// What you nearly missed
04 May 2019

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Alpha Ian leaves his beta mate Evan suddenly, under the pressure of his parents to get married and give them grandchildren faster, but he doesn’t stick around long enough to get some very important news. Will alpha Ian be able to go back into the past when he realises his mistakes?

Beta Simon woke up to crying and moaning in the small lodge he shared with his alpha Zhiwei, and surely enough it came from the guest bedroom. The caramel skinned beta shook violently and seemed to be having a very bad nightmare, except the mating mark on his neck appeared to be smoking lightly. “Evan, its okay. The pain will pass soon, and then Zhi will find you a good alpha and parent to your little cub, just keep fighting through the undoing of his mating mark without harming yourself.”, he soothed the shaking beta, who wrapped his arms round his round middle. It seemed to work, but alpha Zhiwei still had to use his alpha powers to put the troubled young master to sleep, despite the intial calmness. Out of the room, Simon shook his head, listening anxiously at the door for any more struggle.

“I don’t care if Ian has to marry an omega bitch called Teddy! Evan and his cubs will just give up living if there is no one with him, and the mating mark burns every time Ian becomes closer with Teddy, then will burn off completely if Ian mated with the omega. That can kill an expecting beta in mere weeks, and the pup either dies or becomes an orphan pup. My friend is not going to become another example of a fatal break in the mating bond.”, Simon declared. Zhiwei sighed, putting a hand around his mates trim waist, “Ian is the only one who can convince the pups that someone cares about them, soon my alpha power will no longer be effective as it is. We need to at least get something of their real dads scent to give Evan relief. He hasn’t even let us properly check the pups because he just stays in bed.”, Zhiwei replied, equally worried. Zhi and delta Wayne set off to the Yi pack, to track down one Ian Yi, to save Evan and the pups, which was the primary aim of the trip. The carrying beta had been deteriorating quite quickly as the mating mark grew more painful, inferring that the bond was continually under strain, but the pups had been fighting to survive, taking what goodness they could find. The pack doctor beta Hsu had estimated that the Ma pups would be born in winter, only a few weeks away, and even if Ian only came back to encourage the moma to live through delivering the pups, it was extremely helpful.

Ian wasn’t afraid to admit he felt something for the pretty omega his family told him to date, and each day he got closer, but resisted sex because it meant breaking his old mating bond to make a new one woth the pretty omega Teddy. Breaking the mating bond could affect the mate attached if they couldn’t bring themselves to get a new one, and although Evan was an old flame, he still felt sorry for him if he stayed alone. As he was thinking of calling simon, his ex’s beta friend, alpha Zhiwei showed up on thevideo camera with delta Wayne in tow, looking unusually serious. “Ian, you need to come with us for some time, tell your pretty omega boy to keep himself busy for a week, or the one who still loves you and carries your pups.”, Zhiwei commanded sternly.

Ian gasped and barely put his shoes properly on in the rush to drive to Zhiwei and Simon’s house.

Simon patted his friends back to comfort him as the food he had managed to force down came back up the tiny pups making him sick because they were feeling neglected by their daddy. Under the huge shirt that barely fitted over the growing pups, there was skin and bone because the pups kept taking what food there was left from before Ian left him. Since then he didn’t really eat, one of the reasons Simon begged Zhiwei to bring Ian back till be was a little better, that gave them a fighting chance to get the beta well again and maybe pick a new mate. Simon could tell there was something very wrong though, the beta didn’t wake up from the brief spell of fainting that was normal when he had severe sickness episodes, it was like he had fallen deeply asleep. “Evan??? Wake up, Zhi is bringing your mate back as we speak, if not for Ian, do it for your close friends and innocent pups.”

Beta doctor Hsu had to deliver the heart breaking truth to the alpha’s mate. “The pups have given up, at least for now, and we know Evan gave up weeks ago, now they all hang in limbo, and if Ian comes back you have a chance at being an uncle to some beautiful puppies. If he doesn’t come quickly enough, you have a much more grim task ahead young beta, saying goodbye forever, let us pray this comatose state reverses itself and gives his body enough rest.”, the doctor said soberly. Simon felt like crying but knew that wouldn’t help, watching as the doctor hooked his friend to a lot of noisy machines and medicines, plain water and nutritional supplements in the hope that the liquids sped up their recovery. What the poor beta needed was his true mate to make his heart feel love again.

Alpha Ian was pulled out the car by the harassed looking beta who he recognised as the mate Zhiwei took just before he left the main house, through to the guest wing that held playful memories for him. However he could sense the tense atmosphere, overwhelmed by the waves of distress rolling off the beta pack members and the delta, and felt obliged to know why. His ex mate, his first love, was lying in a coma and there were pups like Zhiwei said, appearing to make up most of the space under the blanket but didn’t move like his mother said baby pups would. “Zhi, what happened to my mate? Why isn’t he moving or his pups, what did he do to cause this?”, he enquired rudely.

Never had Zhiwei seen his sweet beta, so caring and gentle normally. so angry, to the point of physically throttling an alpha with his bare hands. Simon Lian was vicious when he felt like it, and Zhi just watched the chocolate haired beta attempt to strangle the dumb alpha, only when Ian lost colour did he pull his mate off and calm him down properly. “You kind of deserved that Ian, Evan didn’t do anything but want to be with you, but you abandoned him to obey some old family rules. Simon is his best friend, howcould he not react when you insult an innocent person without reason. Those pups want you too, they just gave up fighting before you came, after taking what was left of your mate’s willpower and strength, but you never thought that a beta could get pregnant and moved on with that prissy omega.”, Zhi defended.

Ian paled, and knelt by the bed of the sleeping beta, taking his mate’s thin hand in his, “He needs me, I understand okay? My mother also needs a heir in prefect health, I can’t be in two places at once for two causes.”, he argued weakly. Simon snapped, “You dumb alpha bastard, you could have several healthy pups if you just stay here, poor Evan has been unknowingly giving whatever he had to help the pups grow normally, thats why the pups were still moving regularly till today, at the expense of his own health. Get it now? We all know you want him and he certainly wants you, so fucking get your alpha brain in order and stay with your true mate!”

The pack noticed that after alpha Ian moved into the guest bedroom the ill beta occupied, and interestingly, the comatose beta showed improvement on an daily basis. Simon warmed up to Ian a little more, never completely forgiving him for what he did or said, because the proof of his neglect and ignorance was in a coma and due to deliver pups soon, yet showed no signs of waking up. Alpha Zhiwei didn’t know what to do, their close beta buddy was in danger of not waking up and his dumb alpha aqaintance failing to achieve what he had to otherwise his angry mate might actually strangle him. The angry beta’s hormones were running wild, but Zhi didn’t particularly stop to think why his hormones were crazy, they had a momma beta that needed to wake up and have pups more urgently than diagnosing why his mate had violent urges twofold towards the dumb alpha.

Ian tried a lot of different things to wake his sleeping mate up, but Evan didn’t budge from his slumber. Beta Hsu was as equally perplexed as him, noting that his bony figure had filled out to a healthy level with the supplements and the tube they had put in to make giving the beta food easier, and the pups started moving again. Yet all the time Ian was there he didn’t wake up, and Ian simply wished that whatever the price was, that his beautiful mate woke up, even if he had to disobey his parents demands. Heck, if the heavens decided to pull a wacky drama cliche and Evan miraculously forgot their relationship it would be okay, he could make his mate fall again aa long as he had someone to make fall for him again.

Someone above obviously listened to the dumb alpha’s wishes, and Simon was estatic to walk in with all the necessary equipment to feed and water the sleeping handsome as they had been doing, to see the beta awake and stroking the bump with his growing pups affectionately. “Zhen-ah! You finally woke up in time to see your mate before the house is full of happy little pups. Ian is here especially for you from his ma’s house in town.”, Simon announced joyfully. Evan frowned, “I have a mate called Ian, I get the pups are mine, he patted his belly softly, “but a mate?” Zhiwei, responding to his beta mate’s telepathic message, was surprised to see a tray scattered on the floor and his mate worrying, “Whats wrong Simon? MingChieh is on his way from alpha Lo’s residence to check your buddy out after he pulled a sleeping beauty on us and Ian.

“The pregnant beta frowned deeper, “Who is Ian and why does everyone call him my mate???” Zhi and Doctor Hsu gasped, congused what could have removed the memory of his relationship with the alpha from his memory, they had known each other from school and had spent so much time together yet it was possible to forget everything? Simon kept quiet about Ian and planned to warn the aplha that his mate was different after waking up, but he knew that Ian had gone back to his house to get some more stuff and tell his mother that he was not mating the pretty omega once and for all, so that could wait. For now they could rid themselves of the worries about the previously unconcious beta, and look forward to pups soon.

Their caramel skinned beta improved quickly, stuffing as much food as physically into his shrunken stomach when all the tubes were removed. Simon was happy to cook mountains of food all for his friend, actually eating bits of it himself but Zhiwei didn’t say anything,he had already been told to go buy more food to cook twice in the last week. “Shut up you dick, my best friend has been in a coma for ages and now I want to do everything possible to make him happy. My little nephews and nieces only deserve the best after such a rough time growing up from a tiny peanut. I thought you loved me!!!”, his mate wailed, until he had to just buy all the food on the given list. Surely Evan wasn’t eating all that food alone, but his little mate never ate week loads of food in a matter of days. After the now revived beta had his pups, maybe then Simon.

Life went by exceptionally smoothly for the pack, Simon and Evan continued to eat all the food and even went shopping themselves for food and some more clothes for the soon to arrive pups. Zhi had to tell Ian to go back to his pretty omega for the moment, while they made sure the beta was happy during the risky time of pup bearing and the first week after being in a coma. Ian begrudgingly went back to his mother’s and prepared to announce that he wasn’t marrying the pretty omega chosen for him, he would stay true to his heart and if necessary, go against his family, because even if his mate didn’t wake up calling for him, somewhere in the beta’s heart there was a memory of all the love they had shared before the disastrous break up, and it alone would remember his beloved mate.The pregnant beta shuffled to the kitchen for the first time in ages, wanting to eat pancakes and pickles in the early hours of the morning. Simon was still curled up with Zhiwei and he was looking a bit tired lately, in between cooking all the food they both had, he gladly joined in his naps. Zhi hadn’t said anything but he had walked in on them asleep and it had almost made him jealous, the two beta’s looked so comfortable with each other, Simon curled around the other beta’s large middle like a child. Taking Simon’s active participation in his naps as a sign of severe tiredness, he decided to make his own food, waddling extremely slowly to the kitchen with both arms on his pups temporary home to try and keep them asleep. They often woke up if he moved too quickly, complaining by kicking up a storm inside him like they had just started doing.

It was with pure bad timing that dumb alpha Ian burst into the kitchen for a drink as the pregnant beta waddled out with a plate of pancakes drowned in maple syrup and mini gherkins. The plate landed on the floor, and the unprepared alpha got a lap of mate and pups, his sobbing mate to be more specific. “Oh my gosh! Are you okay? Are the pups safe?”, Ian spluttered. Evan sobbed even louder, burying his head into the other’s shoulder, “My pickles, those fresh pancakes! Now the pups are kicking me super hard, my babies have been disturbed from their nap, and I’m hungry still.” The alpha was literally speechless, sitting there with a crying beta on his lap until the noise woke Zhiwei and Simon, at which point Zhi carried the beta to his room and pulled the covers up to his skinny chest.

“Sleep here tonight, my instinct is pointing at shit going down. Something will happen to him tonight and although I don’t know exactly, it’s gonna be big.”, Zhiwei whispered somewhat anxiously. Ian nodded dumbly, releasing his pheromones to help his mate sleep, and wrapped his arms around his family as he should have been doing long before. The soft scent of caramel, much like Evan’s skintone, bought him a familiar warmth and his wolf yelped in joy. How did he go so many months without his mate, the one who truly understood him as a person, not just an alpha of a prominent family. To think that he was almost completely accepting of Teddy, the pretty but air headed omega taking the place of his own fated mate, who had almost given his life to keep his pups alive at the worst point.

At some point in the night, Ian realised that he wasn’t holding a person in his arms, but a medium sized wolf. He switched on the light and moved the duvet in a mixture of anxiety and confusion, to reveal a struggling caramel colored wolf with two, absolutely tiny, whining pups next to it. His first reaction was to call Zhi and Doctor Hsu, to check the born pups and the wolf that looked like there was more to be born by the still rounded middle. When he cuddled Evan to sleep last night, he estimated that even if they were alpha pups, his mate had to be carrying more than two pups in his huge belly. The wolf howled softly, rubbing his head on the pillow, and the head alpha’s mate Simon rushed in with a look of horror, “You dumb alpha! How could you not notice this before the first pup came out, Huan could have died without help!”

Doctor Hsu soon told Ian exactly what Simon did, but shouted half heartedly compared to the terrifyingly angry head beta, that was intent on strangling him to death mere weeks ago, however that was because their attention was on Evan. His caramel skinned wolf writhed as the doctor helped another tiny pup out, and checked for anymore, while Ian ate potato chips nervously and Simon held back his yells for later of how inconsiderate he was eating at such a time. Beta Hsu looked more anxious than ever, prodding the caramel wolf’s belly gently with a gloved finger, feeling for pups remaining. “There’s one more, but our wolf mama isn’t feeling too good from the first two. Alpha, please try to encourage your mate to push number 4 out before there are compliations.

“As a friend as well as a doctor, please help him survive this. He’s come too far to fail.”, the beta pleaded. It plucked at his heart strings to see everyone begging him to help as his poor mate yelped pitifully, and he quickly transformed into his slightly larger white wolf, that immediately began to rub the caramel wolf’s belly softly with his paws, presumably to get the last pup out. Something was working either way, and the smaller wolf was soon laying beside another whining pup, but the white wolf stillnudged his mate and howled. “Is there something wrong Ian? With Evan?”, Zhiwei asked urgently, and the large wolf nodded. Doctor Hsu checked the beta’s heart beat with his stethoscope, despite its cold surface the beta didn’t flinch at all like he had when the doctor performed tests before the pups birth.

“Alpha Ian is onto something, he’s gone back into a deep sleep for most likely a day or two. The pups can feed in his wolf form, and I’m going to put drips up for him in the meantime. He’ll likely recover quickly but his body needs to rest, having 4 healthy pups is not easy work.”, the doctor announced with a sigh of relief. The four pups, two large white, one medium caramel pup, and one smaller caramel puppy blindly moved towards the unconscious wolf and started feeding, watched by their daddy, the big white alpha and lots of friendly people. Ian turned back to a human and took in the full view of his mate and pups, the bittersweet sight of his dear Evan unresponsive but the pups feeding well made him smile, he was a father at last, and his destined beta mate was was the mother of the children he fathered.

As the doctor had said, the pups constantly fed throughout the day and a half quite happily, and his mate finally woke up. Ian didn’t want to make him feel pressured to shift, so he shifted to wolf form first, nuzzling noses with Evan’s wolf lovingly while the greedy pups still fed. The alpha didn’t realise how much he missed his mate when he wasn’t there to cuddle and kiss, and the fact they had physical proof of their love was even more satisfying to both of them, the beta knowing that he had a family and the alpha being able to physically hold his family. The pups were exactly what Ian and Evan had always dreamed of, two strong alpha boys, a plucky beta boy, and an omega boy who was also the youngest.

Simon was also estatic to find out that he would also be a beta mama to his own pups, and only months later him and Zhiwei welcomed a pair of beta twins into the pack family, twin boys called Zheng and Sheng.

A few years later in the pack house~

“Chen, Zhen, Huan, Bo! Dinner time!”, a familiar caramel haired beta called impatiently, his four children tumbling down the stairs in puppy form. The smaller ones shifting first into plump young boys before his eyes, but the big white alpha pups only shifted when their father came to investigate. He shook his head in dissatisfaction, “Chen, Zhen, shift for Papa please? He may be a beta while you’re alphas but he can do a lot more than most arrogant alpha’s. You brats need to be nice to betas and omegas as theywill be your own partners in the future, and if you don’t treat them well, I know, you can loose them like I nearly lost Papa.”, he scolded them. Zhen and Chen nodded, running off to join Zheng, Sheng, Bo and Huan at the table for dinner. Simon popped his head round the corner, “Get in boys, papa and the little Yi’s need feeding.” Zhi popped out and pulled his mate in gently, “Not only the little Yi pups need food but the Zhao pups as well, beta mama.” he chided lovingly. Both alphas guides their beta mates and their round tummies into the kitchen calmly, like everyday when one had a mate and pups to nourish in the pack house. From turbulent times the pack house had turned into the prefect place for a growing number of pups of all ages and types, exactly what everyone wanted.

Ian and Evan had each other, which was more than enough satisfaction, but Zhen, Chen, Huan and Bo, plus their unborn litter, were very welcome additions. Their four children loved to tumble with Zheng and Sheng in free time such as before meals when they should be washing hands in the separate bathrooms, while the alpha daddies supervised their training and lessons at home. Beta Papa Evan and beta mama Simon usually cleaned their families part of the estate before coming to the pack house to cook for everybody, but as their very large litters in their tummies and the children grew, the alpha’s hired a nice auntie to help with the load when necessary and look after the children a bit, so they could have time alone with their mates. This way, the alpha’s and beta’s could still educates and take good care of the children and themselves, not having to worry about doing chore that took away the family time they all had learned to treasure.

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