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04 May 2019

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Summary : Meng Zheng is a great King considering he was never actually royal born, but the Kingdom needs a Queen or at least a consort to help him when it gets tough. He however has no idea where to find one or how to fall in love, so what does he do? Go to the royal scholar academy and find someone who will teach him how to fall in love, enter young scholar Zhong Khunyi, who falls for the King the moment he walks in.

“I dare say you need to find a partner your majesty, it’s very hard to be a king alone. Even Jian Bin of Tianji Kingdom ended up making his high General a Consort, and that guy was determined to always shoulder responsibility by himself. Everyone but you has a sort of helper, well, the King of Tianquan and Tianji have spouses and Lin Guang has two lovers by his side.”, Prime minister Su said weakly. Meng Zheng frowned, one side of his green silk robe slipping off of his skinny shoulders, and the prime minister paled. “It’s not that I’m saying you can’t be a good King by yourself your majesty, but, as well as gaining a hand in Kingship, everyone deserves to fall in love at least once, even if they don’t continue loving that person forever. Love changes people, for the better more than often.”, he added hastily, justifying his bold suggestion.

Being the King didn’t necessarily mean Meng Zheng knew everything there was to know, that’s why the royal scholar academy existed, and so when the King didn’t know how to do something, he asked the scholars taught by the palace. Some students went on to become palace officials, and others were hired as teachers by prestigious schools, but no one student was quite like the young Lord Zhong. Zhong Khunyi, a very intelligent student from a working background, that had helped greatly with Tianshu’s economic growth. The man knew everything, from plant cultivation to medicine, so surely he had a good idea about what love and all that mushy shizz was. Meng Zheng nodded to himself, Lord Zhong was definitely the right person to ask for this project, as he sent a message for the royal academy teacher to send Zhong Khunyi to the inner palace.

Zhong Khunyi wasn’t that surprised to be summoned to the inner palace, where the sage King ruled Tianshu from a throne and courtroom. He did however wonder what his majesty could need to know, the economy was thriving, the country had universal peace, and all the four countries were getting along fine like they were before the invasion of those Neanderthals Nansu. [A/N: Personally, I despised Nansu in season one for reasons I will not say or I will be breaking hearts, and liked them quite a lot in season two only because of the King’s younger brother being a likeable King. Just my opinion tho, don’t fight me over it.] Everything was perfect, in every corner of China. Harvests and life flourished, particularly the life part in Tianquan and Tianji. [A/N: *Coughs while winking suggestively at what might be going on in those countries* Kids aren’t rare in Tianji and Tianquan’s palaces.]

Meng Zheng was reading a scroll from the ministry of health about increased public hygiene conditions in towns, and the man who had turned Tianshu into a flourishing nation, the honourable Lord Zhong arrived. “Scholar Zhong, you came! I need your guidance once more, about an unusual matter that I honestly have no knowledge of, but surely you know it all, you are the genius of the country. Have some tea and I’ll explain everything.”, he greeted enthusiastically, throwing the scroll down for a servant to pick up. The poor scholar with the brightest yellow highlights froze, suddenly extremely nervous about this visit to the palace, nevertheless keeping his confident composure and accepting the tea politely even if he was internally trembling.

“So, if you manage to make me feel this emotion called love, I’ll make you prime minister of Tianshu or gift your intellectual self a whole province, it’s hard to do. Otherwise why would I ask you, If I could solve this problem alone?”, Meng Zheng ended abruptly. Zhong Khunyi sighed, realising just how oblivious the King was, because he was in the shallow end of love with him, or why would a genius scholar put up with sub standard treatment from a sometimes bratty King. He didn’t say that though, as the brat had a temper and held the royal executioner at hand, and he needed his head to be a genius, of course. [A/N: I’m kind of making their characters up bcs I am a loyal KiBin and ZhiLi shipper, not that much of a Zhong Khunyi and Meng Zheng shipper, and kinda skipped their parts, I might as well be honest in this situation. However the drama was too cruel to these guys, killing poor Meng and making Zhong Khunyi flee the country, I’m not into that level of heartbreak, more into comedy.] “Of course your majesty, I accept the challenge without expecting a reward. In a month I promise you will have fallen in love.”, he replied calmly, not specifying who with for purposes unknown to Meng Zheng.

Every week, on scholar Zhong Khunyi’s cleverly devised plan he personally named ‘Operation make the King fall in love’, despite being a genius he wasn’t really very creative in naming stuff, hence the boring title of the ‘Economic reforms policy #2’. Lesson one was about flirting, all types of flirty behaviour no matter how shameless and unroyal they were in proper eyes. Under the angry gaze of the prime minister, Zhong Khunyi taught the thoroughly immature Meng Zheng the arts of love letters, dirty pages from the erotica he borrowed from Tianxuan’s residential pervert Gongsun and most importantly, the King of Tianquan’s very original pick up lines of every sort. The palace was terrorised by pick up lines and erotic pictures, which poor scholar Zhong had some very questionable content sent directly to his room at the academy, and the other students teased him endlessly. At the end of the week, however childish the flirting may have seemed initially, the King had a wholesome knowledge of flirting and performed excellently when his “teacher” aka Zhong Khunyi, tested him.

Week two, ironically based on the theme of how to date your newly seduced and love struck other half, was full of unfamiliar feelings of affection for the bratty royal. On the practical outings to properly experience dating, he encountered strong cardiac palpitations and sweaty palms passing the pot of tea to his royal majesty, because a King never poured their own tea. He went to the royal physician after the first few days of his new symptoms, and the old man suggested something completely absurd, that he was in love with Meng Zheng. It did cross his mind that throughout the intensive course of operation make the King fall in love, he would fall in love himself and he would be the one to be the object of the young Meng Zheng’s affection, but he never actually believed that would happen. At the test date, a restaurant that sold great fried chicken and egg rice, he noticed his heart beating particularly fast, and from that, he reluctantly concluded that he was falling deeply in love with his King.

The next week was boring, all about how to advance in your steady relationship, with no more stand out symptoms of the love bug. He did feel more happy around Meng Zheng admittedly, and began to dream about their non existent future together, but it wasn’t conclusive evidence to show his feelings had progressed massively. The King was gaining heaps of praise from the prime minister for learning so quickly, as ladies around the palace dropped like flies at flying kisses and seductive winks thrown at them on their duties. Everyone was glad to see this, and no one really paid attention to Zhong Khunyi in the corners of the palace, frowning slightly upon the playboy image Meng Zheng was taking on. The desire to make him his own was slowly increasing, to a turbulent amount.

Meng Zheng was in his final week of intensive love teaching, and Zhong Khunyi was on the edge of jumping him there and then, but he did have some decency, more than the King in some areas, and restrained himself. The problem was that the flirting, dating experience and relationship building had turned the green streak haired cutie into a seductive vixen to all, attracting males and females alike, particularly the hot blooded scholar who had not had sex with anyone all the way in all his twenty years of life on earth. He spent all his time studying after he was legal, natural habits for a scholar who relied on the need for teaching the unknowing for a living, so he never lost his chastity and unconsciously practiced firm sexual abstinence. As with his heart, remaining cut off from these common human feelings.

After much thought in the local tavern, the esteemed scholar Zhong Khunyi made a shocking decision. To let his heart do the talking and rely solely on emotions for a few hours in which he would confess his love to Meng Zheng and if he wasn’t accepted, go back to the academy for a life in loneliness. It was the first time he rejected logical thinking for a situation, and on the rickshaw ride to the palace he felt quite pumped up to do something new and exciting. However when he entered the inner palace, a new emotion he didn’t need popped up, anxiety and the fear of rejection, maybe rejecting all logic was actually a terrible idea, he reflected, as he powered on to the King’s chambers anyway. Meng Zheng was extremely surprised to see an obviously intoxicated Zhong Khunyi in his bedroom, with an unusually sensual expression on his model like face.

[A/N: Nah people they ain’t gonna bang just like that. One, I don’t write smut, and two, the plot is more sweet this time, like they already love each other but keep their virginities till the wedding night like a bunch of prudes. Eh, at least it wasn’t like Zhiming proposing to a beautiful stranger suddenly…]

Meng Zheng blushed like a virgin on her wedding night as he was pinned to the bed by the unexpectedly strong scholar, breath hot and sensual. “I can’t wait to tell you Zheng-ah, I love you! You drive me crazy when you flirt with the servants and officials in front of me, managing to provoke my primitive desire of mating, even though I have been able to control it for over ten years. Love makes you do unusual things your majesty, and it made me fall for you despite my initial impression that you were a bratty youngster.”, Zhong Khunyi growled lowly. His eyes were full of longing, and the King squirming like a fish out of water only aided his desire as their bodies rubbed together, silk sliding over silk. Lewd and lascivious noises could be heard from the royal chambers that night, and mewls mixed with masculine moans.

[A/N: I will continue the Tianshu couples story like I did with Tianji, but to make up for the lack of updates, here is nearly 2000 words of I don’t even really know what. I’m in my last year of sixth form and there is a lot of stress, so sometimes I don’t feel like writing, but it’s a good form of relaxation for me. Thanks for reading the collection of drabbles that I didn’t think would get so much attention, and stick with me for holy men with swords drabbles 😀]

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