// The history of our scars (1 of 2)
09 Jul 2019

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The couples of men with swords think back about their history together, and realise that not all scars are bad. Some just showed their dedication at points in their lives.


Qi Zi Kan had many scars from many different occasions, and he was proud to say that all were protecting what he loved, the fair Kingdom of Tianji and it’s King, his husband Jian Bin. Various scars littered his muscled abdomen, where he took most of his shots in battles, that was including the arrow mark on his upper arm from an ambush in which he took the arrow for his lover. They had all faded with time and special treatment, from the handsome fella that was the heavenly dragon of the nation, and he could not forget the thin scars he saw each time he helped Jian Bin dress, undress or made love together in the side room of the Imperial chambers where their family lived. It wasn’t only him with important scars though.

A slash on his side from an assassin attack, and several small, long healed marks on Jian Bin’s smooth jade skin, but the ones he loved the most were without a doubt the surgical incisions on his flat stomach, from the oldest fading scar from having their firstborn twins, the one just above it having their only daughter, and the most recent from their youngest son. When he saw the the heart, long scars he was not repulsed at all, but smiled because those sacrifices of skin and thirty six months had given them four amazing children. Despite not being from war, they represented a different kind of bravery and sacrifice, that they knew to be equally selfless. Consort Qi, loved all his and his husband’s scars for the fact that it made them what they were, a strong Kingdom and happy family.


Zhiming didn’t actually have lots of bravery scars, a few from being dumb and falling off places he should not have been in, like tripping over the yellow fruit skin he left in the pavilion to fool am unsuspecting passerby and scraping his wrist. He could not say he had been in battle either, only having one arrow around every from saving his Empress from a now dead assassin (his deceptively quiet wifeu had quickly stabbed the man with his flute), while Empress Murong had only the minimum, very special marks because he had the thought of his beloved getting injured was to painful. Their doctor had made four very neat cuts into his belly to get their five children into the world, but that was all, and those cuts had been neatly sutured and given the best care so they would not marr his jade body unnecessarily.

Nevertheless he loved those scars, both of them could remember what each mark had gave them when he looked at their twins, daughter and two further sons. Much like the King and consort did, thinking of Zi and Ji Hao grinning at the slightest thing and Qi Yue playing with her brothers in the mud.

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