// Men with sword – The battle of the heart Chapter 3
17 May 2019

In this chapter will contain a rape scene and two detailed sex scenes. For the ones who don’t like reading rape scenes, don’t worry I will place a warning when the rape scene starts and when it ends so you can skip it but well can continue reading the story BTW I want to let you know sweeties I have a co-writer for my story. Thank you so much Daniella Tescione for your support, for helping me finding great new ideas and helping writing some parts. You’re a great support xx Tati

After traveling for half a day now, Yu Xiao and Rhong  decide to make a stop to rest. It was already dark.
Rhong: “It’s already too dark to continue. This is a good place to stay for the night. We will leave early in the morning.”
Yu Xiao only nods. He was all the time very quiet. It made Rhong wondering what happened inside that kingdom that makes Yu so quiet. Rhong make a fire. Yu Xiao searched some food and comes back with some fruit. After they ate, Rhong looks at Yu with a puzzled look. After a few minutes later.
Yu Xiao: “Is there something wrong?”
Rhong: “That is what I’m wondering. Did something happen in Tianquan? You are so quiet.” Asks worried.
Yu Xiao looks away.
Rhong: “What’s wrong?” Asks worried.
Yu Xiao: “It’s Zhi Ming. He changed so much. He sits so full of hate. It’s sad thinking about it. He was mostly a happy and kind person. And now he lost himself in hatred and almost killed the person who he loved so much. If I would not stop him then he would have……”
Rhong: “He must been through much to change so much.”
Yu Xiao: “Yeah he did. Got used and betrayed by the person who he loved the most. Got betrayed by one of his own man, what made him lose his kingdom and lost two important persons in his life so yeah you can say he is been  through much.”
Rhong: “Then it’s not logic he lose himself and want revenge. I was blinded by hatred too when I lost my home and family but could give it a place when I found peace but it took me a while to find myself again too. Sure that Zhi Ming will find himself again. He just need some time to give everything a place, to find a way for not losing control of himself. I manage to do it myself but what you tell me I don’t think Zhi Ming will be able to do it alone. He lost himself in darkness right now and the only one that probably can bring him back is the one who caused him the most pain, the person who he love the most. Don’t worry Yu, he will find himself again but you are a hell of a person you know. He is supposed to be your enemy and still you are so worried about him. That adorns you.”
Yu Xiao: “I’m just not interesting in war. It only brings pain and loss and our civilians are the biggest victims. If I can spare my people from pain then I will. I hated my brother cause he send our people constantly in war. I want my people to live in peace. I don’t want to lose more important people then I already have. I know I can’t protect them forever but will try to avoid so long as I can.”
Rhong smiles very cutely. Yu Xiao cannot help himself and stares to him. Short after, Rhong starts shivering.
Yu Xiao: “Why not come sit here? It’s here warmer.”
Rhong doubts first but then go sit next to Yu Xiao. After an half hour he is still shivering. Suddenly Yu Pulls Rhong in his arms, laying his cape over Rhong and him. Rhong lay his head on Yu’s shoulder.
Rhong: “Don’t understand, normally I can handle the cold so well. I’m used to it.”
Yu Xiao: “Yeah but then you didn’t stay awake for more then three days didn’t you. You thought I didn’t knew. Go to sleep now. I will stay awake tonight.”
Rhong: “It’s my duty to protect you.”
Yu Xiao: “How can it be your duty? You don’t even work for me. How are you planning to protect me when you are too tired? Would that not bring me in danger? It’s sweet you want to protect me so much but you need your sleep too. So now I order you to sleep.”
Rhong is too tired to go against it. He feels his eyes become heavy and he close them. Yu strokes through Rhong’s hair. He smiles. Would he finally found someone that would stay at his side forever? What would he be so happy if that would be the case. He hold Rhong even closer in his arms and keep watch. Meanwhile in the dungeon of Tianquan. Short after Fang Ye got in the dungeon he fainted. Minutes later the physician came and treats Fang Ye and Murong Li. After good rest Fang Ye will be awake but with Murong Li, it will take at least week before he will wake up. Xiao Ran is very worried about his master and his best friend Fang Ye. What should they do? One thing was for sure and that was that their master couldn’t stay here. He waits till Fang Ye wakes up. Maybe he would have an idea. A few hours later Fang Ye wakes up. He looks at Murong Li.
Xiao Ran: “You are finally awake.” Says it relieved.
Fang Ye: “What said the physician about our master?” Asks worried.
Xiao Ran: “It would take a week before he can wake up but it can take longer, that depends on him. He have to drink a medicine every day. Fang Ye, he can’t stay here but have no idea how to get him away here.” Says it sad.
Fang Ye is so pissed.
Fang Ye: “That Zhi Ming did go too far this time. I will kill him!! You don’t have to worry Xiao Ran. Tonight we will leave. I managed to send a letter to Geng Chen. He will be here soon.”
Before Xiao Ran could say something, they hear noises outside. Few minutes later Geng Chen arrives with keys and open the cells from Xiao Ran, Fang Ye and Murong Li.
Geng Chen: “What happened to our master?”
Fang Ye: “We will explain that later. First we have to escape.”
Fang Ye carries Murong on his back. When they arrive in the centrum of the kingdom, they hear the alarm bells.
Fang Ye: “We have to hurry before the news reach Zhi Ming.”
They run to the direction of the gate. When they arrives there were already 15 guards standing to block their ways. They all three runs to them and fight them off. Fang Ye holding Murong on his back with one hand and with his other hand he was holding his sword. It took them 5 minutes to defeat those 15 guards. They were then also Murong’s strongest men after all. They run away outside Tianquan in the direction of the woods so they can hide them better. Zhi Ming wakes up from the alarming bells. He wants to call for his guards but before he can, there is already a guard running inside his room. He bows.
Guard: “Sir, Murong Li and his subjects escaped the dungeon.”
Zhi Ming: “What! How can that happen! Murong Li is unconscious!”
Guard: “They got help from outside. They already killed more than 20 men.”
Zhi Ming: “Find them! I want Murong Li back at my kingdom! Don’t kill them, I want them alive! Prepare a horse for me! I will help to search! Go now!”
Guard: “Yes Sir.”
And he goes away. Zhi Ming stares outside the window.
Zhi Ming: “This time you owe me a lot Murong Li. How far will you go to save your men?” Says it to himself.
Two hours later everything is prepared and Zhi Ming and his army leave to search for Murong Li and his men. In the meanwhile Fang Ye, Xiao Ran and Geng Chen keep running. When it begin too dark, they see an abandon wooden house so they decide to go inside.  Fang Ye lay down Murong Li in bed. He gives him the medicine and hold his hand.
Geng Chen: “What happened to our master?” Asks worried.
Fang Ye and Xiao Ran tells him the whole story that Zhi Ming stab him, steal his kingdom, hit him all the time and that he is the one who almost killed him with giving him too much whip cracks. Geng Chen is in shock.
Xiao Ran: “Fang Ye stay with our master. Geng Chen and I will keep watch.”
Fang Ye nods and then they leave.
Fang Ye: “Murong, please wake up. Your suffering is over. I promise no one will hurt you anymore. You need to wake up. We need you, Yaoguang needs you.”
Fang Ye keeps holding his hand. The next morning. Yu hear voices so he wakes up Rhong.
Yu Xiao: “Rhong wake up. We have to leave.”
He wakes up but before  they can reach their horses, they already are surrounded by bandits. Everything goes well, they manage to defeat all of them. They jump on their horses and leaves but after an half hour riding, there flew arrows towards him. It scares their horses and they prancing  so they fall from their horses. This time it are assassins from an unknown kingdom. They fight with their lives. Rhong get stabbed in both arms and one in his side. They manage get them all killed at least they thought. Out of nowhere a man jumps from a tree? He goes straight to Rhong, point his sword to him. Rhong turns around but at that moment Yu Xiao jumps in front of Rhong and the sword get inside his stomach. Rhong screams and he kills the assassin. Yu Xiao spit out blood and fall, Rhong hold him in his arms, putting pressure on his wound. For the very first time Rhong is crying.
Rhong: “Yu! Why?! Why you jumped in front of me?”
Yu Xiao: “You saved me before, now I repaid you back. You are a good man. I don’t want you to die for me. You should live your life in peace. It was wrong from me to want you at my side. I realize now it will only bring your life in danger.”
Rhong: “You foolish man! You are a king. Your people needs you. My life is worth nothing compared yours.”
Yu Xiao: “You are the foolish one. Your life means more then anything to me. You made me alive again. You let me feel loved again. Thank you, now I can go in peace.”
Then he faints. Rhong screams his so loud. His screaming is heartbreaking. He hold Yu closer in his arms, rip off a part of his shirt and bind off the wound so the bleeding would stop.
Rhong: “Yu hold on. Do you hear me! Don’t you dare to die! I will bring you back to your kingdom and you are going to be fine.”
He carry Yu on his horse and drive back to Nansu, holding him very close in his arms all the time. When he arrive at Nansu, Yu his men stop him.
Guard: “Who are you?”
Then they see their king unconscious.
Guard: “What happened to our king?!”
Rhong: “Let me pass! Our king need treatments! Call a physician right now! Instead of losing time! I will bring him to his chambers, show me the way.”
The guards are pretty in shock and let Rhong pass. One guard show Rhong the way to their king’s room and another guard run to the physician. Rhong lays Yu very careful on his bed. Short after the physician arrives. Looking at Rhong with a suspicious look. Who is he? And why does he look so similar to Murong Li? But right now that wasn’t important but the health of the king is.
Physician: “What happened?”
Rhong: “We were on our way to here when we get attacked by unknown assassins not far from here. He is been stabbed in his stomach but I fear the sword had poison on it.” Says it worried.
The physician checks the wound of Yu.
Physician: “The sword had indeed poison on it but luckily it’s a pretty easy poison to be threat.”
Rhong: “I will stay at his side so you can make the antidote.”
Physician: “I will send a guard to stay with him. You can leave.”
Rhong: “I’m not leaving. I promised him I will not leave his side.”
Physician: “We don’t know you so please understand.”
Rhong: “Your only job is to heal our king right? I’m your king his High General so it’s my duty to stay at his side. And if you don’t trust me, you can leave guards here but I’m not leaving. The only way I leave his side to kill me but if you do I’m sure you won’t dare to face your king.” He says it very calm.
Physician: “You!! Fine you can stay but will indeed leave some guards with you. I’m leaving now to make the antidote.
He leaves. Rhong hold Yu’s hand.
Rhong: “Hold on Yu. They will heal you. You will get through this. Don’t dare to leave us. Your kingdom needs you, I need you. I promise when you wake up I will always stay at your side. I will become your High General so I can always protect you and your people.”
After an hour the physician returns with the antidote.
Physician: “He needs to drink it every day, the coming next seven days and he will fully recover.”
Rhong: “Thank you.”
He takes the antidote. Go sit behind Yu and feeds him the antidote. After he finished he lay Yu back down and hold his hand again.
Physician: “I will bring the antidote every day myself.”
Rhong nods and then the physician leaves. Four days later. Rhong fell in sleep. He is still holding Yu’s hand and his head lay next to their hands. Yu Xiao wakes up and smiles seeing Rhong at his side. He stares at him. Short after, Rhong wakes up. He looks up and see Yu looking at him.
Rhong: “Your awake! How do you feel? Do I need to call the physician?”
Yu Xiao: “Calm down. Since when are you so restless? I’m okay, still a bit weak but okay. You don’t have to worry. You can go now. I know you don’t like kingdoms.” Smiles weakly.
Rhong: “It’s okay. I want to stay. You wanted me to be your High General right?”
Yu Xiao looks a bit in shock.
Yu Xiao: “But you said you couldn’t. I don’t want to force you and don’t think you have to repay me cause I saved your life.”
Rhong: “I don’t see it as a repayment. I just want to protect you. I swear no one will ever harm you and your people. I want to be at your side forever. Please let me stay.”
Yu is so touched by these words. He wipes away a tear.
Yu Xiao: “I want nothing else then have you at my side forever. From this day you are Nansu’s High General. I will officially announce it when I’m fully recovered. I’m glad to have you.”
They both smiles to each other. Today is it a new begin for Liu Rhong. Meanwhile back to the woods were Fang Ye, Murong Li, Xiao Ran and Geng Chen are hiding. Fang Ye don’t leave Murong’s side for any second. Xiao Ran and Geng Chen keep watch outside. Xiao Ran enters the room with a bowl of food.
Xiao Ran: “I brought you a bowl of food.”
Fang Ye: “I’m not hungry.”
Xiao Ran go sit down next to his friend. He is very worried about him.
Xiao Ran: “You need to eat something, Fang Ye. It’s been 4 days ago that you ate something. When our master wake up he will have more to a strong Fang Ye, then one that is weak cause he didn’t eat and sleep well. Please eat something.”
Fang Ye only nods but take over the bowl of food from Xiao Ran and start eating. When it’s empty, he give the bowl back to Xiao Ran. He place the bowl on the table and returns to Fang Ye.
Xiao Ran: “Now go to sleep. I will stay here to protect him.”
Fang Ye: “Is there news about Zhi Ming?”
Xiao Ran: “He is leading his troops to find us but he isn’t close so you don’t have to worry. We will be safe for now. Go to sleep now.”
Fang Ye don’t want to leave Murong’s side. He lay his head down newt Murong’s hands and after a few seconds he fall in sleep. Six days after they escaped, Murong Li finally awakes. Fang Ye felt in sleep, holding his hand. Murong smiles weakly to Fang Ye, thinking it would be much easier if he would fall in love with him instead of Zhi Ming but on the other side it would be kind of awkward. Short after, Fang Ye awakes and see Murong is awake too.
Fang Ye: “You are finally awake.” Says it very happy.
Murong Li: “How long was I unconscious?”
Fang Ye: “Six Days.”
Murong Li: “Why did you took me away? This will make him even more angrier. He will not stop till he finds me. Things will be worse?”
Fang Ye: “I will not let him take you again. I swear. He already did go too far. How much will you accept from him? He already almost killed you twice. I can’t stand watch and do nothing.”
Murong Li: “Fan Ye, I know it’s hard but I love him. You know since A-Xun, I never thought I would ever be able to fall in love again or let stand I would love someone even more then I loved A-Xun. I created the darkness inside him cause of my doubts, cause I didn’t want to accept my feelings, cause I was so stubborn but I swear I will bring my old Ming Ming back.”
Fang: “I’m not sure you will ever be able to bring the old Zhi Ming back. He completely changed.”
Murong looks down, a tear escapes his eyes.
Fang Ye: “Leave it. Come let us drink till we can’t stand anymore. Forgetting everything for one night.”
Murong Li agrees. Fang Ye takes the wine and they start drinking. A few hours later they both are very drunk, they manage to laugh but suddenly Murong says something what shocks Fang Ye a bit.
Murong Li: “Fang Ye, why could I not fall in love with you?”
Fang Ye laughs nervously. He takes the bottle of wine out of his master’s hands.
Fang Ye: “I think you drink too much.”
When Fang Ye walks away, Murong suddenly push him on bed. Murong climbs above him and want to kiss him but Fang Ye stops him.
Fang Ye: “We shouldn’t besides I don’t have those feelings for you.”
Murong Li was so drunk that he didn’t even know what he is doing. Fang Ye tries to push his master away but because he was pretty drunk of himself, he lost a bit of his strengths.
Murong Li: “Fang Ye, don’t understand me wrong. I don’t have that kind of feelings for you either. For me there is only one in my heart but that person hates me. I just want to feel a bit of affection. And you deserve some too. Let us forget about Zhi Ming and Ziyu, all was it just for today.”
After hearing the name Ziyu, Fang Ye starts crying. Murong Li kisses his tears.
Murong Li: “Don’t cry. Pretend I’m your Ziyu, just close your eyes and think of him.”
Fang Ye: “I want him back. You have no idea how much I want to hold him in my arms and never let him go but I will never be able to do that.”
Fang Ye cries louder. This was the very first time since Fang Ye cried for Ziyu at least in front of his master. It breaks Murong Li’s heart to see Fang Ye cries. He wished he could take his pain away, all was it for one day but maybe he could. In the meanwhile Fang Ye managed to get away from Murong’s grip and sit up. Murong take his head in his hands and look in his eyes.
Murong Li: “Close your eyes.”
Fang Ye close his eyes, tears still falling down from his cheeks.
Murong Li: “Think that Ziyu is in front of you. Really believe he is in front of you.”
The alcohol do his work. When Fang Ye open his eyes he sees Ziyu in front of him and smiles. Take him in his arms.
Fang Ye: “You are alive!”
But then Fang Ye push him away.
Fang Ye: “He can’t be alive. This is not real. Sorry master, I can’t.”
Fang Ye takes a bottle of wine and drinks a whole bottle empty, getting more drunk.
Murong Li: “Fang Ye, you did so much already for me. I just want to see you smile. I know I can’t bring him back but for a moment you thought you saw him and you smiled. Let it be real for tonight. I allow You to use me tonight, forget he is death, just for once.”
Fang Ye close his eyes again, thinking of his Ziyu in his arms. That extra bottle wine worked very well cause Fang Ye didn’t care anything and really want to believe he have back his Ziyu. He pushes Murong (who he think is Ziyu) down and climbs above him. He start to kiss him wildly and passionately. He kisses Murong’s neck, change his kisses in slowly licking. He licks slowly down to his nipples. Start licking slowly at Murong’s right nipple and at the same time he is pinching his other nipple. Murong makes fist with the sheets. Lick and pinching faster. After a few times, his licking turns in sucking and his pinching turns in slowly stroking. He keeps sucking his nipple, with his hand he strokes slowly from his chest and goes to the direction of his cock. When he arrived with his hand at his cock, he start slowly wanking his cock. Meanwhile Murong’s knuckles see white from making fists. He bite on his lips to prevent to moan. Fang Ye moves his hand around Murong’s cock faster and faster. He also sucks faster on his nipple. When Murong almost come he stops. For a few seconds Murong Li trying to catch his breath but Fang Ye don’t give him much rest. Shortly after he start licking slowly from his chest to his cock. When he arrive he licks around his cock and then suddenly then start licking slowly at the tip of his cock. It makes Murong crazy and fully lose him. He start to moans. Murong thinks to himself: Damn, never thought Fang Ye would be that great in bed. He must love Ziyu so much. Every touch he do is so gentle and with so much love, even in his kisses there sits so many feelings. Ziyu was so lucky to be loved by him. Now he feels so guilty. If he would send his troops, Ziyu would be still alive and then Fang Ye would not be so destroyed and maybe Zhi Ming wouldn’t hate him so much. He made a horrible mistake. Zhi Ming was right. I bring only destruction to people’s life. A tear escapes his eyes but he didn’t had time to think about it cause Fang Ye suddenly put his cock in his mouth and start to move slowly in and out. From the moment Fang Ye moves faster and faster with his mouth, Murong moans louder, few seconds later he comes. Fang Ye swallows all his semen. Then Fang Ye come with his face to Murong and kiss him very passionately again. Fang still thought Murong was Ziyu, whispers words in Murong’s ears that a bit shocked him.
Fang Ye: “Ziyu I want to take you fully. I want to become one with you again. I want to feel your insides all over again. It’s been too long ago.”
Murong Li wasn’t thinking to go that far but then he looks at Fang Ye. His eyes were shinning and had a big smile on his face. He never saw Fang Ye so happy since his kingdom was destroyed and lost his whole family. He owed Fang Ye so much and he said he will allow him to use him, so Murong nods. Fang Ye kiss him again and at the same time he strokes his buttocks. Then he gentle slide a finger inside, move his finger slowly in and out. Murong is breathing faster. For a moment he thinks of the time Zhi Ming and he had sex, it was so steamy, so wild. He never felt so good to be taken by a man. Only no one knows they slept together. What did he missed that time in that cabinet. It was only Zhi Ming and him, no kingdoms, were not kings, just being themselves. They were in so much peace but short after they ended in  battle. Despites how good Fang Ye is, he isn’t that great as Zhi Ming. Fang Ye moves his finger faster. Murong moans louder. The he put a second finger inside. He makes scissors movements with his two fingers. He was very gentle. With his two fingers he was opening his tight hole and soon he slide a third finger inside. When Murong his hole was wide and wet enough, Fang Ye pull his fingers out. Very careful he put his cock inside and put slowly his cock deeper and deeper inside till it’s fully in Murong’s hole. He slowly moves faster and harder. Murong even moans louder. His breathing goes faster. A few minutes later they both come. Fang Ye come inside Murong. After that he climbs of Murong. They both were breathing faster. Short after they fall in sleep in each other arms. The next morning Fang Ye wakes up with Murong Li in his arms. When he notice they are both naked, he is in shock, careful pull his arm away from Murong and sits up. He rubs in his hair, thinking what happened. How drunk didn’t they were that they end in bed together? He was dreaming about Ziyu, don’t say I mistook my master for Ziyu. Fuck! What did he do? He climbs out bed and dress him. A bit later Murong Li wakes up and sits up but had some difficulties with his ass, it hurt a bit.
Murong: “Damn you Fang ye, did you had to be so hard”
Fang Ye kneels down in front of Murong Li.
Fang Ye: “I’m sorry Sir I wronged you, please forgive. I mistook you for…..”
Murong Li: You thought I was I Ziyu, I know. It’s okay. I never saw you that happy, could not bring it over my heart to push you away.”
Fang Ye’s eyes widened.
Fang Ye: “You let me take you on purpose.”
Murong Li sighs.
Murong Li: “You were so sad about Ziyu and you drunk extra to think about him and I allow you to use me.”
Fang Ye: “Why? You shouldn’t.”
Murong Li: “I just wanted to do something in return, wanted to see you smile again. Don’t worry so much, it will be our secret.”
Fang Ye still don’t dare to look at his king.
Murong Li: “Did Ziyu meant so much to you? I mean in the way you touched him euhm me whatever I felt your love for him.”
Fang Ye blushes a bit.
Fang Ye: “Ziyu was, is still my life, without him I feel so empty inside. It’s so hard to breathe without him around me. It’s like I have a whole inside my heart that makes breathing harder.”
Fang Ye looks to him with tears in his eyes. It totally breaks Murong his heart.
Murong Li: “It’s my fault. If I would send my troop then Ziyu would be still alive. Because of me you lost your love, that you don’t hate me I don’t understand that.”
Fang Ye: “You did what looked best for the kingdom. You couldn’t knew that it would end like this. Your kingdom always comes first I know that.”
Murong Li: “Fang Ye….”
He could not finishes his sentence cause Fang Ye interrupt him.
Fang Ye: “Forget it okay. Let’s not talk about it. Let’s forget what happened. I don’t blame you, I only blame myself I couldn’t protect him.”
And before Murong Li could say something, Fang Ye was already away.
Murong Li: “I’m so sorry Fang Ye. I’m so sorry.”
Short after Murong Li goes outside too.
Murong Li: “Geng Chen, I want you go back to Yaoguang and keep an close eye on Zhong Kunyi and Luo Min and tell me when they are planning something.”
Geng Chen: “Yes Sir.” And he leaves.
Xiao Ran runs to them.
Xiao Ran: “We have to leave. Zhi Ming will arrive soon.”
Murong Li wasn’t fully recovered yet and when he would return to Zhi Ming he want to be fully recovered to accept his rage. He wasn’t ready yet. They pack their things and leave. Between Murong Li and Fang Ye hangs awkward atmosphere, Xiao Ran have no idea what happened between them, don’t understand what is going on. They constantly have to run away cause Zhi Ming always comes too close to them all the time. They were wondering how long they would be able to run away. After a week Fang Ye and Murong Li manages to act normal to each other again. Two week pass by. And Xiao Ran warns them for the so many time to run away cause Zhi Ming is close by but Murong Li is tired for running away and he wants to return to his Ming Ming.
Murong Li: “I’m not running away anymore. You guys can go, when he have me, he would not chase you guys anymore. I’m ready to return to him, want to face him and fight to get him back.”
Fang Ye knew he couldn’t change his king his mind.
Fang Ye: “Then I stay at your side, facing it together.”
Xiao Ran: “So do I.”
Murong Li: “Thank you, all I don’t deserves your loyalty.”
Short after Zhi Ming arrives. He let his men attack Fang Ye and Xiao Ran. Someone new comes from Zhi Ming runs to them, touching some pressure points and suddenly Fang Ye and Xiao Ran can’t move their bodies anymore. They get pushed to fall on their knees, guards are holding their sword against their throats. Everything goes so fast that Murong Li could barely react. When he noticed it what happened, he see Fang Ye and Xiao Ran with swords against their throats.
Murong Li: “Don’t kill them.”
Zhi Ming: “I warned you to get your men under control. I told you that they were leading themselves to their deaths. They did not only kidnapped you but also killed more then 20 men of mine. I have right to kill them.”
Zhi Ming get off his horse. Murong Li goes to Zhi Ming. He have no choice then fall on his knees in front of Zhi Ming.
Murong Li: “I’m begging you to spare their lives. I will do everything you ask me. Work your anger on me. Please leave them alone.”
Murong Li changed a lot too. Fang Ye is worried about him. Wondering when the fighting Murong Li will come back. He is never been so weak before. He would never let people trample on him like Zhi Ming is doing with him now, never he would beg people and let him being so humiliated for no reason. Normally he would just fight back and kill everyone who ever dare to lay a finger on his people. Since when have Zhi Ming so much power over his king. Zhi Ming hits Murong Li a few times in his face with his fist. Murong bleeding at his lips and then Zhi Ming takes Murong’s head in his hands and smiles evilly.
Zhi Ming: “So you would do anything I ask you to save your subjects right?”
Murong Li nods.
Zhi Ming: “I don’t hear you!”
He stands up, go stand behind him. Pull his head to behind while holding on his hair so he have to look at him.
Zhi Ming: “I don’t hear you.”
Murong Li: “Yes Sir.”
He let go of Murong Li.
Zhi Ming: “Alright. I want you to give up your title as king of Yaoguang.”
Zhi Ming see he is doubting and he gives his men the order to beat up Fang Ye and Xiao Ran. They start kicking them in their stomach many times.
Murong Li: “Stop! Let them stop!”
Zhi Ming: “Will you do then what I ask you?”
Fang Ye: “Don’t do it master Li!”
Zhi Ming: “Shut up! Do it or I will kill them both!”
Murong Li: “How do I give up my title as king of Yaoguang. It’s just who I am. It’s not cause I say I give up that I lose the title.”
Zhi Ming: “That is very simple. You marry me and you become second king of Tianquan.”
Murong Li: “Marrying you? You hate me and you still want to marry me?”
Zhi Ming: “I will have more control over you when you marry me and you will lose your power fully. You will be fully in my hands. Don’t think I do that out of love.”
Murong Li: “I see. You only want me be your puppet.”
He looks down.
Zhi Ming: “Don’t want you to be my puppet, that would only be boring. I just want to be able to keep you at my side and that you are not able to hurt more people. You belong to me and only to me. So you accept?”
Murong Li: “Yes Sir.” Says it a bit arrogant.
Zhi Ming takes Murong Li’s arm and pull him up and then lead him to his horse. Murong climbs on his horse and Zhi Ming climb behind him. He kind of like the idea he may marry Zhi Ming but wish it would be out of love and not to be forced like Zhi Ming did. Short after they arrive back at Tianquan, Zhi Ming announce his marriage with Murong Li over a week. They start the preparations for the wedding. They are all constant busy. After six days, a day before Murong Li will marry Zhi Ming. He suddenly feels dizzy and it was all four days on row he had to vomit in the mornings. He was wondering what was wrong with him. After a while thinking, he touch his belly and feels something is off. A few seconds he fall on his knees and speaking to himself.
Murong Li: “This can’t be true. This can’t be happening. I can’t be pregnant. Damn it Fang Ye. What on Earth did we do.”
The next day is it so far. Ziyu helps Zhi Ming dress in his ceremonial wedding dress and Fang Ye helps Murong Li. Fang Ye notice there is something wrong.
Fang Ye: “Why do you marry him? He clearly said it wasn’t for love.”
Murong Li: “I know. I’m happy and sad at the same time. I’m happy that I may marry him but on the other hand I’m sad we don’t marry out of love but out of force. “
Fang Ye: “But what about Yaoguang? They need their king.”
Murong Li: “Don’t worry Fang Ye. Yaoguang will get their king, even a better king then me.”
Fang Ye: “Don’t say that, you’re a great king.”
Murong Li: “I’m not. I only cause pain.”
Fang Ye: “That is not true. Don’t let Zhi Ming win and destroy you. What happened with our strong king who always fight back. Why do you allow Zhi Ming to get so much control over you?”
Murong Li: “Cause I love him and every time I see him I lose myself. Just leave it, don’t want to talk about it.”
Fang Ye doesn’t say anything anymore cause he feels he would not say anything. Zhi Ming is already waiting at the altar. All their people are waiting on Murong Li. Except Fang Ye cause he is guiding Murong Li to the altar in a sedan.

Fang Ye helps Murong Li out the Sedan and lead him to the altar. Murong have also a wedding veil on. At the moment Murong Li arrived at the altar, Fang Ye go stand next to Zhi Ming’s ministers.
Priest: “Zhi Ming, are you willing to marry Murong Li as your husband, in sacred marriage together for life? Whether he has sickness or health, poverty or wealth, beauty or is plain, in good times and in bad, you are willing to love him, to comfort him, to respect him and protect him? And willing to be forever loyal to him?”
Zhi Ming: “I want.”
Priest: “Murong Li, are you willing to marry Zhi Ming as your husband, in sacred marriage together for life? Whether he has sickness or health, poverty or wealth, beauty or is plain, in good times and in bad, you are willing to love him, to comfort him, to respect him and protect him? And willing to be forever loyal to him?”
Murong Li: “I want.”
Priest: First kowtow (*1) to the Heaven and Earth.
Zhi Ming and Murong Li turns around to the people and bows.
Priest: “Second kowtow to the closest relatives.”
Murong Li bows to Fang Ye and Zhi Ming bow to his ministers.
Priest: “Third kowtow to each other.”
Zhi Ming and Murong Li bows to each other.
Priest: “Congratulations, you are now officially husband and husband.”
They bows to the priest.
Zhi Ming: “Thank you.”
Fang Ye brings Murong Li to the wedding chamber. Everything is decorated in red. The sheets are also red. Murong goes sit on bed. On  bed lays Date, Peanuts, Longan and Sunflower seeds, that represent give birth to a son soon. Murong rubs over his knees. He is very nervous. Fang Ye laughing a bit.
Fang Ye: “I never saw you so nervous.”
Murong Li: “Shut up.”
He put his tongue out. Short after Zhi Ming enters the wedding room. Fang Ye leaves then. Zhi Ming goes stand in front of Murong. He notice he is nervous. He finds it adorable. He uncovers the wedding veil of Murong Li. He strokes Murong’s cheeks
Zhi Ming: “It’s funny to see you nervous. I never saw you nervous before.”
Murong Li: “You sound like Fang Ye now. I don’t marry every day you know.”
Zhi Ming laughs. For a moment he sees his old Ming Ming back. Then he take the wine, gives Murong a goblet and then go sit next to him. They cross their arms and then drink the wine. (*2)
After that they both tie a knot on each other dress. (*3) Zhi Ming crawls on Murong’s lap, with each knee next to each leg.
Zhi Ming: “I will make you fully mine. I won’t never let you go.”
He kiss him. He licks Murong’s lips, inviting to slide his tongue inside. Murong opens his mouth and Zhi Ming slide his tongue inside. Their tongues dancing rhythmically together. Then he bites softly in his ear, giving soft and gentle kisses in his neck. Then push him down. At that moment he thinks about his night with Fang Ye and about the fact he is pregnant of him. He panics, he also feel a bit unwell. Hope he didn’t harm his child with the wine. He push Zhi Ming away.
Murong Li: “Sorry, I don’t feel so well.”
Zhi Ming: “So suddenly? It’s our wedding night.”
Murong Li: “I’m sorry.”
(This scene is written by Daniella Tescione) Warning begin of the rape scene
It makes Zhi Ming angry. Murong sits up but Zhi Ming pushed Murong against the bed, not caring if he had hurt him, furious that he rejected his advances. It was their wedding night, however, he was refusing to sleep with him.
Zhi Ming: “So much disgust do I give you?! Do you hate me that much?! I am your husband now, you will obey me!”
Originally he had intended to be sweet to him that night, but all he felt now was anger boiling deep inside him. He took the front of his nightgown and tried to open it, however, Murong tried to push him away.
Murong Li: “Let me go! I’ve already told you I do not want to sleep with you, I’m not feeling well!”
Zhi Ming: “And I will say it again, you are my husband and you will obey me! If I order you to have sex with me, then you will have it!”
Murong: “Let me go, please! Zhi Ming!”
Ignoring Murong’s screams and desperate attempts to break free, Zhi Ming held him tightly against the bed and opened his nightgown, exposing his pale chest. He had lost a lot of weight since the last time they had slept together, and now his ribs were even more visible than before against his thin skin. Murong looked fragile like paper, capable of breaking with the minor touch. Zhi Ming began to lick one of his nipples and he felt him shudder. During this, Murong tried to escape again.
Murong: “I told you to stop!”
Murong raised his left hand and scratched his face, causing a small but painful wound.  Murong took advantage of his momentary confusion to push him away and  get out of the bed. Zhi Ming brought his hand to his wound, cursing. This only made him more angry.
Zhi Ming: “You son of a bitch, you are going to regret that! Come here!”
Murong tried to escape from the room, but the door was closed. Zhi Ming smiled and grabbed him by his hair, then he dragged Murong to the bed once more. He punched him in the face so hard that Murong’s face turned to the side, letting out a moan of pain. Then he gave another punch and another, hoping to destroy his will. When he was about to give him a sixth punch, Murong spoke.
Murong: “I do not know you anymore. You are not my Zhi Ming”
Some blood came out of his nose and his right cheekbone was red. His hair, once carefully combed, was now a disaster. Zhi Ming looked at him coldly, without any emotion.
Zhi Ming: “You made me like this, honey.”
Without waiting any longer, Zhi Ming opened his nightgown completely, revealing his delicate and milky body. Murong closed his legs, but he was no longer resisting as before, he had surrendered. At some point he had started to cry, but Zhi Ming only smiled, satisfied.
Zhi Ming: “You are mine, only mine”
He began to kiss his neck and chest in a fierce way, leaving numerous marks behind. Murong only let out a few moans of pain, nothing more. Zhi Ming could see that his member was not erect yet his, on the contrary, was fully erect. He took off his own nightgown and let it fall to the floor, now leaving his erect member exposed. Zhi Ming grabbed the container with oil that rested next to the bed and dipped his fingers in it. With his oily fingers he began to expand Murong’s pink entrance. He let out moans of discomfort. After preparing him a little more, Zhi Ming removed his fingers and replaced them with his throbbing member. Little by little he entered inside Murong. Murong cried out in pain.
Murong: “You’re hurting me! Please stop!”
Zhi Ming: “This is nothing compared to all the pain you have caused me”
When he was completely inside of him, he began to move violently, not even caring if he was hurting him. Zhi Ming gave more and more thrusts, while Murong cried in pain.
(End scene that is written by Daniella Tescione) End of the Rape scene

After a few minutes later thrusting very deep and hard, he comes inside Murong Li. After he finished he slide out Murong and lay next to him. Tears were still falling down his cheeks. Zhi Ming doesn’t give him any attention. Murong Li don’t want to remind his wedding night like that. He suddenly feel he have to vomit, he stand up and run to a bowl and vomits, now he had well the attention of Zhi Ming. He goes to Murong. He strokes through his hair.
Zhi Ming: “You were really not feeling well. Are you okay?”
Murong Li: “I’m fine, probably I ate something wrong.”
Zhi Ming gets a goblet water. After Murong finishes his water, he carry him on bed. Zhi Ming wants to leave but Murong take his arm. There are tears standing in his eyes. Suddenly Zhi Ming feel bad. He looks so vulnerable.
Zhi Ming: “I’m sorry.”
He go sit next to him. Murong have his weak moment. He wants having gentle sex with his Ming Ming and he just want to forget that he just got raped by him.
Murong Li: “I miss my Ming Ming. I know I make mistakes and I know you don’t believe me but I do love you. I want to forget what just happened. I don’t want to remember our wedding night as a rape. Should this not be our romantic night, like our first night together. Can we not do that night over. I want you to touch me gentle.”
He decided to make the first move to show him, he wants him. The truth was that he already became hard when Zhi Ming came inside him. He kiss Zhi Ming very passionately, pushing his hard cock against his. It turns Zhi Ming on and he push Murong gentle down and crawl above him. He start kissing softly in his neck. At the same moment he strokes his chest, playing with his nipple. Murong Li gasps. Slowly he kisses to the direction of his chest. Then he start licking his one nipple and pinching the other one and stroking around his cock. Murong Li makes fists with the sheets.
Murong Li: “Damn your good.”
Zhi Ming smirks and continue but licks and pinching faster. Murong is really enjoying it. Suddenly he start sucking at his nipple. It makes Murong a bit crazy. A few minutes later he licks slowly his way down his cock. He start pinching his balls a few times and then he tease him by licking at the tip of his cock, plays with it, licking around the tip, at the tip. Murong was sure that no one is better in bed then Zhi Ming. He knows so well how to make a man crazy. Very slowly he put Murong’s cock deeper in his mouth. Every time he put his cock out his mouth and then when he put him back inside he take his cock deeper till it’s fully inside and then he moves faster and faster. Murong starts to moan, screaming Ming Ming in pleasure. Zhi Ming keep sucking his cock faster and faster till he comes. He swallows all the semen. Then he kiss him. Murong can taste himself. He give Murong not much time to catch his breath. He takes Murong’s legs and lay each other leg on his shoulders. Then he start licking his hole, first slowly, then he put his tongue inside his hole and move slowly in and out. After few seconds he moves faster and faster. Murong moans louder and louder. Suddenly he stops and tease Murong with moving the head of his cock moving around his hole.
Murong Li: “You are such a tease. Please put it inside me.”
Zhi Ming: “You want it so badly?”
Murong Li: “Yes, you make me so crazy. I want to feel you inside.”
Zhi Ming don’t give in directly and keep teasing Murong a bit longer. It makes Murong very crazy. After few minutes he slide his cock inside him very gentle and slowly till it’s fully inside him and start slowly move in and out. Murong completely lost it. Zhi Ming moves faster and faster. When Zhi Ming find his spot, Murong screams out in pleasure. He lay his arms around his waist and push Zhi Ming even closer to him. A few seconds later Murong comes, Zhi Ming continue moving faster and faster. For the very first time Murong Li get an orgasm. Short after that Zhi Ming comes inside him. When he is fully finished inside him, kiss him very passionately and then slide outside him and go lay next to Murong. They catch on their breaths.
Zhi Ming: “Your body will never forget whose body it is. You are now fully mine.”
Murong Li do realize that Zhi Ming did rape him. He could not understand why he allowed him to take him the second time but he must admit Zhi Ming had such a sexy vibe around him. He hurted him so much but feeling how his man came inside him felt so good that it did turned him on.
Murong Li: “I’m not yours, the way you got me is only because you forced yourself on me. I will not forgive you that you raped me!”
Zhi Ming: “Rape You? I didn’t hear you complain, matter in fact did you not ask me to fuck you again?”
Murong Li: “You! That was afterwards but you did rape me!”
Zhi Ming crawls above him again, start teasing him by softly biting his ears. Murong Li already gasps. Then he only lay his hand on his cock and Murong’s body was directly reacting on it. Then he go lay next to him.
Zhi Ming: “Your body is so mine. He take Murong’s head and look intensely in his eyes.
Zhi Ming: “We had a great night didn’t we?”
He used his most sexy voice. Murong Li lost it. His mind goes blank.
Murong Li: “We did.”
Zhi Ming: “I didn’t rape you honey.”
Murong Li: “No, you didn’t.”
It was like Murong was in a trance or something. Zhi Ming kiss him very intensely.
Zhi Ming: “I hope you will carry my child soon.”
He put his clothes on and then he leaves. The last sentence did broke Murong Li completely. He put his clothes on too and then he thinks about the last time. He sit down on the ground, pull up his knees, lay his arms around his knees and buried his face on his knees. The he start crying. He cries the rest of the night. The next morning arrives Fang Ye. He see his king crying and run to him. He take him in his arms.
Fang Ye: “What happened? What’s wrong?” asks worried.
Murong Li tells Fang Ye everything what happened last night. All he don’t understand why he told him. He would be angry for sure but he had no one else to talk with and what he except, happened indeed. Fang Ye is furious after hearing Zhi Ming raped his king.
Fang Ye: “I’m going to kill!!”
He wants to go but Murong Li stops him.
Murong Li: “Please calm down. I don’t want you to hurt him.”
Fang Ye: “Why are you defending him? He beat you up, almost killed you twice and he even raped you!”
Murong Li: “He didn’t rape me.”
Fang Ye: “You just told me what happened. It clearly looks rape to me.”
Murong Li: “Afterwards we had a great night.”
Fang ye: “What’s wrong with you? He first rape you and then you let him take you again?”
Murong Li: “Shut up! With who I crawl in bed isn’t your business! It isn’t rape! I don’t want to believe it’s rape so if I say he didn’t rape me then he didn’t rape me. End of discussion!!”
Fang Ye is in shock after Murong’s outburst.
Murong Li: “I’m sorry. Fang Ye, there is something I have to tell you.”
Fang Ye: “What?”
Murong Li: “I’m pregnant of your child.”
Fang Ye’s eyes widened after hearing it. For a few seconds he is speechless.
Murong Li: “Fang Ye?”
He don’t react.
Murong Li: “Fang Ye, say something.”
Fang Ye: “It’s impossible.”
Murong Li: “It’s true. I didn’t plan this either. Wished it was different but it isn’t. Are you okay?”
He go sit down.
Fang Ye: “I’m okay. It’s just so unexpected but wait Zhi Ming can’t find out.”
Murong Li: “I can’t hide my pregnancy forever for him.”
Fang Ye: “True but if he know it’s my child, I’m sure he will kill it.”
Murong Li: “He will not be so rude right.”
Fang Ye: “In the way he is now, I think he will.”
Murong Li looks down.
Fang Ye: “You have to tell Zhi Ming, it’ his child. Who knows maybe he will change his attitude towards you.”
Murong Li: “Lie to him again? No, if he finds out he will be furious.”
Fang Ye: “I know but do you rather want him to kill our child then?”
It sound so weird hearing Fang Ye saying ‘Our child’. All was the child not from Zhi Ming, he already started to care for the child. He must be now one month old.
Murong Li: “No I don’t want to lose my child.”
Fang Ye: “Then we have no choice. I know my child will never know I will be his father but if that means he is safe then I don’t mind. I will protect our child with whole my life.”
Murong Li: “I’m sorry. You sacrificed so much already and now you even have to hide your identity for your own child.”
Fang Ye: “Don’t blame yourself. I’m going to search some ointment for your wounds on your face.”
Murong Li nods and Fang Ye leaves. Short after Fang Ye left Zhi Ming enters the room with guards. They go to Murong Li and hold him and push him on his knees.
Murong Li: “What is this?”
Zhi Ming: “You are going to return to the dungeon.”
Murong Li: “Why?”
Zhi Ming: “You have to finish your punishment or did you thought you guys could escape it?”
Murong Li: “I just forgot. Fine I will finish my punishment.”
Zhi Ming: “Where is Fang Ye?”
Murong Li: “Somewhere in the kingdom.”
Zhi Ming: “I will find him. Xiao Ran is already in the dungeon. Guards take Murong Li to the dungeon.”
The guards takes Murong Li away. Zhi Ming go look for Fang Ye. In the meanwhile Fang Ye walks around when he pass a door but somehow that door got his attention. No idea why but he can’t resist it. It’s like the door is calling for him. He opens door and step inside. Suddenly Fang Ye’s eyes widened. This could not be true, he thinks to him. He start crying and fall on his knees.

Why is Fang so upset? What will Zhi Ming do when Murong Li suddenly faint in the dungeon? Yu Xiao misses Rhong’s attention so he come up with a plan to get his attention but what will he do? Are you curious? Then wait for the next chapter.
*1: Kotow(叩头, Chinese pin yin Kou tou) is a borrowed Chinese word, it is a former Chinese custom of touching the ground with the forehead as a sign of respect or submission.

*2: Drink wine from each other. In Chinese we call it “交杯酒”, they drink wines when their arms cross each other. Because the sound of wine(jiu) in Chinese sounds like another Chinese character(久) which means long time, this is to symbolize that they will be together forever.

*3: Tie a knot on each other. This is a wish to the new couple that their hearts are always united.

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