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13 Oct 2021
Source/来源: 朱戬Ryuuji (weibo)
留言: #时髦商店宠粉日# 10月10日-10月15日上京东国际搜索“星选计划宠粉日”,时髦商店星选国际店惊喜福利优惠券等你来抢!Dr.Arrivo宙斯男士美容仪国内首发,独家配赠价值5000+好礼。由我为你开箱试用新品。O10月14日19:00-22:00超多爆品好物尽在时髦… !
Post: #FashionableStoreSpoilersDay# 10/10-15/10
Search for the “Star Choice Plan Favourite Day” on Jingdong International, the fashionable store Star Choice International store surprise welfare coupons waiting for you to grab! Dr. Arrivo Men’s Grooming Instrument is the first of its kind in China and comes with exclusive gifts worth 5000+. By me for you to open the box to try the new products.
~ Tati
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