naked skin but do what the strangers says and don’t move but wasn’t to plan to let him do.
Yu Xiao: “You have well guts talking like that to a king.” Says it very strict and a bit angry.
Stranger: “To a wounded king. What would you do? Kill me? Would be very cruel don’t you think? Killing someone that saved your life. A little bit gratitude would be at his place.” Says it a bit annoyed. Yu Xiao feels well a bit guilty that he reacted like that but he could not help it, he just lost all his trust in humans.
Yu Xiao: “I’m sorry, it’s just that I don’t trust anyone. I don’t understand why you would save my life in the first place but thank you that you did.”
He looks back in front of him. The stranger looks at him with a puzzled look. What did happen to this king that he lost faith and trust in people. Did someone important hurt him so deeply? He sighs.
Stranger: “It’s okay. You don’t have to worry Sir I don’t want anything from you, you where a person in need and you looks like a good king, that’s why I decided to help you. I do that all 4 years since I lost my home, I save people in need, at least in the woods. They are my home now. I never ask something in return, only a bit of gratitude and respect.”
Yu Xiao: “What happened to  your family? And how did you lost your home? If you don’t mind I ask?”
The stranger looks sad, Yu Xiao regret it immediately that he ask about it.
Stranger: “My home got destroyed by a tyrant king, he also murdered my whole family but for some reason he spared my life, no idea why. After that I came living in the woods. First I wanted to take revenge on that king but then I heard his beloved one kill himself in front of him and since then he changed so I leave my revenge for what it is. A year ago I heard he got killed so he got what he deserved but somehow I kind feel sad. I fear a bigger threat is waiting.”
Yu Xiao: “You are talking about Ling Guang? Who are you? You are from Yaoguang?” says it disturbing.
Stranger: “I lived indeed in a town of Yaoguang and yes that king who murdered my family was indeed Ling Guang.”
There is an awkward silence till the stranger breaks it.
Stranger: “I will treat your wounds, it can hurt a bit.”
He rubs the wounds in with the ointment again and then put fresh bandages on and then leave Yu Xiao’s back and go sit back at the chair next to bed. Yu Xiao looks at him.
Yu Xiao: “I killed Ling together with the Tianquan king. He kidnapped someone who was important but afterwards I find out that person faked his kidnapping so I killed Ling in Vain.”
Stranger: “So you must be the Nansu King then right? The one that’s defeated by my kingdom?”
Yu Xiao looks at him with a suspicion’s look.
Yu Xiao: “Yes, I’m Yu Xiao. The Nansu king. Who are you?”
Stranger: “My name is Rhong, Rhong Liu. A simple man, the son of a great sword maker.”
Yu Xiao: “Why did you not return to Yaoguang after it’s been taken over again.”
Rhong: “ Cause without my family it would never feel as my home.”
Yu Xiao lose his suspicions.
Rhong: “May I ask you something?”
Yu Xiao: “Yes, you can.”
Rhong: “I told you my story, may I ask that person who lied to you about his kidnaping, is he the reason why you lost your faith and trust in people? Did he hurt you so deeply.”
Yu Xiao looks down, clearly not want to talk about it.
Yu Xiao: “Yes, he is indeed the reason, he used and betrayed me so you can say that he hurt me deeply. I trusted him so much.”
Rhong: “I’m sorry but you know not everyone is like that. At least you trust me a bit, that makes me happy.”
Yu Xiao looks at Rhong and for a moment their eyes meet and for a few seconds they stare into each other’s eyes. Rhong smiles to him what makes Yu Xiao smile too. He don’t understand it why he got a warm feeling just by looking to him. Why his smile makes him smile too. He really looks like a very kind and sweet person but he can’t trust him fully maybe he will be able to trust him fully one day. But what he well know for sure is that he is a great warrior and feels he can trust his army in his hands. But would he be able to convince him to come with him?
Yu Xiao: “Rhong would you want to become my High General?”
Rhong: “Sorry I can’t.”
Yu Xiao: “Why not?”
Rhong: “The woods are my home now.”
Yu Xiao: “How can it be your home, without no one at your side?”
Rhong: “Without anyone at my side means no one can hurt me or die.”
Yu Xiao: “I understand it. May I maybe ask you to accompany me to Tianquan. I have to ask him to spare that person his life.”
Rhong: “The person who betrayed you? You want to ask to spare his life?”
Yu Xiao: “Yes, he did that too when he defeated me. It would only be fair to do the same.”
Rhong gets more sympathy for this king. He hates the guy but still going to ask to spare his life cause only he did it with him once too. He was right about him. He is indeed a very kind king and he do looks very handsome in his opinion.
Rhong: “Yes I will cause I have so much respect for you. Not many kings will not let them lead by hatred. Proofs I was right about you. You’re a fair and kind king. It would be an honor to accompany you to Tianquan and will also lead you safely back to your kingdom.”
Yu Xiao: “Thank you.”
Rhong: “It’s best that you rest. We will leave tomorrow at dawn.”
Yu Xiao nods and Rhong helps him to lay down, go sit next to him and Yu Xiao close his eyes.  The next morning was it Yu Xiao who was awake first. He looks to Rhong who fell asleep at his side again. He stands up and rubs a pluck hair in front of his eyes away. Yu Xiao smiles seeing how peaceful Rhong sleeps. He go into the woods and collect some plums and bamboo shoots. It was not much but enough to make some nice dish from it. He pick up some herbs too and then returns to the house. Rhong was still sleeping so he started to prepare breakfast. Rhong wakes up from the great smell of food. Looks around and then sees Yu Xiao is cooking. He can cook he thinks. That king surprise him even more. He sits up.
Rhong: “Why are you cooking?”
Yu Xiao: “Oh your awake. I just wanted to do something to thank you for saving my life and I love to cook from times to times.”
Rhong smiles and then stands up and go sit at the table.
Rhong: “It smells great. Where do you learn to cook?”
Yu Xiao: “I learned myself. Me and my brother, we didn’t get on with each other. I didn’t agree with his way of leading our kingdom. He only cared for war and not for our people so I left Nansu for a while, lived in the woods for a few years like you so that is how I learned to survive.”
Rhong: “You surprise me a lot.” Smiles again, what makes Yu Xiao smiles too. Something he did not done any more for more than a year. After breakfast they prepare their horses and leave together to Tianquan. Back at Yaoguang, Luo Min gives to one of his trusted man that he get with him from his master.
Luo Min: “Give this letter to our master.”
Man: “Yes Sir.”
He leaves. A few days later Luo Min is talking with some ministers.
Luo Min: “Is there all news from Tianquan and Murong Li?”
Minister 1: “No, the only thing I know is that they arrived safely in Tianquan.”
Minister 2: “There is no news about his condition or if he is still alive or not.”
Minister 3: “What I will find out is that the Nansu King arrived with some stranger but the stranger didn’t follow him inside the kingdom.”
Luo Min sees his master hiding and send his ministers away.
Luo Min: “Thank you, you can all go now.”
Ministers: “Yes Sir.”
They leave, he also send his guards away and when everyone is gone, comes Kunyi from behind the shadows.
Kunyi: “I got your letter that you wanted to speak with me cause you have great news.”
Luo Min want to bow but Kunyi stops him.
Kunyi: “You don’t need the formalities. What is the great news and why did I had to come here? It’s Murong Li’s place, don’t you play a very dangerous game?”
Luo Min: “You don’t have to worry Sir. If it would not be safe I would not ask you to come. I’m the king of Yaoguang.”
Zhong Kunyi’s widened. He didn’t saw that one coming.
Kunyi: “How did that happened?”
Luo Min: “Zhi Ming give it to me after he stabbed Murong Li.”
Kunyi: “He stabbed him? Interesting, never thought he would have the guts for it. And what about Murong Li? Is he dead?”
Luo Min: “That we don’t know. It’s like he wants to hide something. Not even his own men knows anything. What very strange is.”
Kunyi: “Then he isn’t dead. Zhi Ming wanted to warn him. That idiot still loves him but also hate him. That he would kill Murong Li would too good to be truth. That devil got Zhi Ming’s heart too well, even if he hates him he would not even be able to kill that Devil. But he give Murong Li’s kingdom away so does he want to break him or force him to stay at his side. Zhi Ming, Zhi Ming, what are you planning?”
Luo min: “But their relationship is well destroyed right? That will never be the same as before. Master you succeed in it.”
Kunyi: “You did a great job. You played your role very well. You gained Zhi Ming’s trust so well that he gives you Yaoguang and that is perfect; We can use it to get Tianshu back but before we can take actions I have to find something and now for a while we will have no problems with Murong Li. Zhi Ming isn’t interesting in Yaoguang so we don’t have to bother with them.”
Luo Min: “This can be your new hiding place.”
Kunyi: “I will stay here, wish I could saw his face when Zhi Ming gave you his kingdom, must hurt a lot.”
Zhong Kunyi smiles evilly. He clearly enjoys what’s happening between Zhi Ming and Murong Li. “Murong Li, now you will know how it feels to be betrayed by the most important person. I will do everything in my power to destroy your life but looks like your beloved one will destroy you and that is even much better than just to kill you. Hope your life will be hell. I will avenge my king for sure and take back his kingdom. Sir, I promise I will get your kingdom back and make good where I wronged you. I’m sorry I left you all alone.” Thinks it.

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