// Live fan video Episode 3
20 Oct 2018
Sunday we will watch episode 3 of Men with sword and after the episode we will talk about the show and the actors etc… It’s again another time cause I’m searching what is the best time for like everyone and hope more people can join so hope to see more people every week, it’s very fun
Europian time – 16u (4 PM)
China – 22u (10 PM)
UK – 15u (3 PM)
USA – Between 9 a 10u (9 a 10 AM)
Fhilipines 22u (10 PM)
I hope I have the hour right x
In episode 3 we will have the first appearances of
Dylan Xiong as Zhong Kunyi
Peng Yu Chang as Meng Zhang
Zhu Jian as Murong Li
Guo Xin as Mo Lan
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