// Trouble comes in pairs [teaser]
04 May 2019

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Trouble always came in pairs, thought tired King Lin Guang as he drank some more ginger tea.

This had become apparent in the last, very eventful year of his life when the two alpha wolves Qui Zhen and Lord Gongsun Qian had finally reached an agreement that they would both partener the little cutie King. To add to the collection of evidence concluding his final hypothesis, in the last week he had been informed at his royal check up with the imperial physician that he was pregnant with twins, the result of the many horizontal sexy times with the beastly duo. There seemed to be a recurring theme, he got two lovers and then the two lovers gave him two babies somehow, but the deed was done, and now there was a challenge ahead of him like no other challenge. The challenge of parenting and working out what lover was really responsible for the deed, then compensating the other lover.

Gongsun and Qui Zhen had not yet been informed of the latest development in their unique relationship, so when the sweet Lin Guang ordered the servant to take away the fish porridge on the table with a nonchalant excuse that the pungent smell made him feel sick, no one took it lightly. “What??? My Lin rejecting fish porridge, you specifically order that dish every time from the day I came into the imperial Palace as prime minister of Tianxuan!”, Gongsun exclaimed boisterously at the breakfast table. Lin Guang sighed and pulled his two idiots to actually look at him squarely, gaping expressions, messy hair and all. Qui Zhen didn’t have the gaping fish look like the blue haired man, but he did look confused, as he didn’t frown as intensely. “You two rabbits have somehow given me babies, and the tiny little kids don’t approve of fish porridge, or any tea that is not ginger or fruit infused. I don’t know which one of you did it, but congratulations, now there are two unexpected kids coming into our lives.”, he explained slowly.

Two identical thuds later, and the curse of two’s had struck again.

This time two idiots were drooling on the recently relaid carpet with goofy smiles.

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