// The first lifetime I began to love you
04 May 2019

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The first time Evan meets Ian, he isn’t the same idol Evan, but a self proclaimed king in a long forgotten nation of ancient China that dates back to before official records were written. Their lifetime as Jian Bin, the King of Tianji nation, and high general Qi Zi Kan, was too short and not very sweet due to corruption in the courts, but full of blooming romance.

Jian Bin meets Qi Zi Kan riding out on the fields near the forest, when he fell off his horse because something had spooked it and fainted on impact. He thought he had died and was going to meet his royal father and mother, but then he woke up at some strange home. It had been relatively small, compared to the hundreds of acres the imperial palace spanned, but the soft aroma of sandalwood and polishing wax filled the room and overwhelmed his delicate senses, bringing him up too quickly for the injuries he didn’t know he had, causing the other man in the room to spring up. “Be careful, you fell quite hard earlier. Its likely that you have some bad bruising at least, probably fractures, they heal faster when not antagonised my lord.”, he reminded gently. Jian Bin was again overwhelmed, this time by the unfamiliar sensation within his chest, that for several long moments had the power to cover the pain of a fresh femur fracture, he didn’t have time to think but he did contemplate the possibility he had been a victim of the storytelling device of love at first sight.

The stranger was a lone sword smith and sword master, Qi Zi Kan, a man who appeared to have lived his whole life practising his trade skill and training. Jian Bin felt a connection with him in that way, having been raised to take over the throne since a toddler as the only crown prince of the kingdom,a trade and skill of its own kind, and couldn’t help feel happy to have found company akin to friendship. Later, after his second life, he laments this was the blossoming of a life long love, and he should have enjoyed the calm before the storm. He only realises after the carnage of his first life ends in death and heartbreak, that when no wind blows, one should not desire a breeze; it soon turns into a storm.

Staying at the mountain residence, life was peaceful, apart from the odd occasion when Bin freaked out at stuff Kan told him was ordinary, but more memorably, they had a lot of sweet time. When Bin was scared by the solar eclipse, he clung around Kan, accidentally being very visually affectionate, and not failing to feel the blush of his own cheeks nor see the swordsmans equally flushed face.

The return to Tianji was an exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure, physically, mentally, and emotionally. His ministers proceeded to cause the nation to descend into chaos and corruption, using his faith in the north star to collude with Tianxuan’s deputy prime minister Gongsun Qian to bring economic downturn. The trade of white and black foxes meant that no one farmed the crops, obviously leading to national starvation and the eventual defeat at the hands of Yu Qing, the king of Nansu, and general Qi’s suicide in the presence of the prince of fallen nation Yaoguang, Murong Li. Before Bin died he considered other ways to end his story, but a defeated King would always meet an ugly end, alive or not at the present time of their respective downfall. Fate had been cruel to him and the man he had enough trust in to make high general Qi Zi Kan.

The sound of the sword sheath falling to the ground, covered the almost silent sounds of tears. Tears of hearbreak and resent for the evil power that put him there, as the blade sliced the skin covering his jugular and dropped to its sheath. That was quite fitting, his sword injuring him without the sheath to stop his own destruction, the man he’d never meet again, General Qi, he lamented momentarily. As he took his final breath, he thought of the good times, and wished desperately to find his soulmate once more if he was fortunate to reincarnate.

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