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11 Oct 2018

Hello sweet fans
like you all know I’m busy with making a website about Men with sword but it is a lot of work and also it’s not always easy with the language etc… I’m working on the websites with all my heart and put all my love in it but help would be very welcome cause there are many actors I have to find info about it but placing it here on the page is a bit confusing so I’m gonna make a close group and you can join it if you want to help me out. My goal is to share our love for the show but also our love for the actors and let the shown know worldwide, keeping Men with sword alive even if it would done forever. I’m in a fandom of english show and even after the show ended 5 years ago they are still talking about and keeping it alive so would be so amazing if we could do the same for this amazing show, still hoping for a third season but even if it would not come we still can enjoy it right. I also want to make everything two languages so what you guys think?


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