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15 Sep 2019

Never did it before but this movie got a huge impact on me. First of all what a brilliant acting of our boy Peng Yu Chang. This movie made me cry so much cause first of all it’s a very emotional but also cause I felt the pain of his character so much cause I’ve been through the same thing. Never felt that love of my parents and just as his character it makes me hurt, I felt that pain, that anger, feeling lost. The pain Yu Chang had to play I felt them for real, it all came back especially when he sings that song with his co-star but thank you Peng Yu Chang for your wonderful acting, it’s a movie that will stay with my heart, so close with my life but what this movie learned me and I already learned it before but it only proofs that no matter what, the biggest richdom you can have in life is friendship. And do you really feel lost don’t be afraid to talk about it cause it helped me a lot back then. Luckily I had someone to talk with otherwise I would not know what happend with me then. I suffered a lot cause of it but I manage to keep fighting and I will always keep fighting. Things goes well with me now, no need to worry about me cause I took my live back in hands and I’m a happy postive girl now who keeps fighting for my dreams and for what I believe. I don’t do that much open myself up but want to share what this movie did to me and hope this movie will help others in the future cause on the end he regretted what he did but in that desperate time he got no where to go and thought this was the only solution but how dark your days are, one day you will find that sprankle of hope, that light in your darkness who save you and give you strenghts and courage to fight back xx Tati
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