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28 Nov 2018
Peng on Comic Village I think, srr guys I’m so useless sometimes for finding the right information, hope someone can help me telling me wich evenement it is, I really need someone for helping me translating chinese proper xx
Source: 彭昱畅_OFFICIAL (weibo)
Post: 平行宇宙# 超时空集结平行空间六位蜘蛛侠一同反抗恶势力,C位声演主角“小黑蛛”迈尔斯·莫拉莱斯[拳头] 这场蜘蛛侠主题伦敦行非常开心👏 大家要的英国行高清大图来辽🤗 ​​​​
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