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15 Oct 2018
Source: 熊梓淇 (Weibo)
Post: 10月17日是国家扶贫日
请与我一同关注#脱贫攻坚战星光行动# 启动仪式,CCTV6电影频道及全网20:15共同直播。
我是熊梓淇,为爱而行,为脱贫攻坚战打call!@中国电影报道@电影频道融媒体中心@微公益 ​​​​
Translate: October 17th is the National Poverty Alleviation Day
Please pay attention to me with me. #起穷攻战战星光行动# Launching ceremony, CCTV6 movie channel and the whole network 20:15 live broadcast.
I am Xiong Qiqi, doing it for love, and calling for poverty alleviation! @中国电影报道@电影频道融传媒中心@微公益
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