// Zha Jie organize birthday party for fans and closest friends
13 Apr 2019

First of all I want to say, Zha Jie you are such a sweetheart ❤️Wish I could go to his birthday party 🙁
Thank you Yi Wanyan for the post and your translating work xx ~ Tati

English translation of Zha Jie’s birthday party announcement and sohu entertainment interview: http://news.yule.com.cn/html/201904/294493.html

Zha Jie is not necessarily a well known name yet, but if you mention Men with swords’ Murong Li, you are likely to see Zha Jie as the proud and glamorous teenager in a red dress. Murong was Zha Jie’s debut role as an actor and his portrayal attracted a huge number of loyal fans.

On April 14, Zha Jie will host a birthday party. Just search for KK live 89270868 room at 19:30. Joining are Zha Jie’s closest friends and fans.

Zha Jie is a man of few words. He is the typical “cat boy”. He may look cold and serious but if you get to know him better you will find that this cool big boy also has a fiery heart and is always there to offer kind words. He treasures the love of his fans in his heart. Zha Jie has been preparing for the birthday party for the longest time since he wants to give love back to friends and fans who’s been there for him eversince.

When it comes to acting, Zha Jie’s eyes are bright. He said “I love acting. I want to be a bonafide actor”. Even though his popularity soared after Men with Swords, Zha Jie still took advantage of opportunities to hone his acting skills even more.

When filming, Zha Jie would always take time to learn from experienced actors and staff. Last year, Zha Jie joined iQiyi’s TV reality show “I actor” where he showed hard work, dedication and readiness to face any challenge with other new actors. He was competitive and fierce but would look like a shy child when showered with praises from his mentors. Acting is the one thing that Zha Jie has been pursuing for years, and his source of fervor ever since he was a boy.

“I have not proven anything yet so as far as I’m concerned I still have a long way to go” he said shyly but candidly in the interview. He felt that he is not good enough when it comes to acting yet but said he is formulating on a goal to improve.

Youth is his biggest advantage and when coupled with his unyielding attitude and the love for the craft; we can definitely say that the future is bright for Zha Jie.

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