// Men with sword – The battle of the heart Summary
30 Apr 2019

Head couples:

Murong Li & Zhi Ming – Tianquan
Yu Xiao & Rhong Liu – Nansu
Ziyu & Fang Ye – Tianquan
Zhong Kunyi & you will find out in the story if I place his name it will ruin the surprise – Tianshu & Yaoguang

Side couples:

Murong Li & Fang Ye
Zhi Ming & Ziyu
Zhong Kunyi & Luo Min

This story will start at the end of season 2. Zhi Ming and Murong Li standing against each other. Who would ever believe that two kings destined to be together are now enemies of each other. They are looking to each other, both thinking about their time together. Would this be the end? When Murong Li stands with his sword against Zhi Ming to kill him, he cannot do it. How can he kill the man he love. Zhi Ming’s eyes so cold as ice are shivering him and before he knows it well he is been stabbed by Zhi Ming. With Zhi Ming’s words: “I hate you so much but still love. I cannot kill you after all but know that I will make your life a living hell.” With those words this story is at his beginning. First of all Murong Li didn’t lost his kingdom again but also the man he love. Zhi Ming take Murong Li back to his kingdom. Fang Ye and Xiao Ran, Murong Li’s subordinates get taken too. Zhi Ming makes Luo Min the new king of Yaoguang, not knowing he is the subordinate of Murong Li’s biggest enemy. Between Zhi Ming and Fang Ye are a lot of conflicts cause of his actions against his master but why is Fang Ye so loyal to his master? Which secret are they hiding? One day Fang Ye is walking around the palace and find someone he thought was death, still alive but in coma. Who is it? And why is he so happy about it? Would this man ever comes out his coma? While Zhong Kunyi tries everything in his power to get his king’s kingdom back, hiding in Yaoguang with Luo Min at his side. There is one big secret between Zhong and Meng no one knows but what is it? When Yu Xiao been attacked by bandits and almost get killed, out of nowhere some tall, long black haired stranger comes to the rescue just in time and saves the king. Yu Xiao who lost faith and trust in persons feels for the first time in a year some warm feeling and asks the stranger to comes to his kingdom and makes him the High General. After a while he start to trust him but one big secret of Rhong will lose that trust again. What is the big secret? And will Rhong ever be able to gain that trust again? And the most important will Zhi Ming and Murong Li ever be able to fix what is broken between them and what is Zhi Ming planning to make Murong Li’s life a living hell? Like I said before I’m a drama writer but with good endings

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