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04 May 2019

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Ian is a dumb twenty something year old, who in the gap between him starting applied music at university goes to Canada with his equally dumb friends as part of a tour of Europe, and somehow manages to be run over by a drunk driver. He hates having to spend his precious time in the hospital surrounded by grumpy old women that he finds it hard to really talk to, but that all changes with the introduction of a new intern that is way more Ian’s type. Naturally handsome and kind hearted, Evan Ma is the nurse and man of his dreams, so good that Ian doesn’t want to go back to Taiwan for university when he has to.Yi Bo Chen is Ian’s real name btw 😊 Of course Evan is our cute nurse Ma Zhen Huan as expected.

Ian did not completely know how he went from laughing with Teddy, the small and cute soon to be computer science student, and Wes, the grandpa who had chosen to study classical Chinese literature out of all the available courses, to laying on the road in pain. Wes said that a drunk driver had been driving home from the club near their hostel and Ian hadn’t moved quickly enough to get out of the way, and Teddy was useless for anything other than crying that was more like howling. What would Mama Yi say about that, and his father… They agree to let him go on a tour of Europe with the group of wierdos he fondly called his friends, on the condition that he came home in one piece minus injury, and what had he just experienced? A fucking car accident, a minor one, but still a car accident that put him in the hospital for a few months before he could be released.

To make his agony worse, if that was possible, the nurses were all elderly or middle aged women with no real enthusiasm for their job, especially caring for an irresponsible young whippersnapper like him. They all did the least of what they had to do and that was it, so his physical health was kept at an excellent level by the ladies, but oh god was he a little bit lonely and very bored. The boys’ messages only made him feel left out, as they had continued their trip around Europe as be said to, because even if he was in hospital for his own benefit, they shouldn’t waste their freedom. He had none one his own age there at a close enough distance for them to communicate face to face, what he missed with his friends. The old ladies provided very little entertainment even though their lives must be packed with funny babysitting stories and nagging about being married like his grandmother in Taiwan used to tell him as a kid.

He wanted to leave the hospital early and was on the edge of demanding the discharge papers, when a cute new guy came in with the papers and lunch. The man beat every sight he had ever seen, Small but not too small eyes set in a strong face, that was the same golden caramel colour as his body was, even though only his forearms and hands were shown in the uniform. Ian felt a connection instantly, despite only meeting the intern who he didn’t even know his name a few seconds ago, and his heart beat like crazy under the ugly hospital pajamas. “This is my nephew Ma Zhen Huan, but you can call him Evan if that’s easier to say. He is taking my place as your personal nurse while I go on vacation with my husband, to put experience on his CV. Please ask him anything you want as if he is any other nurse Mr Yi.”, the old nurse explained kindly. Ian nodded politely, thanking the old lady for her time as his nurse, but more interested in the boy that was her neice.

Her nephew bowed to her as she left, and Ian kind of felt his heart and something else palpitate unusually fast, the not so boring nurse had a beautiful ass as well as his face. Evan turned to Ian, bowing again, “Please guide me Master Yi, if there’s anything wrong I’ll be busy around the ward and on call as long as you press the help button.”, he said monotonously before he quickly went out and towards the nurses desk to join nurse Lee and Jung, the receptionist in the hall. What was this feeling in his chest? Furthermore, why did that part [A/N: I’m sure you all know what I mean without saying the actual word, if ya don’t, you are too pure for this genre 😌] suddenly perk up when the cute nurse came in, a male at that? It was already driving him insane being stuck in hospital, but this arising love life problem had him stumped, and only one group could help him, his dumbass friends who were currently in London without him.

The cute nurse came in for his evening meds and to bring his mediocre hospital dinner of chicken congee and plain side dishes, and Ian groaned unconsciously at the repetitive food, congee was for the sick, not temporarily disabled. Evan caught sight of his sigh and smiled, “You want something else to eat? You’re probably sick of congee and hospital food in general, I’d be after weeks of hospitalisation.”, he commented casually. His patient was surprised and nodded dumbly, the nurse with a nice figure also had kind reading abilities apparently. “Tonight I have the night shift covering for my aunts normal shifts, but I can sneak out to the Hong and Huang down the road for you if ya like, nurse Lee can cover my duties for twenty minutes or so.”, the man offered as he put the tray down and poured a fresh glass of ice water from the jug on the table next to the bed. For once in his life the chatter box Yi Bo Chen was silent for more than a few seconds, and he had to think before replying, “If you can, uhmm, thanks. None of the other nurses have offered to get me outside food for dinner at all, you’re the first to even get that I was tired of congee nurse Ma.

“Ian ate a few spoons of chicken congee, poking at the side dishes with his chopsticks dazedly, too deep in thought for anything else. The nurses last words almost haunted him, remembering how the young male almost whispered an answer of how he knew the feeling of being stuck in hospital for something that wasn’t his fault. Evan looked so confident and cheery, but he seemed to be hiding scars beneath that smile that made his almond shaped eyes raise cutely. It was something so complexing to the young gap year student that he stayed laying down for the first time in his hospital stay for more than an hour, until his complexing cutie sneaked in with a bag of dishes smelling absolutely delicious. His mind was needless to say distracted, by the steaming duck and noodles in his first takeaway box of three neatly stacked in the bag.

Over the next week the patient got to learn more about the old nurses nephew from the man himself, and the other nurses chatters. They secretly pitied the boy, taking on his aunt’s job without making any schedule changes to a full time commitment, and said about the child’s terrible past. The receptionist, who was clearly a close friend of the old nurse, whispered to the ward nurses when Evan was on room duty that his family had been in a car crash when he was only young, and died in a collision instantaneously, leaving their son to the aunts care solely. Ian thought that the nurse truly had to pass many hurdles to be where he was currently, and developed an enormous amount of respect for the man who had been nothing but the best friend to him during his stay. The doctors said he would stay at the hospital until he was fully healed then under his mother’s instructions to back to Taiwan to start university on time as planned by mother and father Yi, but he was beginning to feel conflicted about the journey home. More specifically, leaving the cute nurse Ma.

One of Ian’s video chats with Wes and the boys have him the courage to do the thing he should have done since he regularly felt his heart and most shamefully, little Bo Chen palpitate crazily, confess his love for everything the cute and sexy nurse did. “Bro, your mum is getting you back to China in less than a fortnight, and you want to leave him hanging like that? Surely he has something to say to you after offering to buy you dinner from the Hong and Huang every night he has the night shift, which is like every night according to your chubby cheeks. Get your man and stop calling us declaring your undying love for him, declare it to him you dumbass! We got bigger problems here, I’m married to Wayne as of yesterday.”, Wes lectured him. Ian spat the mouthful of water he had out in surprise, “Where? Why and how bro? Did you all get ratassed near a chapel or something cliche… Haha if that happened I’d laugh so hard.” Wes didn’t find it funny at all and admitted that it was in L.A, and yes they were drunk and out of their minds, but they didn’t know what to do.

The doctors told him that he’d be going back to China in three days after his cast was taken off, leaving the lovestruck patient no time to prepare a romantic confession with chocolates and roses, but an improvised school boy love confession. Alas, the gods were not on his side in the love department this time, making his romance a swift and quite frankly unbelievable, love was love. So he called the nurse in a quiet portion of the day and planned to admit his feelings that could not be hidden any longer. Love had never felt so real, but all it took was one brief look into the caramel skinned nurses hazel eyes to make him fall hard and fast to the point of no return, the phenomena of love at first sight. He had been open to both genders’ affection since high school, yet no man or woman managed to catch him like this.

[A/N: Maaaan… I need a bf this is what happens when you just have Evan on the brain 24/7!]

Somehow Ian got nurse Lee and receptionist Jung in on his scheme, the two women swooned at the idea of such a deep romance in their ward and instantly agreed to buy some roses and a set of cheap rings with the little money he still had on him. It still made him nervous despite the prep talk he gave himself, and when Evan came in with that days dinner, he did his best to stay on track. The make nurse looked shocked nevertheless, by the roses and paper hearts Jung made at the desk, “Master Yi, what’s this for? One of the female nurses?”, he stuttered. Ian cleared his throat, “It’s for you Huan, you captured my heart the day you introduced yourself with your aunt, only you shook me up. Love knows no gender anyway, simply put, love is love and it’s getting harder to imagine a future without you. Will you be my beloved boyfriend, Ma Zhen Huan?”, he asked clearly, despite his nervousness.

Evan looked distinctively confused, and numbly dropped the bag of takeout on the table like he didn’t know what to do. “Are you sure Master Ian? I have no family and I’m entering a very demanding profession, it’s a bad omen for a relationship. I love you too, but this isn’t going to work right now!”, he mumbled. His patient sighed, “My dear Zhen Huan, no relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together. Also, distance means so little when someone means so much to you, even if that’s between China and Canada.” The nurse blinked several times more than normal, then threw his arms around Ian carefully, avoiding the lower half where his leg was still in a cast, “If you will go through the storm with me, then I can make it. Put my ring on Mr romantic, and hold me properly like a man.”, he whispered in his ear softly. The nurses voice was enough to enchant him alone and their skin touching for the first time was even more overwhelming his senses.

Eventually Ian fumbled enough to get the lighter silver ring out, and took Evan’s hand to slide it on his ring finger. “Gosh cutie. Your hand fits in mind like it’s made just for me ya know?”, he remarked playfully. He heard a chu sound, and blushed so hard the poor nurse thought he had a fever, “Stop chatting me up, master romantic, you got me already. This ring says that surely, or are you I secured before we have our first time?”, he teased cheekily. “Stop calling me Master, call me Ian or Bo Chen like my actual names. Rest assured that will come soon enough baby.”, he answered huskily.

[Part 2 coming soon: what happens when Evan wants Ian to be there for this graduation in Canada but there’s a music exam in China on the same day? Will Ian make it or disappoint his boyfriend….

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