// When we finally loved for the rest of time
04 May 2019

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Evan knew from the minute he reincarnated, this life would be perfect, and it was. Born into a small Taiwanese family that loved him very much, he felt safe from the disaster of his past lives as a normal common child this time, not a king nor a doomed young master.

When Evan was two and a half years old, they moved to Canada and he began English schooling, the same time he discovered dance. The ability express ones feelings through dynamic or rhythmic movement to music, appealed to his ‘greatly imaginative’ as his mother said, the times he tried to explain how he had experienced two previous lifetimes as different people in ancient eras. It was this that inspired him to take the creative path, going to an arts high school and practising his art, music and dance diligently so he would not disappoint his kind mother and father.

He found particular solitude in composing music for dance and classical painting, in which he painted everyone he had met in his past lives, the gentle courtesan Hibiki, the inn keeper that allowed him to die peacefully and the wonderful men in his lives, General Qi Zi Kan and his reincarnation the long haired Suzuki Ikki, and his own appearances to record it all if anyone ever believed him.

In the final year his parents supported his decision to major in dance and composing, having accepted that although their son excelled in academics, his heart lay in the creative path truly, and they knew to be successful, it was more important to have an immense amount of passion in what the person chose to do. So with a glittering set of results, he was accepted to the University of British Columbia as a dance and composition major, and started his journey to meeting his soulmate.

In 2012, aged 20, he joined Sunshine nation for experience of professional production. During the rounds he became more sure than ever of his dream to become an idol people could look up to, he took additional vocal practice in university for the vocal competitions, and he learned how to vocalise his emotions for effect. Evan’s hard work and practice soon paid off, and in one year, he had won sunshine nation and got hired by a prestigious company, reluctantly leaving his family at home in Vancouver to chase work in the capital of Taiwan. The same company that offered to put him in their new idol group in 2014, and he graciously accepted even though he’d be working on his degree and doing group activities.

There were two other newbies beside himself, Simon and Teddy, both scouted on the streets of Taipei. SpeXial already had four members, but the company wanted to push the limits of the numbers of band members, Wes, Wayne, Brent, Matthew and Sam welcomed the new boys warmly and Evan felt comfortable learning the vocals and choreography of the song he was debuting with, Break it down. He had been given the roles of one of the lead vocalists and rappers, but was in the middle of the dance line up. It was well worth the work when he thought back on the intensive training, because he finally met the the modern reincarnation of General Qi and Doctor Suzuki Ikki, Ian Yi.

After finishing university in 2016, he came back to find more new members. One of which was Yi Bo Chen, a Chinese national scouted on the streets. Yi Bo Chen remembered a man, from what he assumed was his past life, since his birth, of a long haired royal who eventually morphed into a sickly courtesan in the red light district of Yoshiwara. So naturally, upon seeing the sharp hazel eyes that could gaze so fondly in his most fond memories, and slight sunken cheek bones from dieting and exercise so alike the facial structure of Jian Bin and the tragically beautiful courtesan Hiroto, who died too young in his opinion of the person who watched each man die in methods below their destiny. He was Evan, the new addition to Spexial since 2014, but to Ian, he was none other than Hiroto, the same courtesan he has had crafted an effigy of for his grave in a part of Japan that he visited each year to pray to and the King whom Qi Zi Kan had served his whole life as high general.

A blooming sensation in his heart made itself known at the exact time when the Canadian Chinese male flashed a welcoming grin at him. Life with his lovers second reincarnation would be different this time round hopefully, ending with a happy conclusion that gave everyone joy.

Despite being in the same band, Evan and Ian didn’t get a lot of time together, due to schedules and the addition of drama filming. It wasn’t until they were cast together in Men with swords that everyone let all emotions loose, when Evan was by coincidence cast as the King of Tianji, Jian Bin, and the script followed the events of his first life, that Ian brushed with that familiar sense of foreboding that something would go wrong. Evan was delighted to receive his first historical role, that his excitement concealed the omniscient feeling he had about proceeding filming.

Their sense of foreboding was justified, and everyone except them was either surprised or terrified as the horse was spooked during the filming of Jian Bin and Qi Zi Kan’s first meeting, and threw the young actor off his horse a little too vigorously, leaving Evan out cold in the grassy field. The nearest member Dylan, who was due to shoot scenes after, called 999 and then let out a manly cry of concern for his friend. Ian called him down and acted as cooky as he could. Internally, his worries were eating away at him, fearing that the beautiful man now in his arms might cease breathing at any moment as Hiroto did in front of Doctor Suzuki in their small inn room, and he would die for the third time. The white robbed beauty remained breathing thankfully on the way to the emergency room at the nearest hospital.

As soon as he was sure Evan was alive, Ian relaxed and considered his choices of the moment, confess and face rejection or never get the chance to confess in this lifetime. Rejection was worth the risk when this was the first time he’d had the chance to confess fair and square, the worst that could happen was finding out Evan didn’t like him and he lived with unrequited love, watching the man live a long, happy life.

Fortunately in this story, they have suffered enough tragedy to have ten lifetimes, so all will come well for our beloved couple. Evan woke up to Ian pulling a classic Prince charming, leaning in to pluck a kiss from his rosy lips and pulling away upon seeing he was awake, but thinking alike and all, his Prince charming was the one to be kissed the life out of. “I was worried you didn’t want me, not that you didn’t in the other lives-“, he mumbled, just as the latter smushed his fluffy cheeks together to shut him up.

“Qi Zi Kan, shut your mouth and stop thinking too much! I thought I made it clear that whoever you are in my lifetime, my heart is always yours as long as I live? Now claim me, and let’s start on the lifetime I was waiting for all my past lives. The one where we loved for your rest of time, like we should.”, Evan demanded.

That’s exactly what they did, loving to the end of time, until their third reincarnation into another life, to be joyful again.

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