// My first Men with sword Fan Fiction
04 Dec 2018
I’m so happy, my writing Men with sword writing books arrived. I’m going to write two Men with sword stories, yes finally a serie that gives me inspiration again for writing. Just warning I’m a drama writer so there will be agressive parts in but also fluffy ones, it’s a mix but always with a good ending xx
First story: Men with sword – The truth beneath the lies
Head couples: Jian Bin & Xiao Qi; Zhi Ming & Murong Li; Ling Guang & Gongsun Qian; Meng Zhang & Zhong Kunyi; Yu Xiao & Fang Ye
Side couples: Jian Bin & Chu Bei jie (my own made character, name chosen from the General and I drama) Zhi Ming & Ziyu; Ling Guang & Gu Shi’an; Meng Zhang & Ze Yin (my own made character, name chosen from the General and I drama) Yu Xiao & Mo Ran (my own made character, name chosen from the General and I drama) Xiao Qi & Zhong Kunyi; Murong Li & Gongsun
Summary: This story will start when Jian is told Xiao Qi sacrifed his life for the kingdom but nothing is what it seems like. When Jian ends in fighting with the Nansu king he got captured and Yu Qing tells him that Qi Zhi Khan is send to kill him, Jian cannot believe it. Yu Qing give him a choice, or he will kill Yu Qing will kill him or he kill himselfs. At the moment he wants to kill himself Xiao Qi saves his life. They make love with each other in their wood cabinet but after that night Xiao Qi dissapears but left a letter were he tells the rumours are true, that he is indeed send to kill him, few hours later he hears Xiao Qi is dead. Jian’s world is destroyed. While Zhong Kunyi dissapears after giving his king an antidote for his poisson but dissapears afterwards too and later Meng Zhang hears he is dead. Gongsun is been murdered and Murong Li never returns from Nansu. All the kings are destroyed with their losses and when that isn’t enough they find out their servant is been send to kill them. Was everything a lie? Did they ever loved them as they did? They are lost, broken & angry. short after that, the first Nansu king is been murdered by Ling’s kingdom. short after that his brother Yu Xiao takes over with the help of Murong Li but even that doesn’t end well and Murong Li leaves with the assasins but send Fang Ye to kill him. But nothing is what it seems. And how will Yu Xiao react when he find out the person he trust the most is send by Murong Li to kill him? After a year the kings find out that their sevants aren’t dead at all but pretend to be. They are furious and for the first time the kings decide to work together to lure their servants in a trap to kill them but when they stand eye in eye with the man they love will they be able to kill them? Will they be able to forgive them for their betrayal?
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