// The alpha starts over and words are exchanged
26 May 2019

The pair, although still not properly introduced, feel into a routine after the initial surprise. The next morning when Ian made some breakfast, he asked the omega a few more questions about why he just turned up after six months of being pregnant and mated, like how his parents reacted when he came home mated. Evan explained that although his father had been very upset at first, mother Ma was extremely confused how her cute little soon had grown up so quickly in one night they both were happy for him and when he started showing symptoms, his mother took him to her private doctor immediately, then organised for his future care. During that conversation, he remembered that soon he had an appointment with doctor Wang at the happy wolf medical clinic, but he’d check with his mother to be sure exactly when, so he could ask his alpha to come along and see his children for the first time.

After Ian left for work, the cute omega set to tidying up the house into a more acceptable state, because his classic single male mate had maintained classic singleton standards, not pregnant mate expecting cubs soon standard. The amount of clutter in the house was astonishing and needed to go away, even if he didn’t throw it out, so as much as possible he tidied stuff into near piles in the available storage, like his own room at home, between taking snack and drink breaks to keep the buns in the oven satisfied. The appointment with doctor Wang was a week from the current day at lunchtime, the more quiet time at the clinic, said his dear mother when he called her. It was a lot easier to sleep at night in this house, sleeping surrounded by the father’s scent called the babies down so he could sleep without them kicking him at least until the morning, and as in his parents house, he could take a rest whenever he wanted on the sofa that was also positively covered in his alpha’s scent.

Ian came back from a hard day of work to a very clean house, and dinner made on the table with fresh vegetables and meat from the fridge, knowing that the omega that come yesterday must have made it and tidied his house up at the same time. The same omega that was tucked up in bed and snoring softly, with a hand over his large tummy, that the alpha hadn’t really paid attention to, as he suddenly thought how big it was in reality. He tentatively reached out a hand to touch it through the new half worn T-Shirt he’d found in the bedroom, nervous in case he hurt the mother of his pups accidentally, after all he had accidentally mated and impregnated him on one drunken night. To his more pleasant surprise, Evan did not stir and the little cubs gave him lazy kicks on the plan of his hand, like they were getting their daddy for the first time, not just hearing stories about him from their mother.

Waking up to smelling his alpha directly next to him was a new experience, and he had enjoyed sleep more peaceful than he did surrounded by just his alpha’s scent, the cubs did not bother him at all! He stretched out in the huge bed, not expecting the said alpha to still be there lying n his belly. It turned out Ian had fallen asleep while feeling the little kicks, and didn’t seem to realise what position he was in, but no matter, he could used this opportunity to ask him to come to his appointment.

“Hey sleepyhead, wake up. Dinner will be cold by now, you silly man!”, he teased playfully. The fact that the alpha had fallen asleep feeling his children kick actually warned his heart very deeply but he was trying to not show it for the sake of getting a bit of his own back on the as arrogant young master.

Ian woke up quickly and felt his cheeks heat up when he realised what he had done, so Evan decided not to talk to him yet, instead trying to hurry up the process of getting to eat dinner, that peaceful nap had made him quite hungry. He changed into a pair of leggings that he was bought when he was first told he was having little cubs, because surely wearing only a pair of boxer shorts and a long shirt when he wasn’t lying down under a blanket was teasing, and they already had a litter of unborn cubs. The food had been covered fortunately, and could be heated safely with the microwave in the kitchen, though he did avoid the reheated meat dishes and stuck to the rice and vegetable ones, letting Ian eat the chicken in Oyster sauce and beef in BBQ sauce by himself. If he got sick, at least there would not be any innocent victims.

Their dinner was still nice even though it was kind of cold and silent, but after the omega made the choice to relax on the sofa he had padded out with old blankets and pillows to watch the TV show his mother had recommended that he should watch before he popped out his multiple cubs. It was about raising cubs for the first time and how you should care for them soon they grow up the right way, the current episode was on later pregnancy and preparing for birth, about the stage he was in. “Hey mate, how exactly will you give birth to my cubs? That lady says there’s lots of ways but they look so painful for the omega having the baby, and, I don’t know you properly, but I wouldn’t want anything to go through that experience.”, the alpha asked anxiously, watching the lady beta explain it all calmly.

Evan laughed, pulling the bowl of noodle snacks he made Ian give him in return for being able to sit next to his pretty self closer, “Well, if you are that concerned Mr alpha father, my uncle is a famous gynecologist, doctor Wang. He has worked out the best birth plan for me, with pain killers for the labour and a C-section for getting the little rascals out into the big wide world. If it was only one or two cubs he advised to have them naturally with pain relief, but since there are four he thinks it’s safer if they come out with surgical assistance.

“The alpha nodded, continuing to watch the old lady beta talk about Lamaze breathing and yoga, not that it interested him particularly, but the omega seemed very interested in it, munching a whole bowl of snacks by the time the channel switched to an omega chat show that was pain boring. His mate yawned, wiggling around under his blanket, “I think I want to go read in bed for a few hours, you can watch the news or whatever you like while I sit in bed. Oh, umm, do you want to come to me to see my uncle next week for my monthly check up, you already felt your children kick, so what if you saw them properly on the scan?”, he asked shyly.

Ian smiled, “Well. I think that I will, seeing as the pups are here to stay we might as well try to get along as mates should do. Now I think, I was a jerk for demanding a DNA test. Sorry for doubting you Evan, can we start over? No drunken one night stand or mark grudge.

“Evan nodded, it was stupid to act like children fighting in the playground when they were adult males expecting children, but that didn’t free him from his minor torment.

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