// Operation survive the parents
26 May 2019

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The day before the greatly anticipated meeting the parents had come, and Ian was freaking out. He was less stressed about his family, but oh good, he could remember that at the business conference they last attended, the Ma family were the most formidable group there, even though the leader of the business was a smart beta and the first female vice president in the history of the business was his sharp omega wife, and their only heir was an omega male. People like that, although lower in secondary gender, were well known to have the scared even the most strong alpha’s with mere words, and it was kind of terrifying that because of his view he how bit an omega under the influence he now would have to live with the power playing son of that formidable family forever more. Evan on the other had calmly prepared a bottle of fine wine and flowers for his future in laws, got his unusually long hair trimmed into a classy short bob to go with his clearly female outfit, and picked out the food he wanted from the menu on the restaurant website. The opposite of the flushed alpha who still did not know how he was going to not crap himself against Tiger woman Meiling Ma, had not picked his suit out, and barely anywhere near enough be able to style with the stress induced pulling of the fading neon green strands.

The same day they were due to meet at Hua Lin, Ian made a short notice appointment at his friends hairdressers and tailors, managing to come back with neat black hair faded at the sides and a suit from the tailors shop, so at least he was visually ready. That didn’t account for the panicking before they argued who should drive the car though, or the hysterical whining about facing ‘tiger Meiling’. Evan almost climbed out the car and called his chauffer to take him to the restaurant, but felt he had to resist the urge, because it would look very strange for a mated omega to appear alone, instead he just yelled at his dumb alpha, “Ian, please shut up! My mother will not make you take care of the children for the first months alone as punishment for making me, she may be a teensy bit scary, but she also knows first hand that it takes two to tango, and two people to make a baby. She was the one bugging me to find you, saying it wasn’t her responsibility or completely mine, and to go find you.

“The restaurant, as reviewed on Baidu, had a familial kind of ambience to it. A hostess showed them to a private function room, off to the left side of the main dining area, chatting that mostly people used them for big functions such as birthdays or weddings, a thought that made Ian nervous. What if tiger mother demanded they get married or announce their relationship? His time to worry was cut short when someone threw open the double doors from inside, making him jump in surprise, but Evan didn’t flinch at all, he started to shrug off the black coat he’d worn over the long tunic and combed through his hair calmly. The one who had thrown the double doors open was none other than a very familiar, small omega female with long brown hair in a hair stick that ended in a tiger and wore a navy trouser suit, the woman he had been fearing, the tiger mother. “Ooh baby boy, you look so good! Mother missed you and the cubs in the house, your father also missed the funny things you ate and how the cooks reacted to the wacky dishes. How has that arrogant alpha treated you?”, Mother Ma cooed.

Ian’s parents looked at them all very confused, the short bobbed omega male, the older omega who had called their magnificent alpha arrogant, and their anxious soon in the middle of the two, “Ian, what have you done to young master Ma to be called arrogant by Meiling?”, his father asked. Evan glared at his mate to tell the truth of why they were there, and so he pulled out a chair for the latter and motioned for everyone to sit down, not anticipating the reaction.

The story began over a starter of vegetable spring rolls and dipping sauces, of which the pregnant omega took the specially made chili soy dip. From the very beginning of meeting at the business dinner they met at, the same business dinner Ian took Evan aside, had you-know-what and accidentally bit him when he was to deep in the moment, to the omega sitting on his porch a fair few weeks ago and refusing to move from his spot until he could move in properly. The expressions had varied at the different places around the table, the Ma family were neutral and can as if they could never have had a reaction, but Ian’s parents looked horrified. “Ah Chen, does that mean you and the young master are not married? Yet the children are nearly ready to be born to parents not lawfully joined!”, his mother asked shakily.

Ian nodded. He didn’t want to know what his mother would think of next, although he was sure he did know what she or someone else would suggest in the next five minutes or so, and that was something very stressful that he wanted to save for when he could really start courting the omega mother of his four children. Alas Evan’s mother was against him, as she bought everyone’s attention to her, except her beautiful son that was now eating a beef ramen bowl, to announce the next event. “I, Meiling Ma, will not see my precious omega baby give birth to a family or of wedlock. Therefore, an improvised shotgun wedding will be held here, in the main dining area, in two days time, and you are all invited.”, she announced cheerfully.

To Ian’s dismay and Evan’s confusion, the parents all agreed that this was the answer, and that they were obviously happy enough together, so no intervention should be taken further. The wedding would be in two days time in the dining area of the Hua Lin, dresses and suits were to be discussed in the next day, but either way, the meeting had one conclusion. The mates needed marrying as soon as possible.

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