// I’m so pissed right now!! Zhu Jian and his girl don’t deserves this shit!
25 Feb 2019
It makes me sad Zhu Jian have to make a post like that 🙁 People please just accept him for who he is and his girl, it makes me so angry people starting to say bad thing and making rumors, they don’t deserve that 🙁 Are we not supposed to be there for them instead of making their life bad just cause people cannot stand it that he isn’t with the person they don’t want. With this post I want to show my support to Zhu Jian. I will always support him no matter with who he is, most important is that he is happy. I’m so pissed right now 😡😡, for the people who are behind warn my words stop doing what you are doing! Leave Zhu Jian living his life for god sake! He is such a gentle man who fall in love, let him be with the one that makes him happy
~ Tati
Source post: 朱戬Ryuuji
Translation made by Yi Wanyan
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