// Men with sword – The truth beneath the lies Summary
30 Apr 2019

Head couples:

Jian Bin & Xiao Qi (High General) – Tianji
Zhi Ming & Murong Li (king of Yaoguang) – Tianquan
Meng Zhang & Zhong Kunyi (High Chancellor) – Tianshu
Ling Guang & Gongsun Qian (Vice prime minister) – Tianxuan
Yu Xiao & Fang Ye (High General) – Nansu

Side couples:

Jian Bin & Chu Bei Jie (New High general) – Character from General & I
Zhi Ming & Ziyu (High general + prince of Liulin)
Ling Guang & Gu Shi’an (High general)
Meng Zhang & Ze Yin (High General) – Character from General & I
Yu Xiao & Mo Ran (General) – Character from General & I
Xiao Qi & Murong Li
Zhong Kunyi & Gongsun Qian


This story starts when Jian is told Xiao Qi sacrifice his life for the kingdom. In his grief he wants to kill his high priest cause it was his idea to fight with Nansu but at the moment he wants to behead him, the priest tells him that it’s not him but Qi Zi Kan that betray him. He tell his king about the rumors, that Qi Zi Kan is a traitor. Jian don’t really wants to believe him. He locks the priest up in the dungeon instead of killing him. When Jian ends in fighting with Yu Qing (Nansu King). He ends up being captured. He tells the same rumors about Xiao Qi, he don’t really know what to believe. Yu Qing give him a chance to die with pride. He goes outside with some of Yu Qing’s guards to kill himself. Xiao Qi prevent it from happening and take his king away to their cabinet in the woods. There they make love with each other. Jian is very happy but it don’t take too long cause the next day Xiao Qi is gone. He only left a letter. A few hours later he hears that Xiao Qi is been murdered by the Nansu King. Meanwhile in Tianshu, Meng Zhang is poisoned and on the edge of dying but Zhong Kunyi comes to the rescue with an antidote, saving his king’s life. After sharing a passionate kiss Meng Zhang falls in sleep. Next day Kunyi is gone and he hears he is been murdered by the Nansu King. While in Tianxuan Ling is drunk and in his flirtatious state. He pushes Gongsun against the wall and start kissing him. Gongsun allows it and kiss him back. He wants to strip his servant’s clothes but before it can happen, they been disturbed by the prime minister. Ling isn’t really happy about it. Someone wants to speak with the king alone urgent. After the meeting he takes Gongsun with him outside for a walk around the kingdom but they get attacked and Gongsun get stabbed while he was saving his king and dies in his arms. ling find out the Nansu king was behind the attack. When Murong li tells Zhi Ming he will leave him for Nansu, is Zhi Ming hurt. Then Murong Li’s subject Geng Chen tells him his master is been murdered by the Nansu King on his way to Nansu. When the kings find out from each other they all lost their beloved one by the hands of the same man, they decide to work together to kill the Nansu king and they succeed. Directly his younger brother Yu Xiao takes over the crown with the help from Murong Li and his assassins. Nothing is what it seems cause the friendship between Yu Xiao and Murong Li doesn’t end well. Short after he helped Murong Li getting his kingdom back. After that Murong Li stays with his assassins in his kingdom sending Yu Xiao broken away. Out fear Yu Xiao will become his enemy, he send Fang Ye to gain his trust and when the time is ripe to kill him. Fang Ye and Yu Xiao become very close but how will Yu Xiao react when he find out the person he trust the most is send by Murong Li to kill him? In the meanwhile the other kings find out that their servants were send to kill them. Was everything a lie? Did they faked everything? Did they ever loved their kings like they did? They are all left destroyed. Desperate finding a way to move on with their lives, they find someone else and for a moment they look happy. But a year later everything changes when they find out that their servants aren’t dead at all but pretend to be, used them for killing the Nansu king. Feeling betrayed and furious, the kings decide to work together again for the second time to lure their servants in a trap to kill them but when they stand eye in eye with the man they deep down still love, will they be able to kill them? Will they ever be able to forgive them for their betrayal? Will their relationships ever become the same as they were? Read it in this drama.

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