// The Arrogant Alpha and his accidental mate
26 May 2019

Party animal alpha Ian’s antics finally caught up to him in the form of the mate he didn’t remember marking turning up on his doorstep with bags and an unborn cub, yes, he managed to get the omega pregnant without knowing! Now he has an omega that won’t leave unless he takes responsibility for his actions and acts like a proper mate, karma giving him a very plucky and stubborn omega to fight off.

[I thought after I wrote my fluffy omegaverse, that actually it was a good idea to write stubborn omega Evan take revenge on the arrogant alpha before accepting him back. This is probably going to be about 4~5 kind of long chapters of gay comedy so if you don’t like Mpreg, go read another story!]

That’s not just fluff? I have a mate?

The omega

The alpha starts over and words are exchanged

The alpha sees his cubs and gets robbed by their mother

Meet the parents

Operation survive the parents

Mother Ma’s grandly planned shotgun wedding

TEASER: The pups are coming when??

Getting ready to meet the pups

Alpha Ian admits his feelings and learns to value what he has

Meeting and naming the Yi-Ma pups

Life after the pups

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