// The alpha sees his cubs and gets robbed by their mother
26 May 2019

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A week later at the time Ian would normally cheat lunch off one of his employees, he was sitting in the waiting room of the happy wolf medical clinic with his pregnant omega mate, swollen with four not so little buns and waiting to see them for the first time. Over the week he had tried to study up on the gestational period of the average omega male so he would not look a fool in front of this famous family member that Evan spoke of, because that would be too embarrassing for words, the great young master Yi first of all knocking up an omega while intoxicated at a business dinner, second, not knowing about the common cycle of his omega. The omega looked right at home in the busy clinic full of equally large mothers, his arms round his even bigger belly, that was covered in the new tunic bought and scented by his alpha for added comfort, and maybe possession on Ian’s part, as with his scent no sensible alpha dared to even talk to his pretty mate. “Do you want boys or girls? I specifically waited until you would come with me to find out the genders, then we can go pup shopping together and you can pay for four cots, four little chest of drawers and the nursery furniture.”, Evan chirped.

Ian went pale and unconsciously grasped his leather wallet, and his extra credit card inside his shirt pocket, but pretended like the other father alpha’s to not worry about the impending doom that was going to shortly fall on his wallet. Money was not that hard for him to earn but it felt painful imaging the cost of four probably expensive baby cots and a full set of nursery furniture, but luckily doctor Wang calling them in ceased the monetary pain. His mate skipped away, leaving him to follow to the biggest consultation room in the clinic, which he may have nearly got lost getting to if he was completely honest about it, but he found the right place in the end. When he got in there, he noticed that doctor Wang did indeed share his mates characteristics, it was almost like looking in a mirror. The same sharp nose with a dip at the top, the same defined chin and strong brows, except his mate had soft eyes whereas his uncles were shrewd and somewhat mean, he was probably an alpha by the looks of his eyes and figure, though that was the only difference visible.

“So little Huan, that’s your alpha. He looks strong but his facial expression tells me otherwise, he is mentally weak according to physcological indicators.”, Doctor Wang mumbled mockingly, continuing his examination as if he could throw insults like that even when focused purely on work. Ian felt his alpha pride growl, but for the sake of not intimidating his mate, he kept calm and just held on to Evan’s warm hand, fixing his mind on seeing his pups for the first time.

The appointment continued with no more alpha tension, and the quick check ups passed soon enough for the couple who wanted to find out what genders their children were, especially Ian and maybe not so much his wallet. The alpha helped his omega slide on the examination bed, and watched in amazement as the weird jelly spread on his mates tummy revealed the image of their cubs, Evan thought Ian was a dumb alpha for finding that so amazing, but he just wanted to enjoy the mood so he played along for the sake of maintaining the ambience.”Okay nephew, I’m glad to announce you are having three big boys and a smaller girl. I’d make a guess the three boys are either alpha or beta, and the girl is beta or omega, congratulation Evan and alpha Ian, pink or blue baby clothes shopping can officially begin.”, Doctor Wang announced in his most joyful tone, which to be honest, was still not very happy, but Ian didn’t really care as long as he had healthy children.

Evan took Ian to his favourite baby after they ate lunch at a small noodle shop, where they wolfed down their lunch and the omega dragged the reluctant alpha as quickly as he could with his pup filled body. Cubs n puppies sold everything from stretch mark lotion to first aid lotion for dangerous toddler cubs, and it was the Ma family’s favourite store to buy children’s products from, meaning Evan flew around the store pointing at cute little kitty onesies in blue and pink, and other such cringe worthy paraphernalia. He winced at how the basket pulled up with sets of three blue sets of the clothing and one pink set in multiple outfits, and they hadn’t seen the baby cots and buggies yet, which were going to be ten times more money than the little clothes. The omega even browsed the ladies maternity clothes for when he got too fat for wearing his alpha’s scent covered shirts, adding bills to enough bills already.

They ended up coming out of Cubs n puppies with six bags of clothes for the cubs and the mother, plus the two big wardrobes and four expensive cribs in white gloss being delivered, and Ian’s crying bank account following them like a restless spirit. Evan however was the on the opposite spectrum of crying, as he walked along holding one bag of cub toys and his secret purchases of something he promised was for his alpha, the breeze swinging the ends of his new tunic. It wasn’t like Ian regretted splurging on his darling mate, because despite the short term financial loss, that he could easily replace, there was only one chance to fall in love with your mate in life. Evan was his new reason for living, and as he did before, he was going to live well and make sure it was worth the small moments of discomfort. Even if his mate knew him first as an arrogant alpha bastard, there was time to change that impression before it was too late to be happy.

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