// My cute, nurse boyfriend (2)
04 May 2019

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Ian thought that his life was perfect at the present time; his university grades in music composition and modern vocals were excellent for a second your student, and his cute Canadian boyfriend was soon to be a certified nurse of paediatric orthopaedics. Evan had been sad to see him go back to Taiwan after the doctor declared him fully healed, but knew that realistically, if their love could brew in the orthopaedics ward of a foreign hospital, it could survive the distance until he graduated and came to China. They had daily video chats if neither had too much work, which became more common as finals week dawned on Evan and Ian.

Evan was studying for his final exams and more than anything, looked forward to his graduation. Then the nights of study and lack of time in general would cease, and not only could he get his dream job but pursue a career closer to his boyfriend, who visited every holiday but could do nothing else. Finally he simple wish to be with the one he loved, to be able to wake up to Ian’s dumb sleeping face and nasty morning breath every morning possible, and show off his musician boyfriend off to his batch mates. After the final written exam, he would have to tell Ian the special day for his graduation, hoping he could attend in the near future.

The guys in the dorm kept teasing Ian for sulking every time the Canadian Chinese man had to hang the video chat up to study more, without explaining when they would be able to talk again. Wes and Wayne had remained laughing stock, having purchase rings too tight to take off in America, so they were unable to take them off since that drunken day in the long part of Los Angeles. Still their situation only antagonised his own, stuck in China while his cute nurse was all the way in Canada. He would wait though until his boyfriend called saying finals were over and all that was left to do was to wait for the graduation ceremony, distance was something they constantly battled, but time wasn’t an enemy when they had such a deep relationship.

Putting down pens on paper, the Vancouver fourth year nursing class let out sighs of relief. One particularly rowdy senior whooped in joy and remarked that he’d see them all in a month for graduation in the grounds, making the Chinese Canadian sigh again. Ian had been missing in his daily routine for weeks now, and although it sounded cheesy, his boyfriends love gave him energy to keep working towards his future. He took a long hot shower and called up his beloved, waiting impatiently for the video call to connect to no avail. Instead this phone just buzzed with a text from Ian, saying he needed to focus on his upcoming music exam, taking place on a date very familiar to Evan.

Their loving relationship was slowly dwindling down to not talking or seeing each other and it took a toll on Evan and Ian. Ian’s batch mates all notice that he kept practising even though his song was already perfect with all of the preparation he put in, and the old nurse didn’t feel her nephew worried work with the same energy. She knew about their relationship since Evan returned to the house wearing a ring, and had supported him silently for two years, but something news evidently wrong. Little Huan ate sparingly and worked more than he needed to as a volunteer nurse, while nothing was said about the wonderful master Yi from China anymore.

All the graduates recieved an email with the details of the graduation ceremony prior to the listed date, aimed at those with parents or family abroad in other countries. Nurse Tang saw Evan opening the email, and skipped over, “Auntie and uncle will be there in Sunday best for you Huan. You made us proud, and your parents in heaven.”, she said joyfully. Evan didn’t smile though, “I wanted Ian there, but he has a music exam, and it would not be the same without my favourite patient there to see my only graduation ceremony.”, he answered shortly, shutting his bedroom door so loudly uncle Tang came to see what was going on. Auntie Tang had some boy trouble to sort out!

Ian kept getting calls from a Canadian number, but he didn’t answer as he though better not to pick up a strange call. Then Wes told him a letter had arrived for him at their dorm, from Canada and a certain Mrs Tang, a name that sounded familiar going back a few years ago. When he opened it, he was startled, “My ma in law is after me, even coming to get me if I don’t email back soon. She thinks I’m ignoring Evan and won’t be able to come to his UBC graduation, what do I say?” Wes and Wayne rolled their eyes, “You did to be fair, he tried to call you online several times in the last two weeks and call your phone to get a rejection message for his efforts, but you never noticed being too focused on your composition.”, they deadpanned.

Talking to his professor, they said that if he felt he was ready he was indeed allowed to take his exam early and offered their congratulations to his cute boyfriend. Of course, that was after he replied to Auntie Tang and said he’d be there to see her precious baby, to avoid being kidnapped. Wes and Wayne’s honest answer had actually made him feel guilty, his boyfriend only wanted to be the best man he could for Ian, earning a hard degree to get a good job to support the two of them and his remaining family. During the last weeks of his degree he had been genuinely too busy to chat, then he wanted attention just to be ignored.

Evan stayed true and announced his migration to China, his birth country, to live and love there with his boyfriend. Uncle and Auntie Tang initially disliked the idea of their little Huan relocating, but respected his happiness and prosperity. It was just lovely to see him find his own path after having to overcome so many hurdles and with less support than other youths his age, so if a man was that thing, who cared what people may think. Zhen Huan had fought and this was his reward, and Ian was going to be in Canada for his university graduation, as Evan was likely to be at his two years ahead in China.

Auntie Tang helped dress her little Huan in his finest dinner suit and personally put the classic graduation cap on top of his smooth, silky black hair, neatly brushed back. It was a nostalgic feeling, only years before he was in the same outfit leaving high school in Toronto, that was before they had to relocate they had to relocate as three to Vancouver. Now he was all grown up and moving on to this second most important person, the music student from Canada aka his favourite patient. Tears came to her slowly ageing eyes, “Little Huan, you may not be little, but remember that whatever happens, Aunt and Uncle will always be here for you. You made us all proud, Mama and Baba too.

“Ian had arrived at the hotel neaest to the Vancouver UBC campus, exactly as nurse Tang had arranged after he said he had passed his music exam and said he was preparing to get ready to leave for Canada. It would be nice to see Evan again in person, so when the old lady offered to pay for his flights, hotel and transfers in return for cheering her nephew up, he didn’t hesitate. Along with his presence, he also had a much more important present for his boyfriend, that he had arranged separately with Uncle Tang to execute. He would propose to marry his cute nurse at the ceremony, like it suggested on the list of romantic surprises that he had followed despite the amount of clichés he knew his boyfriend detested.

The nursing batch were being awarded by order of surname on the podium outside, and Evan waiting to step up could see his Auntie Tang beaming like the sun at him, and Uncle Tang beginning proudly. Although all was well otherwise, it was not completely well, for the lack of a musical youth made a tear in his imagined image of graduation, and if he didn’t show up, maybe he had lost interest in their relationship from not talking. It would be a lonely life if he had, since he only had his Aunt and Uncle as family, and no Ian meant no one to come home to after a long shift at the hospital. Just before he was called up, an obnoxious lime green mohawk entered the sea of heads in the hall, and that special person waved, showing that very familiar promise ring that matched his own.

The professor quickly finished presenting everyone’s degree, and the rest of the graduates completed the cliché move of throwing their caps, but Evan’s was different. As he threw it, he was bombarded by his lime green boyfriend, “Wow! Now I can say my cute boyfriend is a certified nurse?”, he asked excitedly, the graduate nodded shyly and even blushed a little. Then, Ian kissed him in front of the other students, their parents, and his bright red Aunt and Uncle, but Evan was too lost in the moment to be embarrassed. “Get off me buffoon, we are in a public place that isn’t suitable for such gross displays of affection.”, he hissed eventually. Auntie Tang giggled like a teenage girl and made one remark that summed up all she felt on the matter, “He’s a keeper baby, don’t fight his love okay?

“Before they left the field, Ian had one last surprise left for his smart boyfriend, and he was ready! He waited until all the students had departed appropriately, then knelt down on one knee, fumbling with a box and two thin titanium rings. He took a very deep breath, them asked the big question, “Ma Zhen Huan, will you do me the honour of taking your hand in marriage?” Evan smiled, “Yes Ian, you may take my hand in marriage like the cheeseball you are. I love you too much, how could I say no.”, he replied happily. Auntie Tang hugged her husband, wiping the tears of joy spilling down her cheeks, “Oh My. They grow up so fast, little Huan will leave us for that green haired boy and is now pursuing his own family, where did my teenage nephew go?”

Ian and Evan married in a private civil ceremony the same week that the cute Canadian got more good news. He had been accepted at the university Ian studied at and would be assisting nursing students at the neighbouring medical campus in getting a degree as he had. Not only could he help people and pass on his knowledge, but he would always be close to his husband wherever he was, giving him a sense of security and subtle intimacy. At the end of their honeymoon in Canada, the newlywed couple moved into the flat Ian’s parents gave him in China for his last birthday, and lived very much happily ever after when all things considered, falling in love so quickly in a hospital, and had to wait two years until they could be together completely.


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