// Sleeping Murongzel and the hairdressing king
30 Apr 2019

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The castle door was open, probably to encourage more visitors that never came, hair piled half way to the top of the door, the same thick black strands that were entwined with the garden. The King whipped out a bag, and in that bag was his precious golden scissors and a lot of ribbons to tie up the cut hair. It was time, time to work towards his two main life goals, love and fame, even if a forest of hair was in his way. He couldn’t help but imagine how beautiful the Prince must be to have caught the attention of a witch to be cursed, not trusting the paintings and descriptions given by previous visitors to the castle. If his heart was true, much fruit would come from this hairy quest, and it was this thought that kept him going through the nest of hair preventing him from going up the winding tower staircase. His golden scissors deserved a good oiling and the royal ribbon stock was going to need restocking, by the huge quantity of neat bundles of black locks around the castle, but the door to the tower bedroom was visible, luring him to the vixen Murong.

Another curtain of obsidian fell on him upon opening the heavy wooden door, and he carefully cut and tied it into sections like the other hair, counting his frequent heartbeats as he savoured each step towards the four poster bed in the centre. Without further hesitation, Zhiming pulled back the dark red drapes back, and his jaw literally dropped to the stone floor. The young Prince of Yaoguang was inhumanely beautiful, shiny jet hair framing his slim white face, phoenix eyes fanned by thick lashes and ever so slightly lighter eyebrows. His lips though, were captivating, a vibrant shade of crimson as if he was waiting to be kissed by any man or woman with a sense of taste and appreciation for pleasant sights. The King’s ravenous lips tingled as he slipped a sly hand around the Prince’s trim waist, swooping down to meet the sweet red lips in an unexpectedly passionate, powerful kiss that bought both parties welcome sensations. For Murong Li, the feeling of life racing through his dormant body, and line of great quantity, making his heart beat wildly. Zhiming was the recipient of an equal amount of passion he gave to the Prince and rare satisfaction, that he had chosen to do something alone and recieved his prize at the end of the quest.

The Kingdom of Yaoguang came to life again, daily life continuing from the second it stopped, excluding the celebration of the union of Yaoguang and Tianquan. The King of Yaoguang decided that since Zhiming was the saviour of their Kingdom, he should receive some form of thanks, and Murong Li’s love could be that prize if Tianquan agreed. The Grand Advisor supported this double union, and so the marrige of Zhiming and Murong Li was announced to the rest of China. Mo Lan recieved a brief ass whooping from the Grand Advisor for giving the King such a crackpot idea, but soon got a promotion to Prime Minister for his important contribution to the positive change of the childish King maturing and settling down properly. The new Prime Minister grew old and fat happily, surrounded and admired by officials who hoped to gain s much fame as he had. Oh, and the key to the royal winery on days off. He held the rings at the royal wedding, crying as Zhiming and Murong Li kissed under heaven and Earth.

The wedding was more than a union of two countries, but of two souls. Murong Li’s father, proud of what his son had achieved, led his son down the hall, clothed in intricate red robes, streaked with white and pink, embroided with gold thread like a traditional Chinese wedding dress, creating a picturesque image. The picturesque ‘bride’ met his handsome husband, dressed in the traditional black and purple robes of the Tianquan King’s, the gold beads of his formal headress slightly obscuring his vision. The artists who were fortunate enough to be hired to paint the momentuos occasion did their work for free, refusing payment with the excuse that the couple’s happiness and the honour of being there was sufficient.

Both countries rejoiced at the merging of their lands, resulting in a joyous celebration of the two rich nations, and the coming news of the King and ‘Empress’, as he preferred to be addressed as, bearing fruit a few weeks after the wedding. Murong Li had somehow gained the ability to bear children, meant to be a curse but in the end a blessing to the new couple. Zhiming noticed that his partner was paler, frequently threw up each morning, and was tired all the time. So one time when the Yaoguang Empress was sleeping soundly in his arms, he called in a physician to quickly examine his lover, otherwise his sweet wife would become a demon and impose a certain ban in the bedroom if he knew. The thought made him tremble at the thought of not getting horizontal sexy time.

A very surprised royal physician shook his head and whispered in the King’s ear, expecting punishment for incompetence but instead being told he had a promotion to head royal physician for the Empress. Although the very idea of a male having children like a woman was preposterous, it was certainly true, and each month, his lover’s trim middle got rounder, from being hard to the touch, to looking like he had swallowed a melon. However, Zhiming only loved Murong Li more and told him everyday when they hugged in bed, rubbing his growing stomach and consoling his ‘wife’ when his clothes didn’t fit anymore by saying he could borrow his till his middle became trim once more. Mo Lan suffered from this situation the most, losing his best drinking buddy because the King promised not to drink as long as the Empress could not.

One chilly winter day when Murong Li and Zhiming were curled up and cuddling in bed, the King’s arms wrapped firmly around the Empress’s large stomach like an alpha wolf protecting his pregnant mommy omega wolf. The warm fires placed at either end of the room kept them warm, both wore underclothes and bed robes left open as the King didn’t want his beloved, who could only wear his husband’s underclothes at this point, to feel isolated in a thoroughly dressed courtyard. The Empress yawned, blinking his hazel phoenix shaped eyes cutely, “Can we go out for a walk, even though the physician says I should not leave the bedroom, I feel cramped in here. You can put as many cloaks on me as you like and carry me every step of the way if it makes you happy, but I will need to borrow a set of light robes.”, he asked quietly. The King could sympathise with his compromised partner, he too felt like they had not seen the outside world in weeks since the cold weather set in and the physician also told him the Empress was near time for birthing.

Servants quickly dressed their King in his best winter robes, and watched in amazement and adoration as he dressed the Empress in the only set of red robes he owned, secretly tailored to fit his not so little wife. Two cloaks, one tied round his neck, and the other as a blanket covered the Empress from the cold, keeping Zhiming warm as he carried his lover out to the pavillion of beauty, the pavillion named shortly after their wedding as a gift from the happy new Prime Minister Mo Lan. Murong Li snuggled into his husband’s embrace, watching the flakes of pure white snow fall upon the flowers in the garden across the lake, the prefect location to have cuddles without being holed up in the palace. “I’m tired Ming Ming, Zheng and Meng have been kicking wildly at night, and only you can make them stop, but now they keep going even if I am in your arms.”, he sighed weakly.

“Sweetheart, tell me if you feel pain, the royal physician did say you would he due soon, and that was the rough estimate. I’ll make sure everything is as painless as possible and safe, or I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if my beauty suffers unnecessarily.”, Zhiming whispered softly, stroking his wife’s hair to calm him down. His lithe body shook ever so slightly, unnoticeable to everyone apart from him, but he phased out the pain and focused on catching some rest when he could. The few birds in the garden singing a peaceful winter sonatra and the presence of his husband contributed to the atmosphere that gently lulled him to sleep.

They sat in the pavilion of beauty for a little longer, till Zhiming felt his petite wife tremble, in cold or pain he didn’t care to discriminate. Murong Li gripped his husband’s arm gently, feeling pain from his abdomen that made him whimper, and instantly, the King was asking him what was wrong. “Call the physician Ming, our Meng and Zheng are ready to meet the big wide world outside their mothers womb.”, he replied briefly. The latter swept his wife into his arms, back into the bedroom where he quickly rid the Empress of his outer garments and settle him in bed waiting for the physician to come. Physician Yu took one look at the pale, sweaty Empress and shooed everyone but the King out of the room with the help of a particularly scary guard Wang Qing. Mo Lan in the royal winery next door to the royal chambers shuddered at the cries of pain and terror, and decided to skip the wine for a day.

Excluding the squeals of horror from Zhiming, screams of pain and the wails of the newborn twins, the palace regained it’s peace promptly. The happy parents slept soundly with their two newborn sons, Zhimeng and Zhizheng, inbetween their Mama and Baba like wolves protecting their precious offsprings. Zhiming leaned over to brush his beautiful wife’s black hair out of his face, peppering his Empress with kisses to wake him up for a long deserved meal of all his favourite foods. Murong Li slowly opened his phoenix shaped hazel eyes, smiling at his adorable husband. Zheng stirred slightly, the little boy’s shoulder length black hair streaked with purple rubbing the silk pillow, looking exactly like his Baba. His twin Meng was the opposite, sound asleep with purple hair streaked with black. They made a deceptive pair, with the Empress’s exotic face and Baba’s cheeky personalities.

Meng and Zheng were big boys at the age of three now, and god bless the poor Grand Advisor, just like their Baba before he was forced to mature at the age of eighteen when he married the Empress. Zhiming sat with Zheng, his carbon copy, on his lap, and his wife had a sleepy Meng on his lap in the study room, listening to their lessons with varying levels of attentiveness. “So, Zheng and Meng, what do you do in the royal court to be a great King?”, he asked hopefully, pleading that they were not like their Baba in his management of the court. Meng yawned cutely and buried his face in his Mama’s robes, but Zheng answered quickly with great confidence, “Baba told me as a baby that as long as the conversation is on the right topic, you leave it to the grumpy old royal advisor and paint kitty whiskers on a servant. Baba said he is always right!” Zhiming paled at the stormy face of the advisor and mentally asked why his son was always that attentive. The Empress tried not to laugh, or he’d wake Meng up, going to take the sleeping boy to the bedroom and take a nap himself. So the poor King was left to tell Zheng some things Baba said should not be repeated and assure the Grand Advisor those words never once passed his lips.

After the disastrous tutoring session, the King wisely decided to not stay with his sons and spend his time helping his wife with managing state affairs, a job that used to be extremely tedious. Not with the exceptionally smart Empress reading and seeking approval for sending important people’s replies, like Jin Bian of Tianji suggesting they unite one day to support his growing family. However, that day his precious wife was slow and unusually tired, a sign Zhiming knew from past experience could be very good news. He let Murong Li fall asleep in his arms and called for the royal physician, the one who gave him the best news ever since marrying the love of his life, three years and nine months ago. Physician Yu came promptly, taking his Empress’s pulse and quickly confirmed another faint heartbeat, also confirming the King’s joy.

Meng and Zheng were excited to hear there was a little brother and sister in their Mama’s belly, and spent a lot of time trying to outwit their own Baba in making sure their delicate Mama met no trouble. Little hands always handed the Empress cups of ginger tea to ease his uneasy stomach and give out plates of the Empress dowager’s special sweet buns between meals. The twins and their Baba fought every night to listen to their little sibling and tell it everything they thought was important to know in the palace. Murong Li found it difficult to not laugh when he heard them argue about who got to talk to sweet bun each night, and during the day they all had time to talk to sweet bun to stop the whispered arguments, the twins slot was after their lessons as a reward and Zhiming sneaked in his time at night. “Ma, can we have a little brother?”, Zheng asked curiously. Meng nodded eagerly, “Hmmm, definitely a brother, girls are boring. The crown Princess of Tianji just plays with dolls and drinks tea with her pinkie up like a fancy person, and we don’t want a little sibling like that.” The Empress giggled, ruffling the already messy hair of his sons, “As long as Baba passes on his mischievousness like he did with you two terrrors, no sibling will ever be boring.”, he told them truthfully.

On a picturesque winter day when the little family were eating a hot breakfast in the pavilion of beauty, the sister of Zhimeng and Zhizheng made her appearance into the world. They named her Zhiling, because she was a mirror image of her mother with red streaked hair and the most innocent face. The officials used to the troublesome twins pranking them had a new nemesis, the deceptive combination of Ling’s innocent and beautiful face, and her mischievous personality only assisted the King and his sons in successfully pranking the minsters and making court extremely entertaining. The Empress and King had two more healthy children, two more sons, before passing of old age hand in hand. Zhiling married the Crown Prince of Tianji, formally uniting three kingdoms with two marriages, and the twins were joint rulers of a wealthy Tianquan. The third oldest son married the Princess of Tianxuan later, binding another country in their union of Kingdom’s, and the fourth son was in love with the son of the King of Yaoguang, marrying under heaven and earth earnestly.

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