// That’s not just fluff? I have a mate?
26 May 2019

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Egotistical alpha Ian was driving home in his fancy shmancy sports car, coming back from a long but very successful day at his family’s accounting firm, where everyone naturally worshipped the ground he walked on and those lower than him in secondary gender fell at his feet. He was just so amazing, even his own family said he was a living genius! Pulling up to his small estate, he spotted a couple of big bags in front of the door, and the top of a fluffy brown head of hair showing from the top of the luggage cases. Extremely curious, he went to pat the fluffy hair, because even if he was an almighty alpha, he could not resist cute things like everyone else in the world, but the fluff wasn’t just fluff.

It belonged to a man, a cute ish one at that, looking him up and down critically, declaring “It’s you! The jerk who mated me on our drunken one night stand and put your litter of cubs in my belly.”

The omega even tipped his head to the side, and pointed at the prominent bite mark on his neck, “That’s my mating mark, and they are your cubs, he said as he pointed to the noticeable bump in his large jumper, “therefore this is my new home with my mate and cubs, welcome home Mr arrogant alpha.”

Ian’s jaw dropped, but the cheeky omega just ignored that and took the keys he had dropped in shock, and padded in the door leisurely. Now what just happened? He had accidentally got a mate, and that mate was going to have his pups.

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