// Yu Yi Jie & Liu Tong
14 Nov 2018
Yu Yi Jie & Liu Tong have an evenement together but don’t really know what it is even with the english translation I don’t really understand, can someone help me please?
Source: 优酷 (weibo)
Post: 优酷美好恋爱剧场 #恋爱请回答# 座谈会火热进行中,5位明星恋爱体验官即将空降![憧憬]《青囊传》@L李宏毅 《东宫》@陈星旭–CHEN先生 @彭小苒 《我的保姆手册》@虞祎杰 《民国少年侦探社》@刘彤Tonny 将在14日和15日晚上为大家解答恋爱疑问,还有@天猫国际 提供的“恋爱锦鲤”大礼包哦,不明确规则的小伙伴请戳下图,这次谁又将成为被爱豆翻牌的人生赢家呢?[偷笑]
Translation: Youku beautiful love theater #恋爱请回答# The forum is in full swing, and the five star love experience officers are about to airborne! “青囊传” @L李宏毅 “East Palace” @陈星旭–CHEN Mr. @彭小苒 “My nanny manual” @虞祎杰 “Republican Youth Detective Agency” @刘彤Tonny will be on the 14th and 15th evening for everyone Answer the question of love, and the “Love Koi” gift package provided by @天猫国际. If you don’t have a clear rule, please poke the picture below. Who will become the winner of the flop of love beans?
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