// Men with sword – The battle of the heart chapter 2
30 Apr 2019

On the way from the battlefield to Tianquan. Zhi Ming holds Murong Li the whole time in his arms, stroking through his hair. Fang Ye who could not do much cause his hands were bind to his feet, keeps a very close eye on Zhi Ming. How Zhi Ming acted to his master now, was so much different then how he treated him on the battlefield. Right now he act so kind and is worried about him. What on earth is he planning? Does this all belong to his plan? Or does he indeed still cares for him deep down in his heart. He keep looking at Zhi Ming not understanding his actions. Suddenly Zhi Ming looks at Fang Ye.
Zhi Ming: “Why are you staring at me?” says it annoyed.
Fang Ye: “Why are you like this? First you stab him, yelling you hate him, want to kill him and now you are hanging all over him.” Says it irritated.
Zhi Ming: “Are you jealous?”
Fang Ye: “Why would I?”
Zhi Ming: “Cause you cannot hold him in your arms. You guys are so close with each other. I wonder why you are so close with him! Do you lay in his bed?! Is that why you are so extremely loyal to him? Tell me! Do you have feelings for him?!”
Fang Ye don’t believe his ears, looks shocked from hearing Zhi Ming’s words. What the hell is he thinking. It pisses Fang Ye off.
Fang Ye: “I don’t lay in his bed! What for idiotic and stupid conclusion is this! You and Murong were close too, you were extremely loyal too and you didn’t lay in his bed either! I’m so loyal to him cause he is more than just my master, he is my best friend and you shouldn’t look for more, cause there is nothing more between us!” says it angrily
Zhi Ming: “Best friends? Don’t make me laugh. I thought that we were best friends too but look how he treated me? Constantly lying to me, didn’t trust me at all. He only used me for his own gain. He is a smooth talker and I was so stupid to fall for his trap and fall in his web of lies. Why you think it’s different with you?”
Fang Ye: “Everything he did, he did indeed for his kingdom but also to protect you. Yes, he made mistakes but don’t deserve to be treated like you did on the battlefield. You don’t understand him. If he would not care for you, he would never saved your life, he would never try to fix what was broken, try to save your relationship. But you were already blinded with anger and easily believed the bad stuff about him, What are you going to do with him?”
Zhi Ming: “He only saved my life cause he still needed me, that is the only reason, not cause he cared for me. Don’t misunderstand me Fang Ye, I still hate him. He will feel my pain, my suffering that he caused me. There happened to much between us, that cannot be fixed so easily and yes I sit full of anger, full of hate, don’t I have right to be!?”
Fang Ye looks down, not knowing what to say about that. He knows his master had his wrongs too but how came it so far between them? One thing he was sure off was that he cannot protect his king. If he just could tell Zhi Ming what his real relationship is with Murong Li but that won’t fix what is broken between them either and they want to keep it a secret. Murong Li is scared if people know, what problems it would give me. He sighs. Why was life so difficult, why all those secrets, why could they not just be honest to each other.
Fang Ye: “I know he made mistakes but his feelings towards you are always been true. He never faked them. You are very important to him. Any other he would just killed but you he couldn’t, only proofs that he cares and love you very deeply. Even now you are too blind to see it.
Zhi Ming: “Shut up! Murong Li does nothing without a reason.”
Fang Ye: “The reason is that he loves you!” gets angry again.
Zhi Ming: “Bullshit! He only cares about himself and his kingdom! There is no place for love in his heart, he made that very clear. He is so hard and cold as stone. End discussion, why would I believe you? You only say it to defend him. Just shut up!”
Fang Ye: “Says the person who’s heart is so cold as ice. You became a heartless person.”
Zhi Ming hits him in his face again.
Zhi Ming: “Whose fault is that you think?!”
Fang Ye looks down again. Then Zhi Ming turns back his focus on Murong Li, who was still unconscious. Fang Ye also looks at his master. He looked so pale, so fragile. He is so worried about him. The rest of the drive was very quiet. An half day later they finally arrives at Tianquan. Zhi Ming step out his carriage, get Murong Li out and carries him in his arms. Give the order to lock up Fang Ye and Xiao Ran in the dungeon.
Fang Ye: “I want to stay with him! I want to know if he going to make it!”
Zhi Ming: “You will know when the time is right!”
Fang Ye: “What does that even mean?! Let me stay at his side!”
Zhi Ming: “Bring them away now! And send a physician to my room immediately!”
The he runs with Murong Li to his room, lay him on bed. Pull out Murong Li’s dress, take of the bandages. At that moment the physician arrives and take a look at him. Feel at his pulse first.
Physician: “His pulse is a bit too low.”
Zhi Ming: “Is he going to survive it?”
The physician take a look at the wound, doesn’t say anything. He checks him fully.
Zhi Ming: “ And Doctor?” says it impatient and worried.
He just wanted to warn him, let him feel his pain. He never wanted to kill him. No matter how much he hates him, he would never been able to kill him. That was never his mention.
Physician: “He just lost too much blood, that is why he fainted. He have to rest. The person who stabbed him did know very well were he had to stab so he would not die off it. There are no vital organs hit. He isn’t in danger but it will take a few days before he will wake up. If you don’t need me then I will go prepare his medicine. He have to drink it every day.”
Zhi Ming: “You can go. Thank you. Only one thing. I don’t want anyone get to know about his condition. When people ask something then you just say, you cannot say anything.”
Physician: “Yes sir.” Then walks away.
Zhi Ming goes sit on bed next to Murong Li and looks at him. He strokes his cheek.
Zhi Ming: “Why did you betray me? Why?” asks it with a lump in his throat, wipes away a tear.
So there pass 3 days away. The whole time he sit on bed next to Murong Li, holding his hand, waiting till Murong will wakes up. Zhi Ming falls in sleep with his head on Murong Li’s stomach, still holding his hand. No one knows about Murong’s condition, what creates a lot of anxiety, especially with Fang Ye and Xiao Ran? They refuse to eat till they know more about their master. After a while Murong Li finally wakes up. The first thing he see, is his king laying with his head on his stomach and holding his hand. Murong smiles slightly about the fact his Ming Ming still cares for him, would everything come good after all? He was wondering. Very careful he strokes through Ming Ming’s hair, looking at his face. God what is he such a beautiful man. He looks so adorable when he sleeps. Murong gets a very warm feeling just by looking at his Ming Ming, he always made him smile, every time he called him Ah Li, holding his arm. His childish made him so happy, made him forget everything around him for a moment. He always felt so good in the presence of his Ming Ming. God what does he love this man so much. He would not know what to do without him anymore, why could he not saw that earlier, why could he not just tell him earlier that he is his soul, his heart, maybe now he lost him forever. Thinking about that idea make his heart hurt again. Short after, Zhi Ming wakes up. When he notice that Murong is stroking his hair, he hit away Murong’s hand and let go of Murong’s hand he was apparently holding and sits up.
Zhi Ming: “What the hell you think you’re doing?!” says it very mad.
Murong Li: “Sorry, I was just so touched by the fact you stayed at my side?”
Zhi Ming: “Don’t do it! I will not fall for you again! Keep that in mind!”
Murong Li: “There was nothing behind it. I was just happy you still care for me.”
Zhi Ming: “Who says I still care? I don’t care at all. I just want to be sure you didn’t die. I don’t want you dead, I want you to suffer like I did cause of you, so don’t misunderstand my actions. I still hate you, that will never change? Don’t you dare to touch me again! You have no idea how much you hurted me.”
Murong Li gets tears in his eyes after hearing his words. He did misunderstood after all. He thought there was hope but Zhi Ming clearly said there was none. They will never been able to fix it, that was clear. It hurt more than he wanted to admit. Did he really lost his Ming Ming forever?
Murong Li: “Sorry, I swear I never wanted to hurt you.” Says it sad.
It makes Zhi Ming  so mad to hear that constantly. He grabs him by his throat, it shocks Murong Li and tries to get away from his grip but every time he moves, Zhi Ming tighter his grip so Murong Li give up fast.
Zhi Ming: “You hurted me to the depths of my soul. There was nothing I wouldn’t do for you, you know. I loved you with my whole heart. Why did you had to betray me? Why?!
Murong Li: “I also love you. I always did everything in my power to protect you. How did I ever betray you?”
Zhi Ming: “Stop lying. I know everything. I know you faked your kidnapping, using me and Yu Xiao so we would kill Ling. You send Nansu a letter that I was leaving your kingdom so he would attack and so my grand adviser would send our army to protect me. You kept that king of Kaiyang alive, knowing he was responsible for Ziyu’s death, only for his sword. You only care for to conquer the world but did you ever cared about my feelings? You did nothing else then lying to me, using me, pretending to be my friend. You Murong Li, you only bring pain and destruction in the lives of people. It’s not difficult you have enemies everywhere. You only care for yourself, don’t care about the feelings of others. You are a thorn on my side. I want to break you fully. Taking away your kingdom is taking away your power. You will feel my pain that you caused me. Keep living like you do and you will die alone, hated by everyone.”
Then he let go of Murong’s throat. Murong is coughing. Zhi Ming’s words hurts him so much and he bites of his tears, not knowing what to say. At that moment his guard enters his room and kneel down.
Guard: “Sorry Sir that I disturb you but Fang Ye and Xiao Ran keep demanding to see their master. They didn’t eat since the day they arrived at the dungeon. We didn’t want to disturb you but it are now already three days later and they still don’t eat. If it was only that but there’s more.”
Murong Li: “Why are they in the dungeon?”
Zhi Ming: “They both try to kill me, did you forgot already? But oh wait I forgot you don’t care.”
Murong Li: “You! They were only to protect me.”
Zhi Ming: “Oh right and that makes everything okay. Guess what Murong Li, the world not only goes about you.”
Murong Li: “I didn’t mean it like that.”
Zhi Ming: “Just shut up! You only make things worse!”
His guard was looking at them confused, not really understanding what was going on. Zhi Ming turns back to his guard.
Zhi Ming: “You can rise.”
Guard: “Thank you Sir.”
Zhi Ming: “Tell me. What did happen?”
Guard: “That Fang Ye is a real troublemaker. Every time we bring him food, he start fighting and trying to escape. We managed to prevent him from escaping but don’t know how long we can keep him. He is dying to escape.”
Zhi Ming: “What about Xiao Ran.”
Guard: “He only refuse to eat but for the rest is he very calm sir.”
Zhi Ming: “Bring them both to my room.”
Guard: “Yes Sir.”
When the guard left his room.
Murong Li: “What are you going to do?” asks worried.
Zhi Ming: “You will see.” Says it very calm.
A few minutes later the guards come back with Fang Ye and Xiao Ran.
Zhi Ming: “Were are your manners? Kneel down for your king!” Says it mad.
Xiao Ran looks at Murong Li, who nods to him as a sign to listen to him and then he kneel down. Fang Ye refuse.
Fang Ye: “You’re not my king. In my eyes you’re not even worth to be calling a king.”
Zhi Ming: “Kneel down!” says it furious.
Fang Ye: “No! Unless you will let go of our master!”
Zhi Ming: “Never!”
Fang Ye: “Then I will never kneel down!”
Murong Li looks surprised to him. Since when was fang Ye so rebellious?  Why does he keep defying Zhi Ming. Zhi Ming take out his sword and step forward to Fang Ye. Murong Li runs and jumps in front of Fang Ye.
Murong Li: “Don’t kill him sir!” says it panicking.
Zhi Ming push him hard on the ground, what makes Murong Li fall with his head on the edge of the bed and is bleeding at his head, what makes Fang Ye furious.
Zhi Ming: “Not planning to kill him but only will learn him some manners!”
Xiao Ran want to go to Murong Li but the guards stops him. Before Fang Ye can do something, Zhi Ming hits with the backside of his sword on his knee ligaments. Normally a person would fall on his knees but Fang Ye doesn’t. Zhi Ming hits him there again but he still standing.
Zhi Ming: “You’re stubborn man! You will break!”
He continue hitting him there, Fang Ye bites off the pain. After a few more hits, Murong Li stands up and try to push Zhi Ming away.
Murong Li: “Stop! Work your anger out on me, not on Fang Ye!”
Zhi Ming hits him with his fist in his stomach, right on the place he is been stabbed. He lands on the floor again, coughing from the pain, what makes Fang Ye even more stubborn.
Zhi Ming: “Stay out of it! He must learn he cannot do anything what he wants! I’m his king now, if he like it or not, he have to show some respect!” Says it furious.
Continue hitting on Fang Ye his knee ligaments. After 20 more hits, Fang Ye fall on his knees.
Murong Li stands up, still bleeding at his head, goes to Fang Ye but before he reach him, he feels a hand grabbing his arm very tight and before he knows, he is pulled in Zhi Ming’s arms.
Zhi Ming: “You’re mine! I won’t allow you to be close with other men!”
Murong Li is trying to get out his arms. Why Is he doing this? The one moment he is yelling, hitting him and the other moment he is holding him in his arms, saying he is his.
Zhi Ming: “You can see he is okay so start behave yourself.”
Fang Ye: “Okay, don’t joke! He is bleeding at his head and he looks like he can collapse any moment!”
Zhi Ming: “Not my problem, he is still alive, that is what you wanted to know.”
Murong Li get out of Zhi Ming’s arms.
Murong Li: “Stop playing around with my feelings.”
Zhi Ming starts laughing and seconds later he looks mad at him.
Zhi Ming: “Isn’t that what you did with me all the time. Now you know how it feels, so no, I won’t stop, this is just the beginning. Guards!”
Guards: “Yes Sir.”
Zhi Ming: “Bring those 2 back to the dungeon.”
Guards: “Yes Sir.”
Murong Li: “Fang Ye & Xiao Ran, start eating again. I’m okay, don’t worry about me.” Smiles weakly.
They both nods, knowing very well that their master is far from okay but sadly they cannot do much to protect him. The guards take them away back to the dungeon. Back in the dungeon.
Xiao Ran: “It goes far from okay with our master right?”
Fang Ye: “It doesn’t go well with our master at all. The man he loves with all his heart is hating him, beating him, saying hurtful words. The Zhi Ming we know is gone and I’m not sure if he will ever returns.”
Xiao Ran: “Don’t you think by defying him like that, that you make it worse for our master. He did get hurt cause he tried to protect you.”
Fang Ye: “I’m protecting him! Zhi Ming must not think he can do everything.”
Xiao Ran: “He is a king, sadly he can. How are your knees? He hit you pretty hard.” Says it worried.
Fang Ye: “I still can walk. I’m okay, don’t worry about me.”
Xiao Ran: “Is there a way we can protect him?”
Fang Ye: “We will get him away off here I swear!”
Xiao Ran: “You’re so brave but how are you going to do that? What is your plan?”
Fang Ye: “Zhi Ming is planning to throw him in the dungeon cause his people will ask for a punishment and from the moment this will happen I will fight off those guards and take him with me. Xiao Ran are you with me? Will you help me to get our master out of this hell?”
Xiao Ran: “Of course I will!” Says it determined.
Fang Ye smiles. Back at Zhi Ming’s room. Murong Li sits on bed, still bleeding at his head. Zhi Ming brings a bowl with water, he wants to wipe off the blood but Murong take the cloth out his hands.
Murong Li: “Don’t pretend you care for me.”
Stands up and want to step away but Zhi Ming push him back on bed and climb on his lap, with each knee next to one side of each leg. He rips the cloth out his hands again. Murong looks surprised at his Ming Ming, his heart beat faster cause their faces are very close to each other, he feels his Ming Ming’s breathe on his face. Zhi Ming was breathing faster then normal.
Murong Li: “What are you doing?” Says it with a hoarse voice.
Zhi Ming: “I’m going to take care of your wound. Don’t allow you to go against me.” Says it with a stern voice.
He starts to wipe off the blood, Murong Li could not stop himself from staring at Zhi Ming. He wanted to kiss him so much. How much he was longing for laying in the arms from this beautiful man. Want to hold him and never let him go. After Zhi Ming was done to wipe off the blood, he layed the cloth back in the water and then turns back to Murong Li. Their eyes meet and they look very intensely in each other’s eyes. Their hearts beating faster. Murong could not hold himself any longer. He lays his hands on his Ming Ming’s hands and strokes with his hands slowly to his shoulders and let them rest there. Zhi Ming still looking in his eyes. Suddenly Murong moves his head closer to his Ming Ming and before Zhi Ming knows, Murong’s lips were on his. He looks shocked but for a few seconds he closed his eyes, enjoying this moment, even kiss him back. But then opens his eyes again and push Murong away. What the hell was he thinking? To allow Murong Li to come so close again. He must be very stupid, it will only end in pain. He hits Murong in his face. Murong is startled and lay his hand on his cheek, what felt warm from the slap.
Zhi Ming: “Why did you do that?!” Said it a bit angry.
Murong Li: “You looked so handsome and you were so close. I just could not stop myself. I thought you wanted it too, sorry.” He blushes.
“God how good was this guy in seducing men.” Zhi Ming thought. What a nice lips he had to kiss but he could never be so weak with him anymore. I may not give in. I can’t, he hurted me to much. Zhi Ming’s thoughts went crazy. Murong Li smiled very shortly. His Ming Ming kissed him back, all it was just a few seconds, he did kissed back. Deep down he must still have feelings for him but on the other side he was also confused. First he kiss him back and then pushes him away, hits him. Murong becomes nuts from Zhi Ming.
Zhi Ming: “Just don’t ever do it again. I will not let you seduce me. I won’t allow you to let me hurt again.” Says it calm.
Murong Li looks down, a tear escapes. There flew away his hope again.
Murong Li: “I don’t want to hurt you? Why would you not believe me?”
Zhi Ming: “Maybe cause you lied to me too much.”
Murong makes fists on his lap. At that moment a guard enters his room and kneel down.
Guard: “Sorry to disturb you Sir.”
Zhi Ming: “You can rise. Why rush in here?”
Guard: “ Thank you Sir.” He stands up.
Guard: “King Yu wants to speak with you in private.”
Zhi Ming looks up, looks at Murong Li, who looked also very surprised to hear this, then looks back to his guard.
Zhi Ming: “What does Yu Xiao doing here? Bring him to my thrown room.”
Guard: “Yes Sir.” He walks away.
Murong Li: “What does he want?” Looks puzzled at Zhi Ming.
Zhi Ming: “Don’t know, will know soon. You stay here, don’t think to run away.” Says it with a stern voice.
Murong Li: “I won’t, if I do, how would you ever believe me?”
Don’t answer on it and walks away but don’t trust him and tell his guards to stay to make sure he won’t escape. He walks in the direction of the throne room. Meanwhile in front of the gate. The guard arrives.
Guard: “King Yu, our king wants to meet you, follow me.”
Yu Xiao: “Thank you.” Looks to Rhong.
Yu Xiao: “Are you sure that you not coming with me?”
Rhong Liu: “I’m not coming in, sorry. Not so fan of kingdoms anymore but will wait here for you. If you would be in danger I will be at your side in a second.” He smiles to Yu.
Yu Xiao smiles back, then he follows the guard to the throne room. Zhi Ming is already waiting for Yu Xiao. When he arrives, Zhi Ming send his men away.
Zhi Ming: “It surprise me to see you here in Tianquan. About what do you want to speak with me?”
Yu Xiao: “Is it true you stabbed Murong Li?”
Zhi Ming: “Yes, he deserved it. He only used me and you too. I know he faked his kidnapping, that he send that letter to you, so you would attack me. I know everything.”
Yu Xiao: “I know he only used me. How did you found out?”
Zhi Ming: “Gen Mochi told me before I killed him.”
Yu Xiao looks up in shock.
Yu Xiao: “How is that possible? After I found out that it wasn’t Murong Li who killed my Grand Teacher but Gen Mochi, I gave him the nail death. How did he survived that?” looks puzzled.
Zhi Ming: “Apparently that king of Kaiyang found him and took him in.”
Yu Xiao: “He is dead after all, that traitor!”
Zhi Ming nods.
Zhi Ming: “He betrayed me too so can understand your reaction. But did you all come the way here just asking if the rumor was true?”
Yu Xiao: “Is he dead?” says it with a hoarse voice.
Zhi Ming: “No, he isn’t.”
Yu Xiao: “Are you going to….kill him? If you are I want to ask you to spare him.”
Zhi Ming: “Why do you defend him? After all he did to you.”
Yu Xiao: “Cause he could kill me but spared me too. He couldn’t killed you either. He do cares for you. I know you don’t believe that now but when he was with me, he was constantly thinking about you.”
Zhi Ming: “You have right? I don’t believe it. I was never planning to kill him. I want him to feel my pain, my suffering cause of him. Let him feel how much it hurts to be betrayed by the one you love the most. I want to make his life a living hell.”
Yu Xiao: “Thank you for not killing him. I can understand why you hate him. He is you’re prisoner. I will not come between that.”
Zhi Ming: “Now you are here. Can you stay a day longer. I need your help.”
Yu Xiao: “With what?”
Zhi Ming: “Tomorrow it’s his process with the ministers but I need you to hold Fang Ye. He will rebel for sure. Fang Ye is very extreme lately. Did you notice something if they had something together?”
Yu Xiao: “What? Murong Li & Fang Ye? No, Fang Ye is very loyal and his most trusted servant. He knew Murong Li wasn’t been kidnapped, he knows everything.”
Zhi Ming: “Doesn’t surprise me, but will you help me?”
Yu Xiao: “I will.”
He agrees more to protect Fang Ye. He admire him a lot cause of his loyalty to his master and also cause he is very kind and sweet person. He cannot really blame Fang Ye for standing up for his master, that is why he respects him so much, he is one of the person who would never betray his master, shame he wasn’t his servant but he have a feeling he have his own Fang Ye on his side. He feels that Rhong would never betray him either. Smiles shortly after thinking about Rhong.
Zhi Ming: “Thank you, I will let them prepare your room.”
He immediately gives his guards the order. After an half hour it’s ready and is Yu Xiao lead to his room with Zhi Ming. Rhong watch from a distance were they bring Yu.
Zhi Ming: “I will send someone to pick you up tomorrow. Have a good rest.”
Yu Xiao: “Thank you Sir, have a good rest too.”
Zhi Ming and the rest leave: Not a second later Rhong jumps at his balcony. Yu didn’t notice, he was to deep in his thoughts. Rhong looks worried at him. He touch his shoulder, Yu looks up and is surprised to see Rhong standing next to him.
Yu Xiao: “I thought you would not come in. What changed your mind?”
Rhong: “I saw how they lead you out to another place then the gates so I feared you were in trouble, so to be sure I followed them from a distance. So what’s going on?”
Yu Xiao: “You don’t have to worry. Zhi Ming asked me to stay for a day longer. It’s the process of that guy and he needs me to hold his servant under control.”
Rhong: “Why?”
Yu Xiao: “Goes he is be sure he will rebel. I said yes to protect him. He is a good person, he just serves the wrong guy.”
Rhong: “And again you’re so kind. I will wait for you.”
He wants to leave.
Yu Xiao: “Wait, are you going to sleep outside?”
Rhong: “Yes.”
Yu Xiao: “But it’s so cold outside. You can stay here, bed is big enough.”
Rhong: “Are you now saying I should sleep with you. We just met, don’t you think you going too fast. You dirty minded king.”
He is joking with him. Yu’s head become red.
Yu Xiao: “That is not what I mean. I….I…..It’s just……”
Then he hears Rhong laughing.
Yu Xiao: “Funny, very funny. I’m worried about you and you bully me.”
Rhong: “Sorry, it’s sweet you care but I’m used to sleep outside and don’t want another king sees me. I will wait for you.”
Then he jumps outside the window. Yu looks outside and watch how fast Rhong disappears from his sight. He is so talented and know how to leave without seeing. He jumps so fast from roof to roof, you barely see him move. When he fully is out his sight, he close the curtains and goes to sleep. Next morning Zhi Ming wakes up Murong Li.
Zhi Ming: “Wake up! Today is it your process.”
Murong Li: “My what?”
Zhi Ming: “Today all my ministers and I are going to decide what your punishment will be for your betrayal. You didn’t thought we would you get off so easily.”
He says nothing. They get dressed and after an half hour they arrives. Yu Xiao, Fang Ye and Xiao Ran and the ministers were there already. He place Murong Li in front of the altar.
Zhi Ming: “Today we will decide what we are going to do with those three traitors. What are your thoughts?”
Minister 1: “Kill them!”
Minister 2: “Give that Yaoguang king whip cracks till he bleeds and then lock him up with his servants in the dungeon and let them suffer.”
Minister 3: “Kill the king and lock up his servants!”
Zhi Ming: “If I kill Murong Li, I have to kill his servants too cause they will take revenge, besides killing him would way to be easy. Let’s give Murong Li 20 whip cracks and lock him up with his servants for 6 months. Let the beater come.”
Murong Li: “You don’t have the guts to do it by yourself?!”
Zhi Ming: “Don’t defy me!”
Murong Li: “You are still so weak. It was so easy to seduce you, to use you. You’re such a coward!”
Zhi Ming stands up furious.
Zhi Ming: “No need for the beater. I will do it myself!”
Takes the whip and steps towards Murong Li. Fang Ye and Xiao Ran stands in defend mode. They fight off the guards. After a few guards are knocked down, they manage to smash Xiao Ran on the ground. Fang Ye is still standing but then Yu hold him in his arms. Fang Ye tires to get out his grips but fails. At that moment Zhi Ming start with hitting Murong Li with the whip. Murong Li doesn’t make any sound, making fists on the ground for biting off the pain, he is very strong. Fang Ye still fights to get free. What was Yu doing, why does he stops him but Fang Ye feels that Yu isn’t hurting him but have him in a protective grip. Was he worried about him? But why? He knows well that Yu is a kind person but still only could think of to get free to save his king.
Fang Ye: “Let me go!”
Yu Xiao: “You only makes it worse for him.” Says it very calm.
It did broke his heart to see Fang Ye so hurt and powerless but he had to protect him.
Zhi Ming is in rage and hits Murong Li very hard with the whip. After 15 whip cracks he spit out blood, his whole back is bleeding. He faints. Zhi Ming keeps hitting, not noticing he fainted. Fang Ye see is and begs Yu Xiao to let him go.
Fang Ye: “Let me go, if I don’t interrupt he can kill him. He is in a rage, don’t know to stop. Yu Xiao I know you’re a kind person. I know you don’t want him dead.”
Yu saw it too that Zhi Ming wasn’t in his normal doing. He could not stand by and doing nothing so he let Fang Ye go.
Fang Ye: “Thank you.”
Fang Ye runs towards Murong Li and lay down above his king and take the whip cracks over and also get 15 whip cracks, he is still conscious but Zhi Ming keeps hitting. It’s black in front of his eyes. It hurt Yu a lot to see Fang ye get hit, he could not longer bare it and this time Yu Xiao jumps in and take Zhi Ming’s arm to stop him. Yu shakes him awake.
Yu Xiao: “Zhi Ming stop! If you continue like that you will kill them!”
He wakes up and sees that Murong Li is unconscious and is bleeding all over his back, also Fang ye is bleeding all over his back. He let fall the whip out his hands. He is shocked from what he did.
Zhi Ming: “Bring them to the dungeon and let a physician take care of their wounds. Let Fang Ye and Murong Li stay in the same cell.”
Guards take them away and bring them to the dungeon. They let a physician come.
Yu Xiao: “If you don’t need me, then I will return to Nansu.”
Zhi Ming nods, When Yu Xiao wants to leave, Zhi Ming stops him.
Zhi Ming: “Yu Xiao, thank you for stopping me. Without you I probably killed him.” Looks sad
Yu Xiao: “Don’t worry. I knew you weren’t yourself. If that’s everything then I will take my leave.”
Zhi Ming: “You can go.”
Yu Xiao leaves. When he arrives the gate, Rhong was waiting for him like he promised. Their horses were already prepared too. So he jumps on his horse and they leave for Nansu. Will they arrive at Nansu safely? How will it goes with Fang Ye and Murong Li? They both got hurt very badly. How will they handle it? And what is Zhi Ming going to do further with Murong Li? Read it in the next chapter.

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