// The Tianji king takes a vacation
04 May 2019

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Summary: Hard working king Jian Bin needs a proper rest away from the royal court to restore his health, so his lover slash general takes him to the mountain hideout they first met at for recuperation. Features the LiMing couple from Murongzel Li for a helpful suggestion to move the plot on

General Qi was extremely worried about the King and his fragile state of health. Between the reports, the constant meetings with the astronomy minister and court every day, he wasn’t getting a lot of sleep and his appetite was less. When General Qi relayed his concerns, the King brushed them off like a light sprinkling of dust on his robes, insisting a few late nights wouldn’t be bad, and that he could easily catch up on sleep and food at a more peaceful time. However that more peaceful time never came, as kingship was a full time job when done properly, unlike Zhiming of Tianquan and his unfortunate secretary, and the King was looking a little bit more exhausted and thin each day.

His chance to take his king away came after a very long and challenging court session in which Jian Bin suffered a painful headache and boiling hot fever. The officials had to agree they had overworked the king with all of their respective requests, reluctantly warranting a recuperation holiday. General Qi internally whooped with joy, wiping his lovers sweaty forehead with his outer garment like a blanket slash towel till the carriage arrived to take them to his redecorated mountain hideout. Since their first meeting, the single slightly shabby bed had been replaced by a fancy double four poster bed, fit for the needs of a certain King, and a bathroom added on the back of the property. All these renovations were for a time like this when him and his King could enjoy time alone that wasn’t disturbed by a servant dumping a pile of memorials on the chess board at breakfast.

Jian Bin was surprised to see his surroundings change from his gold gilded bedroom at the Tianji palace to an equally comfortable bed in the vaguely familiar mountain home of the General. Besides him was said general, letting the King rest his head on his bare and leanly muscled chest with an arm around his waist. “Xiao Qi, why are we at your manor? I have work to do and can’t afford to waste time on leisure, the sooner the work is done then I can take a vacation.”, he argued, all the while snuggling into the General’s warm touch. The other man sighed, “You said that months ago Xiao Bin, and here we are months later after you collapsed during court because someone overworked himself. The work is never going to finish completely till you retire, or die from overworking, so be sensible and admit you need a breather from the palace.

“The King pouted, looking absolutely adorable with his unbrushed hair round his face and a light dusting of pink on his cheeks from the dying fever. It was equally to hard not reach out and pet him and kiss the cute frustration away. They stayed in the same position for the next few hours, simply enjoying the new found intimacy until the King’s stomach rumbled loudly, interrupting the peace. Jian Bin stared at the General, “Xiao Qi, what have you made for lunch? You never said you had a secret talent for cooking and I never had to because servants bring all my meals.”, he inquired curiously. General Qi smiled, “Eat some hard candy and wait for the ex royal chef I paid to cook you your meals to deliver everything you like to eat. I promised myself to make my lover chubby again in this month of operation escape the royal court.”. The king grinned, smooching each of the general’s sun kissed cheeks in thanks.

During the wait for the food, the king remarked how dirty he felt, and therefore unintentionally started a chain of events, the start of the chain being the act of him undressing and going out to the hot spring naked. His pleasant figure made a certain part of the General’s anatomy come alive, invoking the need to carry out a very intimate and rarely done activity in the secluded spring. [The rest is self explanatory as long as one has read enough yaoi 😉 ] They were definitely ready for nourishment after the vigorous exercise in the spring, and the king ate more than he’d ate in a year, finishing three quarters of the dishes alone and feeling guilty for eating all the food that someone else paid for. Jian Bin already looked healthier, getting the shine back in his previously dull eyes and skin.

Apart from recouperating, the escape served as an opportunity to be closer than King and subject, they could be lovers only away from the burdens of their royal positions. It crossed their minds plenty of times to go to the market, but the recurring problem of the nature of the relationship they shared and their statuses stopped them. Until the General had the ludicrous idea of one of them dressing like a woman to hide their real identities completely, appearing as a normal husband and wife couple. Jian Bin initially ignored the thought, dismissing the idea as ridiculous and hairbrained. However he got so tired of the same old routine of sleeping, eating and ‘exercising’ he began to actually entertain the possibility. He picked out a pair of round apples from the fruit bowl and with bright red cheeks put them down his undershirt, not quite believing his own actions.

A little bit of make up coincidentally found in the luggage and a wide brimmed straw hat later, he resembled the ideal woman, with sufficient cleavage and hair that nearly covered his made up face. The silk scarf helped hide his prominent adams apple and the ends tucked into the collar of the robe to cover up the love bites left by his lover, and he put extra layers on under the skirt to make it slightly puffy, hiding the most obvious sign of his real gender. The General, unknowing of the plot at hand, was most surprised to see a suspiciously masculine lady that looked a lot like Jian Bin kneeling in front of the bathroom mirror. “Ahhh uhmm, madam?”, he stammered, amazed by the beauty in the mirror.

He was roused harshly from his oggling by a slap round the face. “You Neanderthal, how can you call me madam? It’s like you want blue balls tonight, calling me madam when all I’m doing is going along with your idiotic suggestion to be a couple so we can go out in public. Get a cloak for your wife and take me out for the most romantic dinner there is in Tianji, damn you are a useless husband, why did I pretend to marry you of all men!”, Jian Bin shouted. General Qi smirked, “Whatever you say sweetheart, let me get a cloak for my lady.”, he said sweetly. His ‘wife’ turned as red as the lipstick on his lips, making it look like there was rouge all over his face, wanting to kick him in the balls but struggling to walk in heels.

The smug General never actually considered there would be a time when the great King of Tianji would submit to his purposely terrible idea, but there was also a tall and busty woman walking with him, proving the strict and strong willed King stereotype completely wrong. A busty woman covered almost head to toe in silk and jewels, clinging desperately onto his arm or they would both fall over, like a giraffe in heels. “Let me help you Bin Bin, my wife can’t get hurt like this, otherwise what sort of irresponsible husband would I be?”, he teased Jian Bin, lifting him up into his arms like he didn’t weigh a thing. “You scoundrel, I am still the King of Tianji even if I am dressed like a woman right now! Now take your beloved wife to the romantic dinner she asked for or my ass is off limits tonight.”, the King scoffed angrily.

Jian Bin was delighted to be put down in front of a huge meal in a private room of the local restaurant, hungry for food and time alone with his man. The General paid for the feast in advance, and dismissed all of the serving staff, to make the experience of eating food that wasn’t cooked in the palace kitchen as enjoyable as he could for his lover and give him the opportunity to act like a lover. Predictably, ‘Lady Bin Bin’ inclined her pretty head to the serving man politely and ripped off the scarf and hat when the door was shut, and began munching on a chicken leg in a most unladylike manner. General Qi watched silently, amused at how unkingly the Model King could be, shoving mouthfuls of noodles in his mouth, simoultaneously gulping tea and alcohol like a man who hadn’t had a drink for weeks.

However true that was, the General was a man of habit, and his habits before meeting his lover was to not drink at home, only at designated drinking places. It was also true he was going to have to handle a very drunk Jian Bin, five bottles of wine and the General’s cup of ale later and there was a definitive rouge on the King’s bulging cheeks, as well as giggling, lots of giggling at nonsensical stories echoing from the main dining room. They had eaten all the food, had to order more chicken, and drunk all of the alcohol on the table in a room meant for a party of people, not two people. Jian Bin drunk had pros and cons, one, he was seductive and perpetually uhm horny, and the General had enjoyed many lap dances and strip teases as the preview to very satisfying horizontal sexy time, but he was loud and a little too bold.

“Put me down you big buffoon! I am the king you know, everyone bows for me, but you disobey my commands like a filthy commoner.”, the undignified lump of human on the General’s back whined childishly. Then the minute he put the struggling King down, the normal routine of lap dancing and other things began, the bit he liked to be on the recieving end of. It was fortunate they had no neighbours close by on the mountain, or the recouperation aspect of the trip could have been disputed in light of the amount of vigorous exercise the King did in the time away from the palace of peeping toms.

The General recieved the letter warning him of the designated month of recouperation being over in a few days, and very reluctantly called Jian Bin in to tell him. The King had had a great time away from the palace, free to sleep, eat and love when he wanted, rather than being hassled the moment he woke up to read reports and act like a responsible ruler of the Kingdom of Tianji. “I don’t want to go back and be seperated from you again Xiao Qi, you being with me makes life nicer somehow, even if it’s in the court. When you stand next to the throne I feel your strength and protection without having to delude myself, it’s you who made me Jin Bian again, not just the plain old King of Tianji.”, he whined.

General Qi felt extremely touched, hearing the mighty King of Tianji declare that he couldn’t live without a lowly high General like himself, and took his lover in his arms. “What if I make a deal, every year, we can escape like we have this month and be free from our responsibilities but you have to take better care of yourself and maintain focus in your royal duties. Maybe I can sneak into your room when possible and cuddle you like this very moment, making the stresses of court go away.”, he suggested calmly. Jian Bin nodded excitedly, looking like a puppy being offered a bone and utterly adorable. The other guy pinched his chubby cheeks playfully, feeling his heart melt at his lovers aeygo, sealing the promise by linking pinky fingers, like they did as a young king and subject.

Jian Bin returned to the palace as he pinky promised, settling back into the routine of responsible kingship, reading reports in the morning before court so he could effectively use the time in court responding to the ministers, who made an effort to do some simple solutions themselves now. They used to complain about trivial matters like the royal kitchen being slack and meals being late, to make it look like there was stuff to do when there wasn’t as Tianji was a peaceful nation without the rascal grand master. Kingship became less daunting and more enjoyable when Jian Bin took a step back, seeing personally how his hard work of rebuilding Tianji as a logic led nation paid off during his first trip to the town as a civilian, letting the determination to keep it that way be his motivation.

General Qi watched over his lover carefully, pleased to see the King occasionally sitting by the lake with a cup of iced tea and umbrella. The combination of the one he loved, the reflection of the sun and the vibrantly coloured flowers in bloom around the palace courtyard made a mouth watering sight, for him and the soldiers. Everyone noticed how close the King and his General were closer than before, little smiles and sly touches becoming all too common, his guests, the King and Empress of Tianquan particularly. Empress Li took Jian Bin aside after their farewell banquet, to say something most people thought at the time but never actually vocalised.

“You are so attached to Xiao Qi, why don’t you just make him a male consort, in other words, your husband. Zhiming and I are married, why not you and the General?”, the elegant Empress of Tianquan said quietly, adjusting his white outer robe. The King choked on his tea, looking at the guy like he was mad, “Empress Li, that’s a good idea but I don’t know how my ministers will react to their King marrying the high General, it’s different for me as the only ruler of Tianji.”, he replied sadly, wiping the tea off of his clothes as best as possible. He felt regretful​ that they had the identities they had sometimes and this was one of them, when being King and subject was a barrier to the development of their relationship.

For the first time in the last months, Jian Bin didn’t eat dinner and called for the royal wine. This set off a metaphorical alarm bell among the kitchen staff, and the kitchen staff told the man in charge of the King’s wellbeing, General Qi. The General immediately dismissed the unfortunate servant sent to give him the news and headed over to the royal chambers opposite his residence, which was considerably more decadent and regal. He was surprised to find his lover sprawled over the small table covered with jugs of wine and a passed out servant. “The servant tried to run away after serving his majesty, but was invited to drink with him, for company in a lonely life, says his majesty.”, Xiao Fang, the guard explained nervously. The other man sighed loudly, preparing himself to play counsellor for an issue he had no idea what was about.

After he hauled the dead weight of the King to his bed, General Qi started undressing his lover of the stinky clothes he wore, down to his undershirt and pants. Half way through that process, Jian Bin opened his eyes and suffered mild shock at seeing his lover taking off his clothes in his bedroom, “Why am I in bed already? Minister Lee said I had to see him later for a discussion on the arrangements of the visit from the Tianxuan King.”, he asked hoarsely. He was swiftly placed back down on the mattress and a soft cloth wiped his sweaty forehead. “No, not till you tell me why you got drunk. We can’t keep secrets Xiao Bin, and the more you bottle up problems that affect your work, the more people will see fault with your kingship. Just tell me honestly what you were thinking asking for strong wine and not eating dinner?”, the general replied bluntly. He also looked anxious, and the king felt terrible for being a bad ruler and a bad lover that made his other half worry.

“I want us to show the world we love each other like Empress Li and King Zhiming, but the citizens and court will never accept it. Why did we have to be king and subject Xiao Qi, they will say you are working your way to power and using my emotions to your advantage.”, Jian Bin blurted out. General Qi blinked several times, not quite believing what he just heard from the other males mouth. “Xiao Bin, you are the king, the one who offered to use his power to save me when the grand master tried to dirty my reputation, yet something to make you happy is too much? Will the country be ruined by a miserable and demotivated ruler or a minor incident like us getting married, it’s all up to you now.”, he muttered angrily. However when the King looked like he was going to cry, he wished he could withdraw his harsh words, especially when his lover could only reply with self criticism that he let his emotions affect his kingship, like a coward who couldn’t face his reality.

The relationship between the high General and King became tense thereon, when the passing ministers saw the two men standing away from each other in court and not meeting during the day. Both men increased their alcohol intake and the kitchen noted a distinct reduction in the demand for food at all times of day, a very bad sign for a budding couple who could barely spend ten minutes without contact. During this period of depression in the palace, the trio of Tianxuan, Gongsun Qian, the senior censor, Lin Guang, the King of Tianxuan, and Qui Zhen, the King’s bodyguard, came to visit the palace. They had heard of the beautiful relationship between King and subject, and were hoping to witness some of the rumoured interactions, but saw a pair of cold drunkards instead. Jian Bin buried himself in work again, laying off the alcohol slightly, and the General trained constantly, eating enough to make progress with his training and sleeping, the King barely coping with his own needs. The country did not suffer from this, but two lonely souls were.

The trio of Tianxuan made a great and brilliant plan, to get the famed love duo back together happily. Gongsun made arrangements for the wedding that was very necessary, told the ministers what was happening and why, being the smooth talker of the three. Lin Guang coaxed Jian Bin out of his royal chambers and into an outfit the King may have recognized if he wasn’t such an idiot, a red hanfu with gold embroidery from the market, and pushed him into a carrige that drove to the general’s hideout. Not that he knew exactly where he was going, while Qui Zhen persuaded the compliant General Qi to go hunting with him and have a private man to man dinner with the deer they caught, but strangely enough, dinner involved changing into red robes identical to a certain King.

As the carrige pulled up in front of the mountain, Lin Guang majestically threw an embroidered red silk veil over the pretty head of his unknowing ‘bride’ best friend, or the whole surprise might fall apart fantastically when Jian Bin saw they were at his lovers mansion that was draped in red fabric from the royal wardrobe. Qui Zhen blindfolded the General, because it wasn’t traditionally appropriate to put a bridal veil over the groom, but he needed to be blindfolded somehow, so why not use the belt of his Hanfu when it was going to be taken off soon after and it was exactly the right colour. They trusted Gongsun to have organised the greatest wedding ever, and guided the two blindfolded idiots into the mansion.

In perfect synchronization, Lin Guang and Qui Zhen threw the two guys nicely into the bedroom of the mansion, and the King and Empress of Tianquan popped out of nowhere dressed in their finest regalia like they were attending a wedding, of course Jian Bin the blushing bride didn’t know this, and the General just went along with it. Zhiming cleared his throat loudly, getting ready to host a wedding ceremony for the two most oblivious people in China. “We are gathered in this meagre excuse of a mansion today to join these two longing souls under heaven and earth. You may be King and high General in the palace, but here you are just two people in love. Say you love the General, Jian Bin, and then he will say the things he loves about you. Bam, then you can drink the holy wine and kiss! Great isn’t it!”, he said as calmly as he could in such an exciting time.

The King of Tianji just couldn’t think, in front of his lover under heaven and earth, and they asked what he loved about the general? “Xiao Qi, the moment you saved me in the forest, I think I fell in love with you, because you were the first person to treat me with genuine kindness, not just because I am the King and can give people power if they please me. Out of all the palace staff, you shake me out of my moods and let me know that I can have emotions and need a break sometimes. Please continue to forever love me even though I can be a pain, and I will be there for you when you need me.”, he formulated slowly, words bleeding true love. Under the veil, Jian Bin was having a very difficult time not crying from the happiness he felt with his lover and their good friends.

General Qi watched the slender person under the veil form his words of love, fondly smiling at the memories that formed their love story. “Xiao Bin, I know you can be a real scatterbrained mess, and a workaholic, but its those things that I love about you. I admire you greatly for how well you rule Tianji and care about everyone in the country, even the animals that you set up shelters for. Life without a lover to help would be pointless, and it is my most intimate wish to always be by your side.”, he recited confidently as if reading off of a piece of paper, not reciting vows he made up for the occasion if it came.

Zhiming almost regretted saying that the General could kiss his bride, when said general whipped off the red silk veil and snogged the King so hard they looked like a couple in a cheap erotic novel from Tianxuan. Although he didn’t complain when his own wife dragged him to the spare bedroom and had vigorous, hot and very racy sexy time, the making of another child for the royal nursery to help raise. Jian Bin was plonked on the red futon and kissed so passionately he almost blew his load right there, and then other more illicit activities involving moaning proceeded to take place, the sounds quickly dissipating in the natural soundtrack of the mountain. [A/N: ‘~’ Y’all know what I mean by that hopefully, if not, please don’t find out and stay pure.]

A group of tired royals and their companions returned to the Tianji palace the next day, early in the morning as to allow time for make up to cover love bites and administer pain relieving concoctions to the wives. The Empress and King of Tianquan sadly waved goodbye to the newlyweds, missing their children too much to stay away for more than a day, and their sweet little twins missed them equally as much. [A/N: Two men with twins, confused right? I didn’t change the human anatomy lol just read the chapter before this.] Jian Bin was sad to see his friends leave, but they told him they would visit again soon, if the Empress wasn’t with child after their second honeymoon sexy time, and, he had his new husband. The officials didn’t know of their married status yet, and probably would be told in due time if they had to know, or when the King made General Qi his consort. That didn’t matter though, at least they knew.

It was something only they knew, and could tell at their discretion because, they were in love and for a harmonious time, what said they couldn’t enjoy themselves?

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