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08 Feb 2019

It doesn’t sound bad at all,  maybe when I’m doen with my Two MWS stories I would write it if no one already did or if she makers a try 😉 ~ Tati

I’m curious what’s going to happen in season 3, but for now I’m letting my imagination run wild. Here’s my fake fantasy of season 3 (may be a little inappropriate for china):

Before Murong Li and Zhi Ming meet on the battlefield, days had passed by since Zhi Ming announces that they cannot co-exist together.

In the meantime, Qian Yuan has switched sides to serve Murong Li. In fact he’s offered to invent new weapons for Murong Li. All he wants in return is to marry the most powerful king: Murong Li.

Fang Ye is a bit skeptical over this request but Murong Li agrees to the marriage proposal if Qian Yuan keeps his loyalty to only him.

Also Qian Yuan tells Murong Li everything about Gen Mochi’s past and that it was Zhong KunYi’s plans to use Luo Min to separate Zhi Ming’s trust from Murong Li.

Murong Li’s newest plan is to expose Luo Min and Gen Mochi being the biggest enemies between Zhi Ming, Murong Li, and Yu Xiao. Gen Mochi being the one ruining the relationship between Yu Xiao and Murong Li, and Luo Min being the one ruining the relationship between Murong Li and Zhi Ming.

If Qian Yuan and Murong Li are correct exposing Zhong KunYi and his followers being the reason why Murong Li is Allie-less, and maybe they can convince Yu Xiao and Zhi Ming to fight against Zhong KunYi and his accomplices once and for all.

But is Qian Yuan enough to convince these two powerful leaders to make a peace treaty and to move against a hidden threat?

(Also I left out that I had Murong Li marry off Fang Ye to his other YaoGuang servant. I forgot his name. He was the general for Nansu in season 2.)

There’s my crazy idea lol

~ Tati

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