// Men with sword – The truth beneath the lies Chapter 1
30 Apr 2019

This chapter contains scenes that comes out the show. Those scenes are necessary for the story.
After they lost 70.000 soldiers by the hands of the Nansu king. They all blamed Qi Zi Kan except Jian but what could he do then take his beloved one’s title of High General away. Short after that he leaves his king behind for joining Murong Li, Gongsun Qian and Zhong Kunyi in the Fuyu Mountains for an alliance. In less than a month Xiangnan pass has fallen, their command lost more than 7000 Men. Jiayou pass fell, their command lost another 1000 men. After hearing this news, Jian summon Qi Zi Kan. He arrives an half hour later. He enters the palace and sees that everyone is sitting on his knees. “It looks like my king isn’t happy.” Thinks it in himself. When he stands in front of his king, he want to bow but Jian stops him.
Jian: ”Xiao Qi”
Xiao Qi: “Greetings sir.”
Jian: “Xiao Qi, you don’t need the formalities. Have you seen the war report?”
Xiao Qi: “I am well aware of it all.”
Jian: “Xiao Qi, with your skills, have you any solution?”
Xiao Qi: “Sir, Deputy prime minister Gongsun had someone deliver a war report to me. Tianxuan reinforcement army has already left in two groups, each with 100.000 men. One is headed towards us for reinforcement and the other heading to Yuzhi Mountain Valley opening. Their goal is to cut off Nansu’s food supply. If Nansu’s food supply is cut off their attack will be suspended temporarily. That’s when our army can take breathe and when Tianxuan and Tianshu’s reinforcement armies arrive, the tides of battle could be turned.”
Jian: “Xiao Qi, it was my fault for delaying the war opportunities. Only you can save our Tianji now.”
Xiao Qi: “Sir, you mustn’t say that. It’s my incompetence that failed to take away your worries away sir.”
Jian: “Send my Royal edict. I reinstate Qi Zi Kan to his position as our Tianji Nation’s High General, to command all army commands. If anyone objects, they will be treated by military law.”
Xiao Qi: “Thank you Sir.”
That same day he left to the battlefield again. This goodbye is intense and harder than before. They both feels it and before Xiao Qi walks away, they stare in each other eyes very intensely. Then he walks away. A few days later at the Jieshui fortress. A stranger on a horse came to get Qi Zi Kan away. He could choose or he will stay and having a massacre or leave with the stranger and save his people. Qi Zi Kan climb on his horse and follows the stranger, all is he for him not a stranger at all. Everyone thinks Qi Zi Kan is dead. The hardest thing was to tell Jian his beloved one died. How will they tell him? Jian sits on his throne when suddenly a subject is running inside panicking. Jian stands up.
Subject: “Sir, Sir, Jieshui Fortress has been penetrated.”
Jian: “What did you say? What happened to Jieshui Fortess?”
Subject: “Jieshui Fortress…..Jieshui Fortress has been attacked by Nansu.”
Jian: “Then Xiao Qi, Qi Zi Kan? Where’s General Qi?”
Subject: “ General Qi exchanged his own life for the safety of the entire Fortress.”
Jian: “Xiao Qi died?” He falls but can hold him on the table.
Jian: “Why would Xiao Qi die? Get lost!! Xiao Qi how can you die?”
After he send everyone away, he collapse. He go outside to read the last letter from Xiao Qi. There are guards following him. He turns around.
Jian: “Get lost!! Go away!!”
Guards: Sorry Sir.” They are a bit lost, not knowing how they can help their king. They leave. When everyone is gone, he opens the letter and start reading it.
Jian: “Sir……May these words be like a meeting in person. How are you asking me to treat this like a meeting in person? You used your own life in exchange for an entire Fortress of people. But what about me….What do I use……to exchange for your return? Xiao Qi come back! Xiao Qi come back!!”
Jian is so lost without his general and furious on the High Priest but most of all on himself? Out of his anger he let seals off the Heaven’s Office. Short after this happens the High Priest come to his king and kneels.
High Priest: “Sir, what did I wrong that seals you off the Heaven’s office?”
Jian: “You dare to ask me! From the moment Qi Zi Kan arrived in this kingdom, you did nothing else then throwing accusations to him. Come against every idea of him. I should listen to Xiao Qi’s idea for attacking a smaller city but no you with your Heaven told us to attack Nansu and what is the result of that! Tell me!”
High Priest: “ Sire…I….I….”
Jian: “ Shut up! I don’t want to hear! You are the cause that Xiao Qi is dead!!”
High Priest: “Sir, how is that my fault?”
Jian: “ How?! You really ask me that?! You told us to attack Nansu. Your Heaven told you that and I was so stupid to listen to you. Because of you I had to send my beloved one away and now he is dead and I blame you for that, guards!!”
Guards: “Yes Sir”
Jian: “Take the High Priest to the dungeon. Tomorrow he will be send to death!”
High Priest: “Sire, Please don’t. Sir! Sir! I’m not the one who betrayed you. He did Sir!”
Jian: “Get him away!”
The next day. The High Priest is brought to the execution ground. He sits on his knees. Jian arrives and when he stands in front of the High Priest, he pull out his sword and at the moment he want to behead him, he yells.
High Priest: “Qi Zi Kan isn’t dead!”
The king let go of his sword out of shock and fells on the ground.
Jian: “What do you mean he isn’t dead?” Not understands it.
High Priest: “He is a traitor Sir. It’s not a coincidence you two meet. Everything he did belong to a bigger plan, not sure which one but it hasn’t a good ending for you, to my feeling. Kill me if you want but I’m not the traitor, deep down you know that.”
Jian: Guards, lock him up. I want to know first if he has right.”
High Priest: “ Thank you Sir.”
Jian: “Prepare the army. Tonight we will leave to Jieshui Fortress and kill that Nansu King once and for all.”
Guard: “Sir, you are coming too? Is that well such a good idea? Tianji needs their king alive.”
Jian: “You think I cannot kill that bastard!”
Guard: “We would not dare to say that Sir, but please reconsider it.”
Jian: I’m going, end of discussion!”
Guard: “Yes Sir.”
He leaves. When he is in his room, he knock down his table. “Xiao Qi! Please tell me it are lies. Please say it’s true your still alive.” He says to himself. An hour after before they leave to Jieshui Fortress they help the king in his armor. He wears Xiao Qi’s armor. An hour later they ride to Jieshui Fortress. They arrive before dawn. The next day Yu Qing already standing in front of the Fortress with his army.
Yu Qing: “Jian Bin, are you going to surrender or not?”
Jian: “There is no point in surrender but one thing is for sure and that is that I’m going to kill you!”
The Nansu king laughs.
Yu Qing: “And that for a man that is not even worthy of your love.”
That last sentence makes the Tianji King even more angrier. He storms out of the Fortress and attacks Yu Qing without thinking. He only can think of revenge, revenge for the death of his beloved one Xiao Qi. End result is that Jian got captured by Nansu. They bring Jian in Yu Qing’s throne room. There stands the two kings in front of each other.
Yu Qing: “Do you know why you are defeated?”
Jian: “Since I’ve already lost, more talking is useless. However you want to disposed of me. Just go ahead.”
Yu Qing: “I hear you love to win a person’s heart. A king will have talents working for him, naturally. Do you think a person’s heart is really so easily grabbed?”
Jian: “You needn’t say more. This king does not wish to hear this now.”
Yu Qing: “What is this, this king? You are a king and I am a king, why not you and I just talk, heart to heart, and have a good chat. What do you want to hear about it?”
Jian: “May I ask Nansu King, what exactly happened at Jieshui Fortress?”
Yu Qing: “I didn’t imagine, Tianji King would ask this.”
Jian: “The war is already done. Was there something secretive about that battle that you cannot disclose? Just tell me.”
Yu Qing: “If you really want to know….then I shall tell you.”
Sending his guards away.
Yu Qing: “Actually….I didn’t kill Qi Zi Kan.”
Jian: “What did you say? You didn’t kill him? Then where is he?”
Yu Qing: “Someone asked me to spare his life, I now I’ve already send him elsewhere.”
Jian: Where?”
Yu Qing: “Do you think asking about this right now is still meaningful?”
Jian: “ You will still kill him.” Said it on a very sad tone.
Yu Qing: “Of course. A talented General like him, if he cannot work for me, then I cannot let him survive in this world.”
Jian:” In the end it’s all my fault what happened to Xiao Qi.”
Yu Qing: “Indeed. If it weren’t for your suspicious about him that you held, you wouldn’t have read the war wrong  and I wouldn’t have so easily seized Tianji Nation either you thought it was your secret subordinate who found out Qi Zi Kan and another man were writing secret letters to each other, right? If it weren’t for that man leaving clues to you on purpose? He only had to make a few trips in your palace. He would have so easily been discovered by others otherwise. Actually it’s regrettable, that Jieshui Fortress in reality, we can’t count that a battle I never got to fairy and squarely battle General Qi on battlefield.”
Jian:” You don’t count it a battle? Then what was it?”
Yu Qing: “My Nansu great command had besieged Jieshui Fortress for about half a month. During the time, we sent spies into the Fortress, to make calculated moves. But General Qi is a vigilant leader. It was not easy to falter the army morale. But the civilians, now, they are different. When lives are on the line, they are bind to everything else. One mention of massacre and they are in full panic.”
Jian: “So for that reason Xiao Qi opened the gate and conceded Jieshui Fortress to you.”
Yu Qing: “General Qi is not an iron-heart. Facing with the great command is panic, he’s steadfast. But facing a fortress full of people getting massacred, he could not bear it.”
Jian: “Xiao Qi, I wronged you.”
Yu Qing: “You know the person who asked me to spare Qi Zi Kan’s life is the real master of him. That was their plan all along to kill you, but on the end he couldn’t kill you himself so they lured you in a trap” Laughs
Yu Qing: “you’re so easy to be fooled.”
Jian becomes furious.
Jian: “You’re a liar! Xiao Qi would never hurt me! Never!”
Yu Qing: “You’re naïve, guess it doesn’t matter what you think. You will die anyway. You are Tianji’s King. I will spare you some dignity. Guards, return the Tianji king’s sword.”
At the moment a bit further from the Nansu kingdom. Qi Zi Kan arrives together with Geng Chen at the top from a fortress.
Xiao Qi: “Master Li, is there all more news about Tianji and Jieshui Fortress?”
They both bows. Murong Li turns around and goes to them.
Murong Li: “Thank you Geng for bringing him to me. You’re next stop is Tianshu. Bring this box to Zhong Kunyi.”
Geng: “Yes Sir.” He takes the box and leaves.
Murong Li: “Qi Zi Kan, you don’t the formalities.” And help him stand up.
Xiao Qi: “What happened with Jian?” He looks worried.
Xiao Qi: “Is he still alive?”
Murong Li: “For now, but not for long. Yu Qing will not let him live, you know that very well.”
Xiao Qi let him fall on his knees. Murong Li looks at him with a worried look, lift Xiao Qi’s head up and sees then tears standing in his eyes and that angers him.
Murong Li: “You felt for that Tianji King don’t you ?!”
Xiao Qi: “Sorry Sir, I know that isn’t our plan but can’t I not save him, bring him to safety. I will leave him behind next day in the morning and stay at your side. He will suffering cause of my lost. We will fake……”
Murong Li hit Xiao Qi on his cheek. He looks down.
Murong Li: “What is wrong with you guys! First Gongsun who is protecting that bastard of a Tianxuan king! Yesterday Kunyi who asked for an antidote for saving the Tianshu King and now you! And…..And you…….In you I’m disappointed the most. Did you forgot what happened to our hometown! Do you guys even care!”
Xiao Qi: “Sorry Sir, of course we do but killing them would way to be easy don’t you think?”
Murong Li’s eyes turn back to Xiao Qi.
Murong Li: “What you mean?”
Xiao Qi: “Let us save our kings and after we save them we fake our deaths and make sure to let slip the one who murdered us is the Nansu King. I’m pretty sure they will work together to kill him. Their leading will be weaker cause of their suffering of our loses. Deep down I know you cannot kill Zhi Ming.”
Murong Li looks at Xiao Qi with a confused look. Not understanding how he knows.
Xiao Qi: “Everything you did you made sure Zhi Ming doesn’t get harmed or his kingdom. Let them suffer but they aren’t that bad, that they have to die right?”
Murong Li: “Except for Ling.” Says it with an angry undertone
Xiao Qi: “True but he changed, let him suffer the most, it would be a better revenge then just to kill him.”
Murong Li: “I want to see him crawl. I know a perfect way to break him fully. Good thing he fell for Gongsun after all.”
He grins very evil but somehow it’s very cute to watch.
Murong Li: “Go save that Tianji king.”
Xiao Qi: “Yes Sir.” He stand up and want to leave.
Murong Li: “Wait, where will you bring him.”
Xiao Qi: “The cabinet in the woods.”
Want to step away again.
Murong Li: “Qi Zi Kan wait.”
He turns around and Murong Li is walking to him. He strokes Xiao Qi’s through his hair.
Murong Li: “I will come get you at dawn at the cabinet. Make sure you’re on time. Come back safely.”
It warms Xiao Qi’s heart that his master cares so much for him but also feels guilty that he fell for one of his master’s enemies.
Xiao Qi: “Don’t worry Sir.” He runs down the stairs, jumps on his horse and leaves to save the man he loves. Murong Li is left behind, he knows very well that his most favorite subordinate fell for someone else but if he would be honest with himself he fell for someone else too. How could he fell for that naïve, idiotic, childish king? How it make him smile when Zhi Ming calls him Ah Li, How did he loved it when his king touch him. Never before he felt so beloved by someone. He can’t admit to his feelings, it’s wrong, he is his enemy but Xiao Qi had a point that he was protecting Zhi Ming all the time. What is wrong with those kings who let their subordinates fall so easily in love with them. He sighs. “After a few days it will be over? Then it will only us again.” Says it to himself. Look back to Qi Zi Kan who almost fully disappeared. Meanwhile in the Nansu kingdom. Jian step outside the throne room. He is been following by 6 guards of Yu Qing to be sure that he cannot escape.
Jian: “Xiao Qi, I’ve wronged you. I hope you are save.” He says it loud but more to himself.
He take out his sword, he slowly lead his sword to his throat but when he is almost at his throat, suddenly another sword comes between his throat and his sword. Couple seconds later he notice someone is standing in front of him.
Xiao Qi: “Sir, are you alright?”
That voice, it could not be true. Why would he be here so sudden?
Jian: “Xiao Qi, is that really you?” says it with a hoarse voice.
Xiao Qi turns around and give him a small smile. Jian automatically smiles back. And before Jian knows the 6 guards are laying dead on the ground. Jian picks up his sword. Shortly after Xiao Qi take his hand and run away from Nansu. Jian get a very warm feeling inside, feeling his lovers hand in his. It was the very first time he did that. When Yu Qing arrives he sees Xiao Qi flew away with Jian.
Yu Qing: “What on earth are you doing Qi Zi Kan! That was not the plan!”
Jian looks to Xiao Qi but he don’t react on it but it makes Jian realize that Yu Qing told him the truth. Was the man he love really meant to kill him but why did he just save him. Xiao Qi bring them to his horse and drives to the woods, the whole drive Jian hold Xiao Qi very tight in his arms, it felt so natural, so good, just two lovers who are holding each other with so much love. When they arrived at the woods. Xiao Qi let go of Jian’s hand. Jian take all his courage. Damn why is it so hard to talk to him. Xiao Qi never been easy with feelings.
Jian: “Xiao Qi, do you want me dead?” say it with a hoarse voice.
Xiao Qi turns around with a broken face. Surprising with his king’s question. Wondering if Yu Qing told him.
Xiao Qi: “Sir…I…..I…..” Jian looks away to hide his tear that roll down of his face.
Jian: “I love you.” Says it quietly so Xiao Qi won’t hear it but he did hear it after all. He looks at his king with shocked eyes but at the same time his heart beats faster. Did his love really admit his feelings? Did he heard it good? He want to react on it but then sees arrows flew in the sky at the direction of Jian.
Xiao Qi: “Jian, watch out!!” jumps in front of his king and fight off the arrows.
Jian in shock that Xiao Qi calls his name. Few seconds later they fight off Yu Qing’s men together. At a sudden point the last man want to stab Jian in the back but Xiao Qi jumps in front of him and he get stabbed in his shoulder. Jian turns around and see everything happen.
Jian: “Xiao Qi!!” Pull him in his arms and then kill that man.
When Xiao Qi notice he is still in Jian’s arms, he want to push him away but at that moment Jian push him closer to him and hold him very tight. So Xiao Qi can hear Jian’s hear beat faster what makes Xiao Qi blush and his own heart beats faster too. At the same time he is well worried about his king cause he don’t react like he usually do.
Xiao Qi: “Sir, what’s wrong?” ask it with a worried tone.
Jian: “You got hurt again because of me. I’m sorry.”
Xiao Qi: “No need for apologies Sir.”
Jian push Xiao Qi a bit further from him so he can look straight in his eyes.
Jian: “You didn’t answer my question.” Said it very serious.
For a few seconds they look very intensely to each other till Xiao Qi breaks the silence.
Xiao Qi: “We have to leave Sir, it’s not safe.” He lost a lot of blood already.
He faints, the last thing he hear is the panic voice of Jian.
Jian: “Xiao Qi!! Xiao Qi!!” Binds off the wound and carry him on is horse and bring him to their cabinet in the woods. A good hour later they arrive at the cabinet. Jian carry his love on bed. Take off Xiao Qi’s armor and upper part of his clothing. Take a bowl of water and start to clean his wound. After that he take some herbs and start mixing them. Then he take the bowl and bandage to Xiao Qi. At that moment he wakes up. Turns his head to Jian.
Xiao Qi: “What is this?”
Jian: “An ointment for your wound. It will help healing it faster and helps good against the pain.”
Then he rubs the wound with the ointment in.
Xiao Qi:” Didn’t know you knew to make medicine.”
Jian: “I can only make this, my father learned me so I could help people so they don’t have to suffer.”
Xiao Qi: “Thank you Sir.”
Jian: “You can call me Jian.”
Xiao Qi: “No I can’t. Your my king.”
Jian: “You said it in the woods today.”
Xiao Qi: “I did? I’m sorry.”
Jian: “Don’t be. I loved it how you said my name. When we are alone, stop seeing me as your king.” Stroke Xiao Qi’s cheek.
Jian: “Xiao Qi, why don’t you answer my question?”
Xiao Qi: “Which question?”
Jian: “Do you want me dead?”
Xiao Qi’s heart breaks again hearing that question. He cannot tell him the whole truth. Looks away but this time Jian doesn’t let him escape. He crawls above Xiao Qi and pinch his arms above his head and look straight in his eyes. Xiao Qi looks to Jian with puppy eyes in the hope he would let him go but this time Jian doesn’t let him do.
Jian: “Do you?”
Xiao Qi get tears in his eyes.
Xiao Qi: “No, why would I want you dead?”
Jian: “There are so many rumors, I just want to be sure. Forgive me.”
Xiao Qi: “I will never harm my Bin Bin. I care to much about you, never forget that.”
Jian: “Your Bin Bin? I like the sound of that.” Comes closer with his head to Xiao Qi.
Jian: “Then your Bin Bin will make you his.” Says it very seriously.
Xiao Qi blushes.
Xiao Qi: “What do you mean?” asks it with puppy eyes.
Jian: “I love you.” Strokes him through his hair.
Jian: “I will not let you escape me. When they told me you died, my world was destroyed.”
Xiao Qi: “I’m sorry that you had to been through that. I’m…..”
Jian lays his finger on his mouth.
Jian: “Just promise me you will never leave my side ever again.”
Xiao Qi: “I ca……”
But before he could answer Jian had already his lips pressed against Xiao Qi’s lips. “Sorry Jian, after tonight we will never see each other again. I’m sorry that I have to destroy your world again.” Xiao Qi thinks that. Tears escapes his eyes. Jian looks at him worried.
Jian: “What’s wrong?”
Xiao Qi: “Don’t worry. It are tears of happiness. No one ever cared so much for me as you do.”
Jian smiles and then kiss him for real. Finding a way to slide his tongue inside Xiao Qi’s mouth. He allows it and kiss Jian back. Laying his arms around Jian’s neck. Pulls him closer to him.

Xiao Qi’s thoughts:

I should not accept him. It will only hurt him more but why does it feel so good, so safe. I only want him closer and never let him go. How much to I wish this night would never ends. His kisses, his touching, it all feels so good but after tonight I will never see him again. I don’t want to forget him. My heart will always lays with him forever. I’m sorry my Bin Bin I have to hurt you. Hope you will ever be able to forgive me. I don’t want to think about it right now I want to enjoy my Bin Bin.

End of Xiao Qi’s thoughts:

Jian kisses him everywhere, stroking his chest. He undress Xiao Qi fully and Xiao Qi undresses Jian fully. Every touch is so intense and full of passion. It was so quiet that you could hear their breathings who were attuned to each other. Jian loved how Xiao Qi was keep calling his name in pleasure. Sweat was dripping of their bodies.

Jian’s thoughts:

This is the best feeling, falling in love. I cannot describe how happy I’m that Xiao Qi is giving himself fully to me. It’s the first time he is so open to me. And I’m so happy he isn’t dead after all. That I got a second chance. That I finally could tell him how I really feel about him and that he accepts me, is so amazing feeling. One thing I’m sure off and is that I’m never let him go. He belongs to me. He is my soul and heart. He brought color into my life. I’m so stupid that I just see that now. I wish that this night never ends.

End of Jian’s thoughts:

Jian: “Xiao Qi, I will never let you go.” He whispers in his ear.
Xiao Qi: “I will always be there, no matter what where I’m. Never forget that my Bin Bin. Always and forever I will stand next to you, that everything I do, I do that to protect you. Jian, please never forget that.” Says it very seriously.
Jian don’t understands where that comes from so sudden.
Jian: “Sssttt, I know that and I promise I would not forget. Let us not think about bad things that can happen in the future. Let us enjoy each other, now we found each other.”
This time it was Xiao Qi who kisses Jian first. Kisses Jian’s neck, leaving proof that Jian is his alone, Jian also leaves proofs in Xiao Qi’s neck. One thing was for sure. It will become a very long night and one with not much sleep. Outside you could hear their moans, the sound of two people making love.

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