// Sun Yi in The battle at Lake Chang Jin
23 Oct 2021
I’m so proud on him. He worked so hard for this and in such difficult situations. Cannot wait to see the movie. Source/来源: Mr-孙毅 (weibo) 信息:《长津湖》票房今日突破45亿!
我曾是军人孙毅,而今我是演员孙毅,我要将长津湖的精神流入我的血液,作为中国电影人做好人,演好戏,将更多好的作品呈现给大家。 Post: “The battle at Lake Chang Jin” crossed 4.5 billion today!
Before I became an actor, I was a soldier.
When I was young, I listened to my elders’ stories about the resistance to the US and the aid of Korea. The spirit of the veterans deeply moved me, and the cruel history also stung me deeply. I have traveled for miles and miles, but the only thing I will never change is my military career, and I will never forget the memories of being a soldier in this life.
The opportunity to play the role of Xiaoye, an anti-American warrior, and to look back on those years is very meaningful to me.
I am proud of the fact that I was in Changjin Lake.
I joined the set on 1 February 2021 and killed the film on 5 May. Under the guidance of director Lin Chaoxian, I began to get in touch with Xiaoye, get familiar with him and try to become him. I got close to his soul, experienced his perceptions, and tried to restore his short but magnificent youth. As an actor, my heart ached for all the hardships he went through, and as Xiaoye, I did not regret the glorious moments I gave to my country.
During the filming process, the crew was tested by ultra-low temperatures close to -30 degrees Celsius, and had to face the challenges of bad weather such as sandstorms and hailstorms. Even in my thick cotton jacket, the wind was still as bitter as the bones, making my body numb and my eyes red. The physical limits were challenged. But it was also in this harsh environment that I was able to deeply experience the state of my predecessors, to experience the battlefields of my predecessors, and to be baptized by their spirit.
It was that history, those heroic deeds, that showed us the Chinese people’s eternal faith and loyalty to their country. I think this is the very source of strength that keeps the Chinese nation alive.
I was a soldier, Sun Yi, and now I am an actor, Sun Yi. I want to bring the spirit of Lake Changjin into my blood, be a good person and act well as a Chinese filmmaker, and present more good works to everyone. ~ Tati
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