Men With Swords: Long Drabbles

written by SpeXialHoe
Link to her/his account:
SpeXialHoe Wattpad

A series of stand alone long drabbles based on the the Chinese drama men with swords, which is so wonderfully flexible to fit to other storylines like fairytales or clichés.

Includes mpreg, gay relationships (lots of them), sickeningly sweet romance and mentions of two men having sex, all that stuff that makes a plot great!

Sleeping Murongzel and the hairdressing king

The Tianji king takes a vacation

Trying to stay in the closet doesn’t work, seriously!

Jian Bin gets baby fever

How Papa met Baba

Teach me how to love, Scholar Zhong

It’s not just bromance, its true love 1

When you left, you left something behind

Let me entertain, whoops, I mean seduce you

The cute, not so boring nursing intern (1)

Friends with benefits and kids 1

Finance’s meet the Zhu parents 2

Are you my Jian Bin?

Come back home Baba!

Trouble comes in pairs [teaser]

Bin-zel and the dumb general

My cute, nurse boyfriend (2)

What you nearly missed

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