// When you left, you left something behind
04 May 2019

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The King groaned softly as the General’s lips traced his defined collar bones, mouthing hickies into his light caramel skin at irregular intervals. Occasionally slipping down to his lower half, making Jian Bin gasp at the contact, “Xiao Qi, why do you have to leave me to rage the fires of war, I need you here in the palace with me”, he moaned . The general sighed, cupping his lovers perky butt with both hands, “It’s for Tianji’s safety, not my personal wishes baobei, it won’t be for years, at most months, and I will return, I swear on out love you will be able to greet me at the gates of our beloved country when we are all safe. Let us just forget the displeasures of life right now, and let me have you for the night before we officially start fighting.”, he coaxed. His partner moaned, seeking more of the sensations the General was giving him, and the final sundown before the drums of war was met by a seductive soundtrack.

The army set out early next morning, and travelled through the winding roads to Jieshui fortress, where they prepared for battle with the approaching Nansu army. To gain an advantage in the fight and surprise the enemy, they gathered rations sufficient for the march to the Nansu camp and the general sent the last letter he would be sending to the Imperial palace for a while if he had to face what he suspected. Rather than be called pessimistic, his outcome was more suited to be labelled realistic, as it had taken an alliance within the three kingdoms to reach the war fires, and although You Qing’s army was weak in many ways, it was plentiful and unafraid. That was the challenge, to see if the two armies combined could ensure the time their enemies could hold out without excess stress. He set the message bird out on the way back to the palace, with a small loop of paper round one of it’s legs giving his final words to his Xiao Bin.

In the palace, food shortages were scarce, panic reduced the ministers to blithering idiots, and the King was constantly waiting for the news of Nansu’s defeat. To prevent rebellion from the citizens, the palace had given most of its stored food to the peasants in the form of rations, and as a result, was suffering from moderate to severe starvation. Jian Bin paced the royal courtroom for hours when the ministers huddled together in fear, lately, their gentle royal highness had become extremely irritable and easy to anger, the slightest comment sent the table flying down the dais. “Now what do you suggest? You all told me to wait to wage war, because apparently heaven didn’t compliment the idea, but now we are caught in a fight that will end in either triumphant victory or anhilation. No one, not one of you supposed talents can help the country now, it’s up to the General grand master tried to condemn to disgrace to save us, most likely paying the price of the lives of our soldiers.”, he scolded them frequently, spitting the words like venom.

The general hadn’t sent a letter since the short I love you on the message birds leg on the day he set off to ambush the Nansu camp, and the wait was nerve wracking. He didn’t know what to feel worse about, the fact that his country was facing possible anhilation at the hands of a relatively small and new state, or the missing man who was permenantly by his side in his royal endeavours. Royal duty told him to fear the anhilation of his nation more than a simple lovesick whim, but his heart contradicted that directly, arguing that if he didn’t have the general, he wasn’t complete, and thus liable to be irrational of thought. However, their enemies were potentially deadly, and the matter of their survival was vehemently more significant. A lonely hearts lovesick whims could be solved easily, with the return of a certain raven haired General.

Uncertainty over Tianji’s safety continued till General Han came to the palace gates with the survivors of the war. ” We have emerged victorious your majesty! Nansu have had to swear to become our subordinate nation, or else General Qi would have slit Yu Qing’s throat on the battlefield. Long live his majesty, and the legacy of Tianji nation.”, General Han sang jovially. The soldiers behind him in neat lines repeated his happy greeting. The King felt a smile tug at the corners of his lips, but he couldn’t be happy yet. “Where is General Qi? Did he…”, he trailed off, eyes widening in panic as he gripped the silk of his robes. The General’s face fell, and he pulled out a scroll with precise characters written in black, amongst the many names was the name Qi Zi Kan. Jian Bin blacked out after seeing the name on the scroll of people who obbiously had gone missing or assumed dead, he didn’t ever think he would see his name on it.

The poor King slept for a day, exhausted from the panic attack he had had upon seeing his lovers name on the missing in action list, but that wasn’t all. The physician who examined him also noted that somehow, even though it went against the basic laws of biology, he seem to be showing symptoms of pregnancy. Despite the lack of food in the Imperial palace during the war, which went on for approximately three weeks, he had gained weight, and had a hard lump on his middle section. When questioned, shy and embarrassed Jian Bin confessed that he and the General had a frequent romantic and sexual relationship, and the last time they had sex was before the General left to Jieshui fortress. He kneeled in front of the shrine he had built in honour of his lover and his assumed status of death, in the days of rest ordered by the physician, and told the painting of Qi Zi Kan what had happened to his life in the last month. “I miss you Xiao Qi, wherever you may be, and so does Xiao Kan. I’m keeping it, because it’s all I have to remember you, and when you left me, I’m glad you left me something behind to comfort me.”, he whispered lovingly in the candlelight of the bedroom.

Since the confirmation of the King’s situation, the new ministers and officials were urged to find the General, preferably alive but it couldn’t be helped of they found a grave instead of a man considering the biddy nature of the war he was involved in. General Han became close to his colleagues lover, not in a romantic way, but simply friendly, like how he comforted Jian Bin when he was really missing his beloved General Qi and learnt all the things he craved along the journey of a lifetime. This worked to satisfy the goal of keeping his majesty in a safe state to carry the child, for if he ever became too emotional it could be damaging to his health, but still the heartache pained him worse than the time his leg was fractured falling off a horse, and was insatiable. The minister of finance sent his brother, the famous policeman Wang Cheng, the missing General’s information, and within a few weeks they located Qi Zi Kan.

The General had gained serious injuries, and knew he needed to stay put and rest for a bit, otherwise he would be in a worse condition and need professional medical help. He wanted to get back to his Bin, and the central army command, but the place he was sheltering in was a few hours away from the other General and the army as they had begun the walk back to the palace as soon as the Nansu King surrendered his power to them in writing and in words. His lover was strong right? He would be fine for a while, just till he could get back to him completely healthy. The days passed by without the General noticing at first, just being alone in the abandoned house on the hill was quite pleasant initially, with nothing but nature surrounding the comfortable accommodation. He made herbal remedies for his healing wounds, prepared a big pot of whatever food was easiest to make, and slept peaceful for the first time in years, since the inner court of Tianji had become entangled in bribery and conflict.

Then he reached for the few times of clothing he had with him from kind villagers donations and his sword to walk the moderately long walk to the capital. He hoped that the soldier making the MIA accounts had missed him out, or else the would assume he had died in the battle as a sacrifice, and of course, who would they give the list to, his lover, the King. If Jian Bin thought he was dead who knows what state the guy was in, mourning and depressed to the point where it was debatable if he was still rational. “Please let me be alive in his heart, I would rather be missing than another dead man.”, the General told the heavens.

The physician had just finished his examination of the unborn crown prince, and was trying to tell the stubborn royal that it wasn’t safe to kneel in front of the shrine each day as he got more pregnant. “It is one thing to have a vegetarian diet in mourning, but in your fragile state I would strongly advise against kneeling in front of General Qi’s shrine every day to light incense and talk to him about your day. If the heavens truly listened, like everyone else, they would be so touched by your devotion to the General that they would deliver him to the palace gates right this minute, but is he here? No.”, the frustrated physician lectured. The King ignored him, slowly manoeuvring his body into a kneeling position to light the incense the servants were ordered to put in the nephrite bowl filled with sand. The poor guy groaned in defeat, and dragged his sorry self out of the royal chambers. Then, something unexpected occured, a servant announced the arrival of General Qi Zi Kan.

The General was met with a light slap in the face, his lover lighting incense in front of his official portrait, but felt like he had also recieved endless kisses when he barely managed to catch the feather light body of the King in his arms. What confused him though was the lump, more specifically bump, that stopped them from hugging properly, but he tried to forget it so he could just enjoy the reunion with his beloved Jian Bin, who was excitedly planting kisses on his face. “Ai Ren, I missed you so much! It feels like Xiao Kan does too, he’s kicking me more than usual.”, Jian Bin giggled happily. “Xiao Kan? Who is that?”, the bewildered General asked. To this, his lover simply took his hand and put it on the large bump underneath his lose white robe, and he soon felt tiny punches. “We made a baby Xiao Qi, the heavens have gifted me with the combination of our love. I found out when after they examined me, when I fainted after a panic attack seeing your name on the MIA list General Han showed me, and haven’t questioned it since. I honestly thought you had been killed when you didn’t turn up during the searches, so I made a shrine and became vegetarian in mourning, I’m sorry for not keeping up hope.”, he apologized tearfully.

He carried his lover to the bed, putting him and their unborn child of mysterious origins down carefully before sitting down himself. The King had gained some weight now he looked, not enough for his liking knowing how about his situation, though it was a healthy amount. “It’s alright, I guess it did seem like I had died. I was wounded and needed to rest, but couldn’t get word to Han to tell you I was just healing for the journey back. They must have assumed I was dead, and I’m gonna get that idiot for making you hurt so much because of his assumptions. Now I’m back, I’m never leaving again, leaving my love for the art of war was stupid of me.”, the General promised. He pulled Jian Bin into his arms, kissing him like a sex starved husband, proceeding to make slow love.

Several months later, the happy couple welcomed Jian Kan, the crown prince of Tianji on his arrival to the mortal world. The little boy was perfect in their eyes, with the King’s elegant physical characteristics, the General’s strength and good stamina, and the intellect of both of their intelligent minds. The nation of Tianji rejoiced at the birth of the crown prince, the marrige of the King and newly crowned Consort Qi Zi Kan, and official subservience of the Kingdom of Nansu to the victors. Crops flourished and life got better, everyone thanking the the new royal couple for making the changes and sacrifices they had to make in order to bring about change. With Nansu’s subservience, the Kingdoms of Tianshu, Tianquan and Tianxuan could put down arms and focus on daily life again.

[I’m sorry for the lack of updates, have this 2000 word plus oneshot as an apology….]

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