// The omega
26 May 2019

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The omega had made himself at home in the short time it took Ian to recover himself and bring the three bags inside his hall, spread out on the biggest sofa with a glass of his mothers home made ice tea tea and a bag of his favourite noodle snacks. He had also found one of the half worn shirts on the bedroom floor to wear with just boxer shorts, but due to their sizes, it well covered his butt and he was saved by a blanket draped over his lower half, all of which was perfectly normal behaviour for a pregnant omega.

“So, you’re my mate? When did I mark you and how old are the pups, maybe I’ll remember you. I didn’t remember marking and knotting any of the omegas I slept with, so you’ll need to take a test to prove it’s mine.”, he asked, well, fittingly arrogant.

His mate smirked, “You’ll remember the prized omega son of your parents business partners, the Ma family financial service. Therefore I would advise you to look after your mate and six month old cubs, or my mama and papa will have your ass.

“Ian, the almighty alpha, fainted for the first time in his life on his plush carpet, and the cute omega laughed. He took out his phone, ready to call his parents that wanted to be updated as much as possible in the way of who and if the father was being responsible, to tell them about his stupid alpha. “Mama, my alpha is none other than the infamous Ian Yi. I said that if he tried to mistreat me you would also kick his arrogant ass next time by telling his parents that he irresponsibly knocked up an innocent omega at one of their business dinners. He fainted just knowing I was a Ma child, he will be so much fun to get revenge on.”, he announced with a smirk.

“That’s good soon, remember to call me if you want anything, but get what you can out of that bastard. Maybe you can turn him into a real henpecked husband like I did to your father, and end up with a nice family after having to give up your current life because he accidentally bit you while failing to keep it in his pants.”, she replied, giggling at the thought of her son tormenting that nasty alpha.

By the time Evan got off the phone, Ian had woken up from his not so comfy bed on the floor and was pacing the room nervously, watching the cheeky omega make fun of him to his mother and arrange potential blackmail. His mother and father didn’t know about his night escapades, so if they ever found out he had the spirit of a party animal he didn’t want to think of what they might do, especially if they demoted him in the family business and froze his cards.”Okay, so you are my mate, mother of my children and the only son of the Ma family. That makes you Zhen Huan right or Evan for short?”, he asked breathlessly. He observed the reaction he got carefully, but all he saw was a nod the seemed very honest and somewhat complacent, a reaction like he was actually another young master of a high level estate like the Ma’s. Then his eyes simply looked the one who was his mate up and down again, seeing that there was his mating bite and his belly was indeed round and quite hard under the blanket, then occasionally moved slightly.

Ian decided to review the situation the next day, when he was fully rested and could take in all this crazy shit, but a certain pretty omega had already laid claim to his Queen size bed, making it his nest like he was slowly doing on the sofa. The pillows were all bunched up into a more suitable position for a pregnant omega to sleep in, and the blankets from the bed nearly folded up ready to sleep in plus the whole bed was scented in caramel and honeysuckle, like a super strong air fresher but quite a bit more fragrant than a conventional spray. He thought of how his dad used to tell him that the best scent an alpha ever smells is the sweet yet spicy perfume of their mate, and he had to admit his wolf was housing with joy sensing the thick mist of honeysuckle in the room, actuality in the whole house.

He made himself a quick dinner of sliced fried beef, rice and vegetables, and looked for the big jug of iced tea he remembered having in his fridge, only to find it completely empty apart from a few teasing drops in the bottom of it. Then he looked to the sofa, remembering that he saw Evan with a glass within seconds of entering the house and setting up the bedroom and living room, signing at the tragedy of his peach tea being guzzled by someone else without them offering him some first, but the pretty omega did look peaceful at least, snoozing on a few pillows and covered in what he thought was the blanket he used last night. That must have the strongest scent on it, he told himself, pouring a glass of filtered water instead to drink with his dinner, that now he would have to eat on the table as the prime position in front of the TV was taken very obviously. If it was any other person he would have simply kicked them off the sofa so he was able to watch that show about the latest trends for the superior alpha, but he got stuck watching a cooking program about food for expecting and mother beta and omega parents, and how the alphas could support their mates.

The alpha knew at that point that he could no longer be like he used to, work now than anyone else for money he wanted to spend on crap, he was a father now, and needed to at least try and act like one.[A/N: so here’s the first full chapter, not completely proof read so small mistakes may remain, and although Evan isn’t tormenting Ian much in this chapter, the foundation has been laid for the other important element, their developing feelings towards each other. After all as they also need their fluffy ending of being a happy family right?]

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