// Men with sword – The truth beneath the lies chapter 2
30 Apr 2019

This chapter also contains scenes that comes out of the show. Those scenes are necessarily for the story.

An hour before dawn, Xiao Qi wakes up in the arms of his king. He got tears in his eyes knowing he will never see this wonderful man again. “I’m sorry my Bin Bin. I have to leave you behind, bringing you pain again but I have to do. It’s the only way to protect you.” Says it to himself. Carefully he climbs out the arms from Jian, kiss his forehead very soft. Then he dresses him. Go sit at the table and start writing a letter to his king. When he is done writing the letter, he puts in an envelope, on the envelope he write with very elegant letters: “To my beloved king”. He lays the letter on his pillow next to Jian Bin. He walks away and before he step out the cabinet, he turns around to Jian. Tears rolling down his cheeks.
Xiao Qi: “Farewell my beloved king. This time we will never see each other again. I’m sorry but I will never forget you.”
Then he walks outside the cabinet. Murong Li was already waiting for him with a horse. Xiao Qi doesn’t say anything and climb on his horse. Murong Li see the spot on his neck.
Murong Li: “Don’t tell me you were so stupid to let that Tianji king take you!”
Xiao Qi: “Sorry Sir.” Looks down.
Murong Li: “What’s wrong with you?! I thought you were the smartest but clearly I had it wrong!”
But he regret what he says immediately when he saw Xiao Qi’s broken face.
Murong Li: “I’m sorry. It’s not your fault. That Tianji king is more poison then I thought. He had you so in his power. Don’t worry, soon it’s over and you will be free. Let’s leave now.”
Xiao Qi only nods and then they leave the Tianji king behind. An hour later Jian wakes up with a smile on his face when he thinks what happened last night. He feels next to him but Xiao Qi isn’t there anymore but he feels well a letter. He go sit up and take the letter in his hand. When he read the words “To my beloved king” he get tears in his eyes cause he just knew it is a farewell letter. He dress him and run outside and screams: “Xiao Qi come back! Xiao Qi!! Why?! Come back!!” He fall on his knees and whispers: “Xiao Qi, why did you left me?” Looks back at the letter in his hands. He stares to it for a while. After a while he put the letter away, he can’t read it. His horse was still standing in front of the cabinet so he had to leave with someone else or he left on foot. He stares at his horse and flashbacks are coming back to him, remember how Xiao Qi was riding his horse, how he shoots arrows, how many times he had sit behind him on this horse, how more he thinks about their time how more tears are falling down of his cheeks. Jian is very confused and hurt. Why did Xiao Qi left so suddenly? Everything did go so well last night, they even became one so what happened? He climb on Xiao Qi’s horse and drives back to Tianji, where the ministers feared their king was gone. A day later Jian arrives in Tianji. At that moment he enters his kingdom, a new face helps him from his horse. He did remind him a bit to Xiao Qi.
General: “Sir, I knew my master would succeed in bringing you back but who thought…..” looks down.

A tear escapes the young man.
Jian: “What? What happened? Did you hear more about Xiao Qi? Tell me; Where is he?” asks worried.
The young man looks worried to his king.
General: “Qi Zi Kan…he is……been murdered.”
Another tear escapes the young man. It looks he was very close to Xiao Qi too.
It becomes to much for Jian and once again he fall on his knees, screaming Xiao Qi’s name over and over. Tears falling down his cheeks and after a few minutes he faints but before his head would land on the ground, the young man catch him up. He carry his king to his room. He let a physician come. After the physician checked him fully.
Physician: “He is just very tired from the emotions and the shock. Qi Zi Khan and he, they were very close. It’s a shame and a great loss for us. Our king will need time to give his most loyal subject’s death a place.”
General: “I will help him were I can.”
Physician: “He have lucky to have you. I know you were Qi Zi Khan’s most loyal subject. He would not trust this task to anyone else than to you. I will take my leave. If there is something don’t doubt to call me.”
General: “Thank you Sir.”
The physician leaves. The young General go sit next to Jian’s bed.
General: “Qi Zi Khan, don’t worry? I will not disappoint you. I will protect our king like I promised. That Nansu king will pay for what he did to you. I miss you my dear friend, you predicted that when we were at the Jieshui Fortress that you would never return, didn’t you.”
This time the tears was falling down from the young General’s cheeks. He thinks about their last conversation.


A day before Geng Chen would pick up Xiao Qi. A young General arrives in the tent of Xiao Qi. (Appearances: see images)

In front of Xiao Qi he kneel down.
General: “You called me Sir.”
Xiao Qi stands up and go to him. He help the young General stand up.
Xiao Qi: “Chu Bei Jie, no need for the formalities.”
Chu Bei Jie: “Thank you Sir.”
Xiao Qi: “Bei Jie, I called you here in today to ask you something. You’re not only my most trusted and loyal subject but also my closet friend. I can only ask you.” Says it very serious.
Chu Bei Jie is very touched with Xiao Qi’s word.
Chu Bei Jie: “I see you not only as my master but also as my family. I will do anything to repay for your kindness.”
Xiao Qi smiles too now. He lay a hand on his shoulder.
Xiao Qi: “Promise me when I’m gone that you will take care of our king, protect him, support him. When I will be gone, he will be destroyed. It breaks my heart knowing that one day I have to leave his side.” Says it sad and with tears in his eyes.
Chu Bei Jie is worried. It’s the first time Xiao Qi talks like that. Would he have a bad feeling.
Chu Bei Jie: “You don’t need to worry. I promise when you are gone I will be there for our king, protect him with my life. But sure you will not die so soon. You are the god of war after all.”
Xiao Qi: “Thank you. I only trust our king to you. There is something I have to tell you. Please don’t hate me and don’t tell the king. I will when at the right time.”

End Flashback

Chu Bei Jie: “Don’t worry Qi Zhi Khan I will keep your secret.”
He looks at his king.
Chu Bei Jie: “You must be strong for your Xiao Qi.”
Two days later Jian finally wakes up. When he look around, he see a young man sitting next to his bed, holding his hand. His head layed next to their hands. It was the same young man who helped him from his horse, the same who told him the horrible news about Xiao Qi. But who is he? He did saw him a few times with Xiao Qi. Why was he here? He take his hand away. Short after that Chu Bei Jie wakes up. He smiles when he see his king awake. He reminds Jian a lot of Xiao Qi.
Chu Bei Jie: “You’re finally awake Sir.”
Jian: “Who are you?”
Chu Bei Jie: “Me? My last name is Chu.”
Jian look at him in shock, it remind him to his first meeting with Xiao Qi.


This scene is from the show
Jian felt off his horse and got hurt very bad. He get unconscious. Xiao Qi finds him and carries him to his cabinet in the woods. When Jian wakes up, he looks around. This was strange. Where was he? When he continue looking around, he sees a tall stranger, dressed in white like him. But who is this stranger? He is pouring tea.
Jian: “Who are you? Where is this?”
Xiao Qi: “You’re up.”
Jian tries to sit up while Xiao Qi is bringing him a cup of tea? He falls back wards but Xiao Qi jumps behind him so he fall on Xiao Qi’s shoulder. Xiao Qi gives him the cup of tea and help him to sit right but hold him in his arms.
Xiao Qi: “You’ve got a leg fracture, luckily your injury isn’t too grave. If it hadn’t been me, you might’ve been taken away by some mountain beast.”
Jian looks at him with suspicious eyes.
Jian: “Who are you?”
Xiao Qi: “Me? My last name is Qi. I passed by the road and saw you fainted on the ground. I was afraid you’d be eaten by some wild beast, so I brought you here.”
Jian: “Thank you.”
Xiao Qi smiles. Jian looks away but inside his smile gave him such a warm feeling and somehow it felt like he met him before.

End Flashback

Tears were standing in his eyes again.
Chu Bei Jie: “You were thinking of Qi Zi Khan again?”
Jian: “You said exact the same words when I asked for his name. How do you know him? What is your relationship with him?”
Chu Bei Jie: “Qi Zi Khan saved and changed my life. It was short that he arrived at the kingdom. I always got in trouble. I’m an orphan, lost my whole family. I got bullied a lot. I was 18 years when I got beaten up by a whole group when suddenly a tall stranger jumped from the sky and knocked down that whole group. I was overwhelmed by his martial arts. I could learn a lot from this guy. He was very kind and wanted to be at his side. I felt save around him so I asked if I become his student and surprisingly he accepted my offer. Since that day I was always at his side. He learned the martial arts, bow shooting, everything to become a General. After 2 years, he made me a General and one that stands directly under him. When he wasn’t around I had to take the leading. I was also his right man. We were always together. I protected him and he me. We became very close. I started to see him more than just my master, I saw him as my big brother, he became my new family. I became an orphan since my 4th, I never thought I would ever find family again till I met Qi Zi Khan. And a day before he sacrifice him for Jieshui Fortress he told me he saw me not only as his most trusted and loyal subject but also see me as his closet friend. I was so happy but I think he felt he would never return to your side. The thought he had to leave you one day broke him and he asked me when he is gone if I than want to take care of you, protect you.”
Chu Bei Jie kneel down.
Chu Bei Jie: “Sir, please allow me to stay at your side so I can fulfill my promise to my gēgē (means older brother)”
Jian was really touched by his story and he felt the deep connection between but somehow he was a bit jealous of their relationship but for him was it also a good reason to keep this guy close to him. He saw the tears were also standing in his eyes.
Jian: “Rise. I will allow you at my side.”
Chu Bei Jie: “Thank you sir.”
Jian: “What is your full name?”
Chu Bei Jie: “My full name is Chu Bei Jie Sir.”
Jian: “Right Chu Bei Jie, do you know who killed our precious Xiao Qi?”
Chu Bei Jie: “The Nansu king Yu Qing.” Says it angrily.
Jian: “That basterd!! I will kill him!! You are trained by Xiao Qi so your martial arts must be great. Will you help me with my revenge?”
Chu Bei Jie: “Yes Sir, I will kill that basterd with my own sword. For you, for my gēgē, for our kingdom. But we need a good plan. We can’t just go to him. We almost lost you Sir. We need allies. How much I want to kill him to revenge my gēgē, it’s best to wait. Don’t worry Sir he will be killed. He will not escape his punishment. I swear on my life.”
Jian smiles, he is so much like his Xiao Qi, it feels that his beloved boy is still close to him. He must keep that Chu Bei Jie very close to him.
Jian: “You are right. Let’s wait for the right moment.”
He stands up, goes to the window and looks outside. He makes fists.
Jian: “Xiao Qi, I swear I will avenge you. All is this the last thing I do. Even you could predict your death and even manage to send my own personal protection. Your love for me, warms me up but at the same time I feel so empty. Xiao Qi I miss you.”
Tears were rolling down over his cheeks again. Chu Bei Jie come to stand next to him, lay a hand on his shoulder to show him, he isn’t alone. Self does Chu Bei Jie bites off his own tears. He must be strong for his king now. Meanwhile in Tianshu was almost in the hands of Nansu too and their king Meng Zhang was also sick. His loyal subject Zhong Kunyi was very worried. Meng Zhang is coughing. Kunyi enters his room and go to him and bows.
Kunyi: “Greetings Sir.”
Meng Zhang coughing again and looks up.
Meng: “I presume you already know what’s all happened.”
Kunyi: “I heard about it already. If I didn’t get so ill on the way back, I would’ve been back much sooner to tend to my duty. I am guilty for worrying your Majesty.”
Kunyi bows again while Meng stands up.
Meng: “You must be careful of your health. Take good care. In the future, you and I have some bearing to do.”
Meng is coughing again. Kunyi looks worried.
Kunyi: “Sir, have you caught a cold?”
Meng: “Recently I had some chills and I caught a cold, and I have some coughing, but it’s not bad. Let’s talk business now.”
Kunyi: “Sir, you mean….”
Meng: “I’ve already accepted Su Han’s suggestion. Concede to Nansu.”
Kunyi: “Sir!”
Meng is coughing again.
Meng: “I’m afraid….I’m afraid we will be faced with some hard ships coming up, until the time is ripe again.”
Kunyi: “Sir, you made up your mind?”
Meng: “Yes. Leave the forest for future use, though I am not sure what the future holds, and I fear I will still need to borrow the powers of Su, Shen and Cui clans. You must be careful in the future. Do not get in conflicts with them. You and the scholars at the learning palace, are my secret chess pieces left.”
Kunyi is angry. How could his king to be so stupid to concede to Nansu. Was his signing his own grave!? But on the other hand he only wants to protect his civilians. No Matter what he have to protect his king.
Kunyi: “I obey the royal order with respect. May your Majesty get his wish in life and an abundance of happiness.”
Meng: “With your help, I am sure I can get my wish.”
Meng is coughing again. A subject gives him his medicine.
Meng: “Why this again?”
Subject: “Sir, coughs can be big or smack, but they must not be disregarded. So your medicine should not be stopped.”
Kunyi: “What’s the medicine taken by His Majesty?”
Subject: “It’s a prescription written by the physician after seeing His Majesty. Sir has been taking it for some four or five days, and he’s indeed made improvements.”
Kunyi takes the bowl with the medicine out of his king’s hands and smells at it.
Meng: “Do you know medicine-making?”
Kunyi: “I just think it smells too bitter.”
Meng: “Good medicine is bitter to the mouth.”
But Meng doesn’t trust it after seeing the concerned face of Kunyi. He gives the bowl back to the subject and send him away.
Meng: “With the state of affairs unsettled, I think I should send you out of the fortress for a few days. What do you think of it?”
Kunyi: “I obey the royal order.”
Meng: “I know this is not an easy concession. Our army is not walking through mud, they have to worry about the hidden rocks in the mud everywhere.”
Kunyi: “Sir, for everything, let’s take one step at the time, and one day, you will see the sun after the clouds move.”
Meng: “Alright. You must be feeling tired from traveling. Go and rest up now.”
Kunyi: “Just one thing. Can you stop to drink that medicine.”
Meng: “Why? What’s wrong?”
Kunyi: “There is something off with it. Don’t know what yet but give me some time to find out but till that time please don’t drink it anymore.”
He saw Kunyi was worried.
Meng: “Don’t worry but if it ease your mind, I promise I won’t drink it anymore. Get some rest now.”
Kunyi: “I bid my farewell. Thank you and take care of your health, Sir.”
He leaves. Meng coughs again. Kunyi go immediately go inside the physician’s house secretly and take some medicine. Then he travels to Nansu to find Murong Li. He enters Murong Li’s house and kneel down.
Kunyi: “Sir, may I ask if you know this medicine?”
Murong Li smiles evilly.
Murong Li: “Of course I know. That’s Meng’s medicine. Why you ask?”
Kunyi: “What kind medicine is it?”
Murong Li: “Some medicine can cure illnesses but also can kill people.”
Kunyi looks sad.
Kunyi: “So it’s killing him slowly.”
Murong Li: “Yes, why are you so sad about it. You are been send to kill him. Why are you complaining about it?”
Kunyi: “I don’t want him death.” Looks down.
Murong Li: “What do you say!” Says it angrily.
Kunyi stands up and makes fists.
Kunyi: “I don’t want him death! He is a good person! He don’t deserve to be killed!3
Murong Li gets furious. Since when does his subjects start to speak against him. He hits him in his face.
Murong Li: “What the hell is wrong with you! Since when do you dare to speak against me! Who the hell you think you are! Know your place!” Says it furious.
Kunyi kneel down.
Kunyi: “Sorry Sir but please let me save him. I will do anything.” A tear escapes his eyes.
Murong Li lift up his chin and looks furious to him.
Murong Li: “Alright, I will give you the antidote but then after you give him the antidote, you will leave his side forever. Then you come back at my side if you don’t I will personally kill him with my bare hands. Do I make myself clear?!”
Kunyi: “Yes Sir. Thank you.”
Murong Li let him go.
Murong Li: “I will send Geng to you with the antidote. You can leave now.” Says it irritated and furious.
Kunyi: “Yes Sir.”
He leaves and returns to Tianshu. The thought he have to leave his king’s side breaks his hear but he have no choice. It is or well stay at his side and let him die or save him but leave his side, then he knows what to choose. Two days later Geng bring him the antidote. He goes immediately to Meng Zhang. When he arrives at his room, he see that his king lays on bed.
Subject: “Lord Zhong.”
Kunyi: “A few days ago, you said His Majesty’s coughing was improved. Why is it that he still doesn’t look well today?”
Subject: “Last night, His Majesty felt dizzy and went to bed early. But he started to have fever in the middle of the night. We brought the physician to check on him. The physician said the king’s old ailment is not cured but he contracted a new cold. We were going to serve His Majesty to eat a meal. But His Majesty asked to summon you into the palace as soon as he was awake. But he became unconscious all the way until now.”
Kunyi: “He still didn’t eat?”
Subject: “Let me go prepare it now.”
Kunyi nods and the subject leaves. Kunyi goes to Meng and kneel down in front of the bed.
Kunyi: “Sir….Sir.”
Meng open his eyes, turns his head to Kunyi.
Meng: “My beloved subject Zhong.”
Kunyi looks worried. Meng is coughing again and looks very pale.
Kunyi: “Where are you feeling ill, Sir? Should we summon the physician again?”
Meng: “No need. Just a cold and I took in too much medicine. I had a dream just now and I dreamed of you. You were still a nameless scholar at the learning palace. You were discussing my new policy reform with others.”
Meng is coughing again. Kunyi looks even more worried. He can’t wait to long to give him the antidote.
Meng: “I have never seen another sight that was more amazing and alluring than that.”
Kunyi: “I was only an immature student who did not know the weight of the world.”
Meng is coughing again. He wants to sit up and Kunyi helps him and then kneel down again.
Meng: “Minister Zhong, do you blame me in your heart?” Asks it sad.
Kunyi looks down. How could he blame him. He is just too kind for this world. He have such a good heart.
Meng: “To concede to them without a battle, it’s akin to becoming a destroyed nation. I understand the logic of it.”
Kunyi: “Sir, there are some things you can concede, but there are some things you can’t concede. I am not talented but I am willing to work hard.”
Meng lay his hand on Kunyi’s hands.
Meng: “It’s not that I don’t trust your skills.”
They let their hands fall on bed.
Meng: “It’s just that once the battle fires ignite, our Tianshu will suffer and the innocent commoners who toil to make a living will bear the end of it. It’s not fair to them?”
Kunyi: “Sir, there are lots of unfair things in the world. As it’s said, when the nest flipped over, no eggs lays unbroken. If the nations is no more, then what subject and citizens are left? I dare to ask for your permission to head to the army at once, to march into battle with Nansu.”
Meng: “Minister Zhong. It’s too late. It’s too late.”
Kunyi stands up.
Kunyi: “Until it’s the final moment, it’s never too late.”
Meng: “A few days ago, I granted permission to Su Han to manage our surrender. Su Han wanted to get rid of you. I can’t vouch that you will be safe for now either, so you better leave.”
Kunyi is worried and sad. He don’t want to leave him. He have to get to the point of his illness so he can give him the antidote. Then he will be safe.
Kunyi: “Then what about you sir?”
Meng: “Even if my nation is destroyed, I must stay here in my palace.”
Kunyi: “I see that you’ve already made all the arrangements.”
Meng: “I may lack other skills, but I can do enduring quite well.”
Kunyi: I fear you won’t be able to endure through this hardship.”
Meng looks shocked.
Meng: “What do you mean?”
Meng coughs harder. Kunyi go sit next to him and hold him in his arms. Meng feel touched by this gesture. His holding is so warm and so safe.
Kunyi: “Sir, when General Ling passed away at a young age, he vomited blood after coughing. Didn’t you ever suspect? I heard there are some medicine that can cure an illness but they can kill a life too.”
Meng looks even more in shock after hearing this.
Meng: “Minister Zhong.”
Kunyi: “Sir, back then, General Ling was the old obstacle, now…..now….”
Meng laughs sarcastic.
Meng: “Now…now it’s me.”
Kunyi hold him tighter and pulls him closer to him. Meng’s heart beat faster.
Kunyi: “True, it’ you but I won’t allow them. I searched for an antidote and found it.”
Meng looks surprised to him and feels warmer inside. “He searched for an antidote for me.” Meng says it to himself.
Meng: “You really did that for me?”
Kunyi: “Did you really thought I would let you die?” Asks a bit hurt.
A tear escapes from Meng’s eyes.
Meng: “Sorry, it’s just that never before there was someone who cared so much for me.”
Kunyi gives him the antidote and then strokes his hair. Meng drinks the antidote. After a few minutes he get more color in his face.
Kunyi: “How do you feel Sir?”
Meng: “I feel my strengths coming back.”
He turns his head to Kunyi. At the same time Kunyi does the same. With result their faces were very close to each other. They look very intensely in each other’s eyes. Meng lay one hand in his neck and pulls Kunyi closer, close his eyes and kiss him. For a second Kunyi was puzzled about it but then he close his eyes and kiss his king back. Meng push Kunyi down at bed and then they kiss very passionate. They play with each other’s tongues. After a few minutes he go lay down next to Kunyi. Kunyi sits up, Meng takes him in his arms from behind. Lay his cheek against Kunyi’s cheeks. Kunyi lays his hands on Meng’s hands.
Meng: “Did I disappoint you?”
Kunyi: “No, it’s just that you are too kind but that is what I like so much about you. That and your big heart. I will always be there for you. No matter what happens you must not forget I will always love you.”
Meng is so happy to hear those words. Did he finally found someone who always will stay at his side. After a while he lay down Meng on bed.
Kunyi: “Go and rest I will take my leave and see you later.”
Meng pulls him in his arms.
Meng: “Stay till I fell in sleep.”
Kunyi smiles. A few minutes later he fall in sleep. Kunyi crawls out bed. He writes a letter and leave it next to his king. He looks to his king, tears falling down from his cheeks.
Kunyi: “I’m sorry Meng, I have to leave you behind but it’s to protect you. Farewell my king.”
Then he walks away from the man he loves and returns to Nansu, to his master Murong Li.

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