// Mother Ma’s grandly planned shotgun wedding
26 May 2019

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Most people take a few months at least to plan their dream wedding, not often a few days, but saying that, those people were not the very determined mother Ma. The grandest shotgun wedding ever in the history of world was going to be held in hours, and again, Ian was extremely panicked, because this was no ordinary shotgun wedding. It was the fanciest wedding organised in two days, also the only one that ever took place in a restaurant dining room with all family and some permitted reporters. The most important thing about this wedding was that the from was none other than the young alpha master of the Yi corporation, who was found to be wed to the young omega master of the Ma family, who he had marked and was now carrying his children. That was the highlight for the press, and mother Ma only encouraged the spreading of the story for good impressions of her two sons so no one slandered them later in life for it. She had sent a designer dressmaker to her son’s home to fit him a dress that was both comfortable and stylish, a stylist to help her son in law to pick one of his own suits, and designed the venue.

The mother of the bride had spent the night before in a luxury hotel suite with her son, demanding that even though it was a shotgun wedding they should observe tradition, and one of those traditions was the bride and groom spending the night before the ceremony separately. So she had taken her sweet little son to cubs n pups again, to buy any last minute baby clothes before he was to big to leave the house, the spa for expecting mothers for a relaxing spa treatment, and feed with all his cravings. “Mmm, mum, will you miss me when I become busy with me and Ian’s children? Damn these chilli soy noodle snacks taste good.”, he mumbled, as a masseuse took the tension out of his lower back that had started to ache badly from carrying several kilos of healthy cubs.

Meiling grinned, “A-Huan, mother will miss you, but I knew from the moment I saw your beautiful baby eyes when you were born that one day my little Huan will marry a nice man, and have your own lovely family just like I did years ago. It is only what you deserve for being so smart and well raised, so will your children, the perfect offspring of the business world power families, that the world will come to know as the kindest and strongest rival.”, she said.

Then, father Ma walked in with more boxes, helped by the hotel porter, and of course these boxes had the most important items of the day in, the once in a lifetime dress and veil. The dress was cut like one of the regency period ball gowns, in fine ivory silk with a moderately high neckline and high bust so that there was enough fabric to flow over the baby bump, down to the floor in the front, while the back fanned out to form the magnificent train. It went on just before the make-up came out, and mother Ma put a light dusting of foundation powder over an expensive cushion foundation to get the correct dewy caramel colour, along with some highlighter to make his high cheekbone stand out and some lip gloss. Although still beautifully masculine, Evan had changed his looks recently, his mother remembering how he had refused to have his usual haircut of faded sides and long on top, letting his hair grow out, and taken to wearing women’s clothes because they were easier to find in the size necessary.

Ian had spent the last single night at his parents house, and ate his way through a while rack of spicy, slow cooked pork ribs, cooked by his older sister Hua, as unfortunately his mate was no fan of pure meat. Throughout the short time he had known the omega, Evan had gone on a noodle eating fad, in which he learned how to make noodles so he would never be without them in dire times of need, plus a baking fad that very nearly made Ian give up on life, as his smiling mate bought all the baking ingredients in the local seven eleven and cooked enough to feed a bakery, but instead he only really fed his mate and himself. Mother Yi was surprised to hear how terrible her son had been, playing around at night with strangers and leaving them in the morning. Luckily it was the plucky young omega master of the Ma family, and not another innocent young omega or beta’s life, yet the arrogant alpha still thought his family could have covered the issue up and resolved it for him. The young master Ma would easily make him more humble and kind, he would also experience being helpless, upset and happy, which was just a few of the feelings he had never fully felt under the family’s wing.

Father and mother Yi drove their son to the venue one hour before the wedding, for Ian’s part of the rehearsal, the bride was already set up according to his father in law, who had been locked out to get ready to do his father’s duty of leading the bride down the aisle. “Meiling has been waiting to see A-Huan be married to a nice man all her life since he was a baby, so this day has to be everything he would have had in his long planned dream wedding, just adapted to the current situation. Take care of my son young master Yi, and give him everything. Our miracle deserves the world for what he has done, but now he will be your miracle Ian, and so will your children.”, Father Ma reflected wistfully.

The young alpha nodded solemnly to the older beta, “Thank you director Ma, I will treat your son well, and give him everything he wants.”

Father Ma chuckled, posting Ian’s shoulder, “Call me father, we will be family very soon and family should not call each other by job titles or surnames.

“The bonding moment was abruptly interrupted by mother Ma yelling at her husband to get in and get the groom in position quickly, as the ceremony was about to begin and everyone needed to get to their allocated places. Ian took his place with the officiator, and the rest of the guests picked their seats accordingly to plan, parents at the front, family friends in the middle and a few strategically placed reporters at the back. The bride came out on his father’s arm, with the young daughters of a fellow business family as the ones who carried the train of the dress and Hua Yi carrying the rings in a long lilac dress. Although no one could see the bride’s face, th they all knew that underneath the lace veil, the omega was smiling.

Father Ma gave Evan’s hand to Ian with tears in his eyes, walking back to his seat to cry some more with his wife, while the ceremony began. It was short and without any unnecessarily flowery language, just vows and the exchange of rings, a pair of identical Chaumet platinum bands, but the ambience and subtle semblance of love in the prepared vows were enough to drive the crowd to happy tears if they had by any chance missed out on the most important part, how they kissed once, slow and deep, then the alpha knelt down to kiss his omega’s round belly through the material. Any disputes they had prior, the couple were now lawfully and otherwise bonded.

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